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Welcome to North Castle's Shorts Fan-Fiction Archive. Sometimes if you're short on time or don't want to spend too long at the computer screen, a short story can be the answer. There's a varied selection of one offs and concise prose to enjoy if you have a few minutes to spare.

All of the stories are all rated and classified in alphabetical order by title for easy listing. The review system is currently down until further notice. If you want to get in touch with me about any problems such as missing stories/parts, or any other feeedback you want to pass along there please drop me an email.

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Ratings Explanation

Here at North Castle stories are classified by a ratings system so you can determine what you are reading. This system is here to protect both the reader and author - please take heed of the rating. There are stories here for all ages and while I try to ensure that nothing grossly objectional is posted here, some material maybe considered unsuitable for some readers.

U - Universal. Suitable for all ages.
PG - Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. Implied violence or sexual situations possible.
12 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 12. Some violence, implied sexual situations and mildly strong language.
15 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Violence, sexual situations, mildly strong language.
18 - No one under 18 admitted. Graphic Violence, sexual situations and very strong language.

Story Title





A Forest Evil Jenna OoT U
An End to Nightmares Updated 26/02/12
The Missing Link LA U
An Eternity Ago Tari OoT U
The Assassin
Doug Loz-AoL PG
The Battle With Morpha The Wanderer OoT U
Before the Final Showdown Kristen OoT U
Between the Candle's Light Updated 29/05/11
Megan O'Shea ~AoL U
Beware of the Big Bad Wolfos Alexandra Spears OoT U
Black, White and Shades of Grey Updated 28/04/13
The Missing Link TP U
Burn Updated 25/07/10
Shadsie TP 15
Bushido Pata Hikari OoT U
Call and Obey Updated 21/11/10
Shadsie TP PG
Cast Away Christi Sanders LttP-LA U
Chained Fate Updated 23/05/09
Tenial OoT PG
LOZ: Conard Sven the Evil Monkey OoT PG
A Conqueror in Defeat Updated 25/09/07
Megan O'Shea LA PG
Conquest Updated 26/06/11
Shadsie OoT PG
The Cross on the Shield Updated 30/07/11
Shadsie TLttP PG
Cursed Rupees Updated 30/10/12
The Shadow Princess: Melissa OoT U
The Dark Anna
(Sequel to: The Snow)
Megan O'Shea LttP U
The Dark Castle Matthew McMullen OoT U
Days Don't Matter Anymore Updated 22/11/08
Shadsie MM U
Death, Life and Love Corey Montgomery OoT U
Defeat Updated 27/05/12
Shadsie SS PG
Deja Vu
Ben Berntsen LttP U
Dreams Can Come True Updated 23/12/07
Juliet A. Singleton Loz-AoL U
The Enchantment Megan O'Shea LttP U
Escape From the Death Labyrinth Illuvitar LoZ U
Alexandra Spears OoT PG
Eternally Sad Eyes Updated 25/04/09
Shadsie WW U
A Fate Forseen Kirsty Singleton OoT U
The Final Battle Updated 28/08/10
Kurai Hitokiri OoT U
LoZ: The Final Battle Updated 29/04/12
Ashton Vallat OoT-SS 12
A Final Hope Candy OoT U
The Final Quest of Link vs Ganon: The Legendary Hero vs The King of Evil Comonjim OoT U
The Fourth Force The Wanderer LoZ-OoT U
Forever Lost Quicksilver OoT U
Forever Lying in Wait Updated 22/03/09
Ellie OoT/TP U
The Gerudo Gem Patrick Mason LoZ-OoT U
Grains of Courage Updated 26/06/12
Shadsie OoT PG
Guardian in Another Life Updated 28/08/11
Shadsie OoT/TP U
Healing Hands Updated 20/06/09
Shadsie AoL PG
Her Golden Spirit Updated 26/06/11
