The Gerudo Gem

By Patrick Mason


In the land called Hyrule there lived a legend named Zelda The Princess Of Hyrule who was 15 years old.An Adventurer name Link(15 years old),a fairy name Navi(19 years old),A sheikah named Impa(67 years old),A Gerudo Warrior named Ganondorf(17 years old),and a King named Harnikian who is the King of Hyrule( 51 years old).In the land of Hyrule there lived a sacred Triangle called The Triforce.The Triforce was into three parts Power,Wisdom,and Courage.Today the world is at peace,but the people of Hyrule must be careful if the Triforce falls in the wrong hands a person with an evil mind can turn the world dark and evil and maybe slaved.We began the story with Impa telling a tale of the Gerudo Gem that she actually stole not long ago.

"Come now children I want to tell you a tale of the Gerudo gem"said Impa."Oh do we have to Impa come on I'm tired"said Link."Yes you do Link you have timie besides you're always tired"said Zelda."Well I got better things to do myself see ya"said Ganondorf."Stop you're going to sit down and listen Ganon"said Navi."Who made you boss firefly"said Ganon."I AM NOT A FIREFLY!"said Navi."That's enough all I wanted to do is tell you a story all of you are aguing whter you like or not I am going to tell you this tale"said Impa as Ganondorf grumbled."Now this is a tale of The Gerudo Gem now Ganondorf You heard of it you was from Gerudo"said Impa."Yeah Yeah yeah"said Ganondorf as he still grumbled."Well I stole this along time ago and the Gerudos don't even know I have it.It's even told that this gem has special power,but a long time I had this Gem nothing has happend,but anything can happen"said Impa."Is that it boy that story was short well goodbye"said Ganondorf."I'm 17 years old and I got to listen to that bullcrap geez"whispered Ganondorf.

The Next Day Malon from Lon Lon Ranch came and delivered some Milk to Hyrule Castle.Link saw her and decides to help her out."Hi You need some help"said Link."Yeah thanks ooh this thing is heavy"said Malon."Yeah how much milk you got in here"said Link."About 25"said Malon."Geez well there we go"said Link as he now brung the box of Milk into the house."Uh My name is Link"he said."Malon"she said."So you're from Lon Lon Ranch"said Link."Yeah well I gotta go I have some more Milk to deliver"said Malon."Ok bye"said Link.Before Malon left she saw a ruby lying on a table it was The Gerudo Gem."Wow it's beautiful"said Malon,she suspected that it was lost or something or just free to take so Malon just took it and left.

"Link!"yelled Impa."Yes M'am"said Link."Have you seen The Gerudo Gem"said Impa."I haven't seen it since yesterday"said Link."I thought I left here yesterday"said Impa as she finally left the room then Link thought of someone who could of took it."Oh My Goodness Malon!"said Link.Link got on Catherine and tried to chase after her.

All of a sudden Malon's horses she had were running really really fast."Whoa Whoa stop you guys stop"yelled Malon she kept on yelling,but the horses couldn't listen.Link then saw Malon,but she was going so fast Link couldn't catch up with them."Come On catherine Yaa"yelled LinK Malon and her horses then approached a bridge then all of a sudden the bottom of it broke and one of the horses leg was stuck then bridge was about to break apart.Link made it just in time to try and rescue her."Ahhhhhhhhh"yelled Malon."Hang on just grab my hand and I'll pull you out trust me"said Link Malon then grabs her hand and Link pulls her out of the carrage."Wait what about my horses"said Malon Link then used all of his strength he had to pull back the horses from the broken bridge.Link was then succesful and pulls the horses back to the grass."Oh thank You Link you saved my life"said Malon."You're welcome,but I think you have something that belong to us"said Link.I don't know what you're talking about Link"said Malon."I mean that gem you have in your pocket now Malon you know it wasn't right to steal that it belonged to a friend of mine:said Link."Oh I didn't know I'm sorry please forgive me Link"said Malon."I forgive you why don't you just go home right now and get some rest you might need it then tommorow you can deliver the milk"said Link."That's a good idea"said Malon as she got back on her horses and rode back home.Link did of course got the Gerudo gem back,but then he realized that the Gerudo Gem actually had something to do with the accident."No it can't be could it?"Link said to himself.

