Sleeping Beauty

By Alexandra Spears

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*note* Forget about Link waking up Zelda with the Triforce of Courage for a moment. Besides this goes according to the cartoon which follows more along the lines of Zelda 1.


Sitting on his throne in the Underworld, the pig-faced Ganon was plotting. He had with him an old book of magic spells that he'd found in one of the old palaces. He was interested in one spell in particular. Chuckling evilly, he ran a long, gnarled finger down the page. This was perfect!

Closing the huge, heavy book with a dull thump, Ganon set it down on the dais next to his throne. He snapped his fingers and teleported into another chamber of the Underworld, where he kept his Evil Jar and the glowing red Triforce of Power, which hovered just above a pedestal. "Hmmm...what would Zelda be interested in, though, for this to work, I wonder?" he mused out loud.

Ganon curled his hands as if he were holding a bowl. A small disc of light appeared, then images of North Castle. Gazing into it, Ganon could see Princess Zelda in the courtyard of the castle, happily picking flowers. The evil wizard gave a low laugh. "Of course. The princess just loves flowers!"

The image disappeared at his will and Ganon stretched out his arm, pointing to the Evil Jar. A bolt of magic shot from his fingertip and into the Evil Jar's roiling pink mists. A Gibdo--a kind of mummy--appeared before him. The Gibdo listened as Ganon outlined his plan.

Ganon set to work, preparing the spell. Occasionally he spied on Zelda using his magic, keeping track of her whereabouts.


Zelda wanted to go to one of the towns to look around and maybe buy a few things, and she wanted to drag Link with her. "For protection," she said.

"Oh, you know it's 'cause you want my company, Princess," Link teased as he hitched up his brown horse, Catherine, to the pink coach.

"Another word and I'll go myself and make you stay and guard the Triforce," Zelda said, trying to hide her smile as she tossed her long mane of blonde hair back over her shoulder.

"Well, excuuuuuse me, Princess," Link muttered. He then turned to Zelda and held out his hand to help her up into the coach.

"Well, at least you have some manners, Link," Zelda had to admit as she sat down. She scooted over so Link could get in. She playfully patted him on his head.

Link blew upwards, blowing his dark bangs out of his face. "Well, shall we go, my princess?" he asked as he took hold of Catherine's reins.

"Yes, we shall, hero," Zelda replied.


"So--they're going to the marketplace, eh?" Ganon snickered. He gave the Gibdo a little pouch. "You'll go there too," Ganon told it. The evil wizard then raised his arms, and the Gibdo transformed.


"Link, don't race the poor horse next time!" Zelda scolded as Link helped her out of the coach.

"Oh, Catherine doesn't mind it, do you, girl?"

"I'm talking about her kicking up dirt!" Zelda retorted; the coach had no front to it.

"Well, you don't look dirty, so don't worry about it!" Link answered back, sounding rather amused. "Kiss?"

"You have got to be kidding." Zelda walked off towards the marketplace, Link catching up with her and walking alongside her.

"Well excuu--"

"Link, please shut up," Zelda said with an exasperated sigh.

"Aw, come on, don't be like that. It's just that you worry about the dumbest things sometimes. If I get dirty, well, I figure, I'm washable!"

"If only you'd do it more often!"

"Excuse me, I just had a bath today, and the day before that...and if you don't believe me, I invite you to watch me next time!"

"You'd love that, wouldn't you?" Zelda smiled and shook her head. "You don't give up easily."

"You never give up on the one you love," Link replied as they reached the marketplace.

Link's brown eyes scanned the marketplace, looking for something Zelda might like. He didn't really like fighting with her; it was just that she could be so stubborn sometimes. Off to his left, he noticed an old woman carrying a basket of flowers. "I'll be right back, Princess," Link told her.

"All right," said Zelda as she went to inspect some jewelry.

"Hey, how much for those flowers?" Link asked the old woman as he approached her.

"You're with the Princess of Hyrule, aren't you?" asked the old woman. "And you want to capture her heart. Well, in that case, they're free. Take a bunch to her, have her see how nice they smell...."

"Zelda's crazy about flowers," said Link as he took a bunch of the colorful flowers. "Thanks!"

"No problem," the old woman answered.

Link hid the flowers behind his back and approached Zelda, who was moving on to another stall. "Zelda...I have something for you," he said.


Link produced the bouquet from behind his back. "Oh, Link, how sweet of you!" she exclaimed as she took the flowers. She bent her head down to take in their scent. "In fact, you get...a big...."

Zelda dropped to the ground. "Zelda!" Link cried. He glanced over to where the old woman had been--and saw her transforming into a Gibdo! "You miserable--what did you do to her?"

"She'll sleep forever!" the Gibdo cackled as it charged at Link.

Link quickly drew out his magic sword and fired several shots at the Gibdo. The monster vanished in a flash of pink light, sent to Ganon's Evil Jar in the Underworld. Link then turned his attention to the unconscious princess and tried shaking her awake. "Zelda...?" He checked for breathing; she was breathing, but it was shallow.

He gently lifted the girl into his arms and carried her back to the coach. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Ganon was involved in this somehow.


In the Underworld, Ganon saw the Gibdo appear in the Evil Jar. "Did you give her the poison?" Ganon asked.

"Yes, O Ganon," it replied.

"But you didn't get Link." It was a statement, not a question. "Blast it! I just found out that he can ruin everything!"


During the ride back to North Castle Link had Zelda on his lap, her head resting in the crook of his arm. He noticed how pale she looked. Wondering if what had knocked her out would eventually kill her, he checked her pulse every few minutes. So far it had remained slow but stable.

Once they were in the castle's gates, Link lifted Zelda into his arms and carried her into her tower, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. There he gently laid her down on her bed and went to tell her father, King Harkinian, what had just happened.

