Before the Final Showdown

By Kristen


Ever since I was a child, I was told that I would never grow up. That I would be a small child forever. They also said I could never leave the forest or I would surely die. But on request of the Great Deku Tree, I left the forest. And I grew up, to become the "Hero of Time". I remember at first I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had to save the kingdom of Hyrule. No, the world. I never imagined that I had such strength to withstand all that lay ahead of me.
But now, as I stand in front of the castle gates, the gates that once was homage to Princess Zelda and the royal family, I feel afraid. Imagine that! The Hero of Time, the ray of light in the mist of an angry storm, afraid of one man. Deep inside of me though, a small voice is telling me that there is nothing that can harm me. That no matter what, I shall triumph over the evil that is Gannondorf. But in life, things don't work out that way. Good doesn't always triumph over Evil. The will inside a person brings victory to a man. And yes, I do have a strong will, but I still have this sinking feeling that even though my intentions are good, I cannot beat Gannondorf. The monsters before me, whom I've defeated were cunning and powerful in their own unique way. Does that mean... That they were just parts of Gannondorf? That all of those monsters together is what he is? Was he just playing with me, just testing me to see what his own weak points are so in our final showdown he would triumph?
That might be, but I have a secret weapon. Something he can never take from me. The Triforce of Courage. Now that I think about it, the Triforce held inside of me is what kept me going. It kept me from backing out when I went though the Elemental Temples of Hyrule. It pushed through everything even before my journey through time. It must have been with me all of my life, because if it wasn't, how could I have survived in the Great Deku Tree. I was just a child, no more then ten years of age, and I destroyed the evil inside of it. I broke the curse.
I can't back out now though. For if I do, I would let the people who supported me on my journey down. Saria. Darunia. Princess Ruto. Impa. Rauru. Princess Zelda... The princess is counting on me. I just can't let her die...
No, I won't back out now. Not after I went through so much pain and grief. I won't quit. And Gannondorf, I swear on my grave that I shall vanquish you! I shall rid the land, no the world, of your evil intentions!
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