Later that night Link was still thinking how Malon was almost killed on the bridge then Navi came in."Hi Link"said Navi."Hello Navi"said Link."So how was your day"said Navi."Same old Same Old accidents,robberies,etc."said Link."Just another boring day huh"said Navi."Yep just another boring day in the Life of Link"he said.All of a sudden Navi felt a wind from beyond."Link you feel that?"said Navi."Feel what?"said Link.All of a sudden they both see a tornado heading straight to Hyrule Castle."What in tarnation is going on here"said King Harnikian."I don't know dad,but it looks like we got ourselves a big storm in our hands"said Zelda.The storm came to Hyrule Castle and blew away many guards."It's this stupid Gem"said Link."It's cursed"said Navi.Link then rushed downstairs and told Zelda what was going on."Zelda this gem it's cursed"said Link."What do you mean it's cursed"said Zelda."Earlier today Malon was almost killed on the bridge she had the gem with her now the tornado it's the gem I tell you it's cursed"said Link."Maybe I could do something about Link"said Zelda.Zelda then went outside and used her Triforce Of Wisdom to blow the Tornado away."Oh great Triforce of Wisdom give me the power to stop this tornado"said Zelda.The Triforce then went into small beams and the tornado blew into the sky and was banished away."Whoo that was close"said Zelda.

The Next Day Link went on a date with Malon to Lake Hylia(that is after she finished delivering milk)."So you're saying that Gem I had yesterday is cursed that's why I was almost killed yesterday."That's right"said Link."Gosh why did I even take the gem with me"said Link.All Of a sudden Charles the Guard from Hyrule Castle came to Link and tole him what was going on."Link!"said Charles."What's wrong Chuck"said Link."Impa got hurt today she's at the castle now in bed I think she's dying"said Charles."Oh No the Gem I better get there"said Link.Link hurried to Hyrule castle and saw Impa dying she had the Gem in her hands."Impa are you all right"said Link."I'm Fine for now my days are done Link I knew one day I was going to leave earth one day"said Impa."Impa don't die on me now you too young don't do this"said Link."I'm sorry Link,but I"said Impa she was trying to finish the sentence,but she was near death."QUICK GET RID OF THE GEM HURRY"yelled Link.Ganondorf took it and left the room.Then Ganondorf thought."Hey why should I get rid of this it may give me good luck I mean bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people and I am sure as hell am bad ha ha ha ha ha ha"said Ganondorf as he went into his room.Link was still in the room with Impa and Zelda Impa luckily fell asleep instead of dying(but who knows she could die in her sleep)."You Know Zelda first Thing tommorow I'm going to get rid of that Gem and then everything is going to be all right trust me"said Link.

The Next Morning Link got up and tried to look for the Gerudo Gem then he remembers who had it last so he goes into Ganondorf's room who was surprisingly already awake."Ganon where's the Gerudo Gem"said Link."You Mean this gem"said Ganondorf."Give it to me I want to return it back"said Link."Oh I don't think so you see I thought about and I saw a lot of bad things happening to good people and I decided maybe I was wrong about this gem so I decide to keep it"said Ganondorf."Ganon you don't understand if you keep that who knows what might happend to you give it to me now"said Link."Well if you really want it you have to catch me first"said Ganondorf as he dropped out the Window and fell in the moat he then got out and got on his horse Black Season.Link then tried to follow Ganon,but all of a sudden he notices he couldn't move he was frozen like a stone."What I can't move what's going on no it's the gem"said Link."Oh poor Link can't move see ya"said Ganondorf as he then ran off.Two minutes later Link recovers and moves again he then follows Ganondorf."Come on Catherine yaa"yelled Link.Link then caught up with Ganondorf."You'll never get this gem from me you dork"said Ganon."Wanna bet I really didn't wanna do this"said Link he then punches Ganon Ganon Punches back and Link falls off his horse.Ganondorf then arrived on a ship Link then hurried to the ship before they were ready to leave Link made it and jumped in the air he took out his sword and slice down a net and captures Ganon inside it.Link then takes the Gem from Ganondorf."Hey Ganon if you want to get back to the castle you might as well swim"said Link as he got off the ship and waved bye to Ganondorf.

The Next Day Link and Impa headed to Gerudo and returned the Gerudo Gem."Man I'm glad that's all over"said Link."Yeah me too looks like it wasn't the kind of jewel I was hoping for"said Impa."Let's just get out of here man the next time I buy a jewel I better check if there are secret curses in there"said Link.Back on the Ship Ganondorf was left on."I'm Sorry Baby,but I have no choice"said Ganondorf as he jumped of the ship and fell into the water.Ganondorf decides to swim back to Hyrule Castle(poor Ganon)


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