"You mean--Zelda's been poisoned?" Harkinian asked as he followed Link up to Zelda's room.

"I think so...and I know Ganon had his hand in it," said Link. "And I'm gonna find out just what, Your Majesty."

At that moment a castle guard approached Link and the King. "A message from Ganon, Your Majesty," said the guard, his eyes wide.

Harkinian took the piece of paper from the guard and dismissed him. His eyes scanned the note. "Oh, dear me...," he murmured, handing the note to Link.

Link read the note. According to the letter, Link had to go to the Underworld and be Ganon's prisoner--or Zelda would remain under the sleep spell forever. "I was planning to go there anyhow," he said, crumpling up the paper.

"But Link--we need you," said Harkinian.

"I mean to find out how to reverse the spell on her," said Link. "Ganon's nuts if he thinks I'm gonna be his prisoner!"

The old man gave a sigh of relief. "Please help my daughter, Link."

"Of course, Your Majesty," said Link, smiling confidently. He looked over at Zelda, who still lay on her bed, motionless. "I'd do anything for your daughter."


Link knew of an Underworld entrance near the castle, just in the woods, and that was where he went. He knew fully well that if he surrendered, the Triforce of Wisdom would be fair game for Ganon--and should Ganon have the Triforces of Wisdom and Power, Hyrule would be his. Link surrendering would actually endanger everyone in Hyrule, including Zelda. If he surrendered, he might just as well hand the Triforce of Wisdom over to Ganon.

Entering a hollow tree, Link carefully went down the steps that led into the Underworld, keeping his eyes and ears open for anything that would attack him. Thanks to all his adventures here, he pretty much knew the Underworld like the back of his hand, could find his way through the labyrinths.

The young man kept his sword in his hand as he carefully tread through the Underworld. He had to avoid zapping monsters whenever possible; if Ganon saw a monster pop up in his Evil Jar, he'd know Link was down here.

A couple of rope snakes dangled down and hissed at him. Link merely dodged them before they could drop on him and try to strangle him. Other than that, all seemed to be quiet in the Underworld--which made Link all the more wary. This was too easy. By now he knew better than to be overconfident.

Finally Link stood before the door leading to Ganon's lair. Wondering just what might be waiting for him, he gripped his sword tightly as he jerked the door open.

The chamber, where Ganon's throne sat upon a dais, was empty. Link stepped forward several yards. On the way up to the dais, to his left and right, were prison cells.

"Welcome, hero!"

Link whirled around. "Ganon!"

The wizard hovered in mid-air. "How do you like the spell on Zelda, hero? I had to capture you too...because you're the only one who can break it!" Behind Ganon several Molblins, Stalfos, and Goriyas were waiting to attack. "You see, only the kiss of Zelda's true love can break that spell--disgusting!--and I'm not about to take any chances! And why not, heh heh, kill two birds with one stone by keeping you here?"

Link had heard enough. He had his answer--apparently Ganon felt confident enough to share it with him--and now it was time to fight.

"Get him!" shouted Ganon. "Kill him!"

Link began zapping away with his sword. He ran up the dais, onto Ganon's throne, and looked down at the monsters advancing towards him. Taking a bomb out of the pouch on his belt, he threw it down amongst the army and it exploded, taking several monsters out at a time.

"Get him!" Ganon howled, watching.

Link threw a boomerang and took out several more monsters, and at the same time he hit Ganon with a couple of zaps.

"Curse you!" Ganon screamed as he teleported up to the bottom of the dais.

More monsters were coming up for Link, who leaped off the throne, somersaulted in the air, and landed on the top of Ganon's head and jumped off, heading into the next chamber, which had the Evil Jar. Link was able to think quickly and he had an idea that might buy him some time.

The army of monsters knocked down the door just as Link tossed a bomb into the Evil Jar. Link shot off some more zaps with his sword and leaped to one side as the bomb exploded inside the jar and its pink contents gushed out, sweeping them away--along with Ganon.

Link knew he still wasn't safe. He ducked out another door and began making for the nearest way back to the Overworld, as the chamber with the Evil Jar was starting to cave in. He managed to find his way to the entrance he'd come through; by that time some of the Underworld monsters had started giving chase, and Link didn't have time to fool around.

Racing up the steps, panting, he threw his last bomb behind him and shot out of the hollow tree. Behind him the tree and the ground surrounding it blew up, burying the monsters underneath some rubble.

Link stopped long enough to look back and make sure nothing was chasing him. Then he sprinted off to the castle, where Zelda lay waiting for him.


"A kiss from Zelda's true love?" asked Harkinian, raising an eyebrow. "You are more than welcome to try, Link."

Link grinned. "Ganon wanted me out of the way because according to him I could break the spell. Well, let's see if he knew what he was talking about." He went over to Zelda's bed and sat down on the edge of it. Heck of a way to get a kiss from her, he thought as he bent over her and placed his lips on hers. Pretending her father wasn't there in the room watching, he gave her a long, deep kiss.

He lifted his lips from hers and watched as her green eyes fluttered open. "Link...Daddy...? What--what happened?" she asked as she sat up.

"Link saved you, my dear," Harkinian said. "With a kiss."

"Link, you didn't--"

"It was the only way to reverse that spell Ganon put on you. Those flowers had poison," Link explained.

Harkinian nodded. "Only a kiss from your true love could break the spell...and Link broke it." He smiled, quite pleased at this--though not nearly as pleased as Link.

"Your gratitude is overwhelming," smirked Link.

"Link...please don't rub it in. All right, I admit it. I do love you. There, are you happy now?"

"Very happy," said Link as he hugged Zelda, Harkinian looking on and beaming. He wouldn't mind having Link as a son-in-law, and right now that seemed to be a huge possibility.



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