The Missing Link WW U
Hero's Blood Updated 26/06/12
Kurai Hitokiri TP U
Hero's Final Battle Updated 22/02/07
Doug Loz-AoL PG
The Hero's Heroes Updated 21/09/08
Shadsie TP PG
How It All Began Updated 24/04/11
Doug Loz-AoL U
Hyrule's Children Updated 22/03/09
Doug Loz-AoL U
Impulse Updated 20/07/08
Holly Janda TP 15
In a Season Updated 24/04/10
dress without sleeves OoT U
In Need
Megan O'Shea MM PG
A Kind of Princess Patrick Mason LoZ-OoT PG
Kylara's Story: A Tale Untold Megan O'Shea LoZ-AoL U
Labors Lost Updated 24/04/11
Megan O'Shea LttP PG
L'histoire de Gerudo E.P. OoT U
Link's Bath
Kota Magic LoZ-AoL U
Link's Birthday Hestia of Vesta LttP U
Link's Day Off
Doug Loz-AoL U
Link's Death
'Dezro' Dave Smith OoT U
Link Vs. Ganondorf Toxik Shark OoT U
Link's Son Ashley OoT U
The Long Journey Updated 29/03/11
The Missing Link OoT U
A Lucky Day MaxiBoom OoT U
Malon's Magic Cow Jenna OoT U
Mara's Story: Unholy Midnight Megan O'Shea LoZ-AoL U
Master and Servant Updated 22/03/09
Shadsie ALL U
The Missing Piece Updated 25/08/07
Mysterious Hylian Warrior OoT 12
Mirror, Mirror Updated 24/08/08
The Missing Link TP U
The Moblin Camp Updated 21/03/10
Shadsie LoZ U
The Moment of Extinction Alan Fleming LoZ-AoL U
Morality of a Hero
Part 1: Battle in the Mysterious Woods Updated 22/12/10
Mousse770 LA 15
The Moonstone Charlie Lemmink LoZ-AoL U
Mud Doll NoMan OoT U
A Night on the Mesa Updated 22/02/09
Shadsie TP U
My Observations By Link
Doug Loz-AoL U
A New Ending Samantha OoT U
One Second Updated 26/02/11
Amariel MC U
Passage Updated 30/09/12
Shadsie TP PG
Piece of Heart Updated 27/05/12
Shadsie SS U
A Pirate's Toys Updated 03/03/13
Shadsie PH PG
A Place to Rest Updated 21/02/10
Shadsie TP U
Predecessor Updated 21/11/10
Shadsie OoT/TP U
Purpose Updated 26/06/10
The Legendary Zero MM U
Queen of the Fairies Michelle Vanderhoff LttP U
Quest For Epona Updated 22/11/08
Ellie OoT U
A Ray of Hope Updated 26/09/09
Ingie OoT U
Reflection Updated 29/04/12
Kurai Hitokiri OoT U
Robber Robin Patrick Mason OoT U
The Rotting Earth Charlie Lemmink LoZ-AoL U
The Sanguine Spire Alan Fleming LoZ-AoL U
Saria's Law James Stafford OoT PG
Saria's Song Christi Sanders OoT U
The Scrub Knight Updated 29/05/10
Shadsie MM U
A Secret At LonLon Ranch
Alexandra Spears OoT U
Seven Years, To Be Exact Seimei OoT PG
She Was Gone Updated 20/04/08
Sir Calibur OoT U
The Sister Megan O'Shea LttP U
Skullkid's Bad Test Experience Sarah Edwards OoT U
A Slain Spirit Jack OoT U
Skull Kid's New Friends
Alexandra Spears MM U
Sleeping Beauty
Alexandra Spears AoL U
The Snow
(Sequel to The Sister)
Megan O'Shea LttP U
Strata Updated 30/10/12
Shadsie OoT U
Stupidity Updated 27/11/11
Shadsie TP U
The Sword The Wanderer LoZ-OoT U
The Tale of The Shadowed Realm Saruman of All Colors OoT U
To Talk With a Dead Man Updated 21/03/10
HyruleMaster OoT U
The Thief
Speedy OoT PG
Three Harmonious Friends Updated 23/08/09
Shadsie OoA/OoS U
A True Ending Megan O'Shea LttP U
Trust Miscellaneous OoT U
The Truth and Fall of Ganondorf Jordan Lincez OoT U
Twenty Year Anniversary
Doug Loz-AoL U
Two Sides of the Same Coin Updated 20/07/08
The Missing Link TP U
The Vision The Wanderer LoZ-AoL U
What The Stories Forget Red Viking OoT 15
The Wind Blows to the Future Updated 25/04/09
Shadsie WW U
Wind Waker - Aryll's Point of View Updated 25/10/08
Ganonslayer WW U
Winter in the Forest Princess Ruto OoT U
Your Money or Your Heart Updated 22/11/09
Shadsie TP U
Zelda's Apology
Doug Loz-AoL U
Zelda: The Continuing Saga Bobby Stasko OoT U

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