Wind Waker - Aryll's Point of View

By Ganonslayer

      It was my brother's birthday. On this birthday he was the same age as the legendary Hero of Time. So grandma gave him the clothes that looked exactly like the hero although he may have been hot in those clothes, I gave him my telescope and we both witnessed the scariest thing - a young girl being carried by a giant bird and falling in the forest on the summit of Outset Island. So Link went to Orca's house for sword training and got a sword and went to save her.

      After doing so I was grabbed by that same bird and Link tried to save me but couldn't as he watched me get carried away. I was taken to a frightening place called the Forsaken Fortress and held captive there with two other girls; a poor one named Maggie and a rich one named Mila. My brother came to save me but failed as that giant bird caught him and carried out and I didn't know what had happened to him.

      He came back after a long time to make a second attempt but as he did, the pirates came as the girl he saved was their captain. I was on the ship and I wrote a letter to Link I saw him after his long adventure from the crow's nest of the ship, however he sailed off again after I was finally home safe.

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