Skull Kid's New Friends

By Alexandra Spears

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Author's note: Well whaddya know? Link and Zelda aren't in this story (not really)--and I'm actually writing one more or less based on Majora's Mask! Remember the cinematic when Link sees that drawing on the tree in South Termina Field? I just keep remembering that poor little Skull Kid...oh and this is for my friend PikaCheeka, a charter member of the Skull Kid Fan Club! :)

"Hey, cut it out!"

Skull Kid had played a prank on one of his friends. This particular prank involved a rope--when someone stepped in the rope on the ground, Skull Kid yanked on the other end, hauling his unfortunate victim up into the air.

"I was just playing," said Skull Kid, looking up at his victim, who was hanging upside down, the rope around his ankle. He laughed. "Want me to let you down?"


Grinning slyly, Skull Kid let go of the rope and his friend crashed to the ground. "Ow! I sprained my ankle!" the friend moaned. "That's it. The others said you were nothing but a prankster and now I'm convinced! Just go away!"

"I didn't mean for you to get hurt!" Skull Kid protested.

His friend limped away, heading back into the Lost Woods. Skull Kid watched him go. Yet another of his friends had ditched him, and he couldn't understand why.

Sighing sadly, the orange-and-yellow clad Skull Kid shuffled along. The haziness of the Lost Woods only added to his depression. It started to rain, but still he kept on walking, deep into the Lost Woods--into a part of the woods he'd never been in.

Skull Kid went through a strange hollow tree and was awed by what he saw when he came out. He was in some kind of clock. He ran up some ramps until he came to a staircase. Pushing open the double doors at the top of the steps, he walked out into a bustling little village--Clock Town. It was raining here too.

Curious, Skull Kid walked straight ahead and ran into a guard. "Sorry, I can't allow a child to wander by himself into Woodfall," said the guard.

"Oh really?" Skull Kid took out his bone flute and shot spikes at the guard, who put up his shield. While the guard was distracted, Skull Kid ran through the tunnel.

The rain was coming down harder. Skull Kid saw what looked like a hollow tree up ahead, and he took shelter there, sitting down against its inner wall, shivering. Recent memories came back to him and he started to cry miserably. "They don't want me, no one wants me," he sobbed.

Skull Kid sat there for he didn't know how long, crying and feeling very sorry for himself. He only meant to have fun. Why did people have to get mad at him and chase him away? He was cold and wet and miserable. He was alone, friendless. Thinking about that only made him cry harder and more wretchedly.

"Hey, kid, don't cry," said a high-pitched voice.

"Huh?" Skull Kid wiped his eyes and looked up. Two little fairies were hovering above him. One had a yellow glow, the other a deep purple glow. "Who are you?"

"I'm Tatl and this is my brother Tael," said the fairy with the yellow glow. "What's wrong?"

"No one loves me," said Skull Kid miserably. He started crying again.

Tatl and Tael flew down so they were hovering just in front of Skull Kid. "We'll be your friends, right, Sis?" Tael said, looking to Tatl for confirmation.

"Yes, we will," said Tatl.

"Really?" asked Skull Kid. The two fairies flew into his cupped hands and he held them gently. "You'll be my friends?"

"Sure!" said Tael. "We can have fun together, right, Tatl?"

Just then the rain stopped and the sun came out. "Hey, let's draw a picture!" said Skull Kid, now happy. He ran to a tree, the two fairies following him, and picked up a white rock. He drew a picture of himself, adding two fairies. He laughed, the fairies laughing along with him.

Skull Kid and his two new fairy friends had a ball together the next few days. They played hide-and-seek on Milk Road and in South Termina Field. Skull Kid loved hiding in the tall grass near the entrance to the Southern Swamp and popping out when he heard Tatl and Tael approaching.

He also showed off how well he could do cartwheels and other acrobatics, and he played his bone flute for them. During those few days he and the fairies travelled all around Termina, exploring the world that was parallel to Hyrule.

One day Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael went to Romani Ranch and went inside a Cucco barn. "Hey, let's tease them!" said Skull Kid gleefully.

"Is that wise?" asked Tatl.

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport, Sis," Tael chided. "Join the fun!"

Skull Kid began throwing Cuccos around, laughing merrily. Then he went so far as to start kicking them around--and they became so enraged that suddenly everything went white and feathery as they called in reinforcements and turned on Skull Kid.

"Let's get outta here!" screamed Tatl.

Skull Kid hurried out of the barn, the fairies following, and slammed the door. He leaned up against it, breathed a sigh of relief--and laughed mischievously. Taking out his bone flute, he opened the door a crack, shot spikes out of his flute, got the Cuccos going again, and slammed the door, laughing harder.

"Let's go back to Hyrule for a little bit, see if they're still mad at me," said Skull Kid. He and the fairies headed back to South Clock Town and went inside the clock, down the ramps, to the door. He opened the double doors and followed the passageway until he found himself back in the Lost Woods of Hyrule.

They wandered around for a little while when they heard someone coming. It was a Hylian man carrying a huge bundle on his back--the Happy Mask Man. Masks poked out of his bundle.

"Hey, check out those masks!" whispered Skull Kid as he, Tatl, and Tael hid behind a tree. "Let's swipe one!"

"Skull Kid--" Tatl began.

Skull Kid jumped out at the Happy Mask Man, pouncing on him and causing him to bash his head against a tree. The man went down, and Skull Kid began pawing through the bundle, looking for something interesting. He pulled out a multi-colored, heart-shaped mask with round eyes and spikes all around the edge. "Hey...this mask feels...powerful," grinned Skull Kid as he put it on. "Let's go back to Termina and really play some tricks!"

"You know, I'm tired of walking," Skull Kid complained. Suddenly, he heard hoofbeats echoing through the Lost Woods. Peering around a tree, he saw a young blond boy on a brown horse that had a white mane and tail. The boy was dressed in green--he looked pretty much like a Kokiri. A pushover.

Skull Kid had an idea. He whispered to Tatl and Tael what to do, and the fairies flew off and flew in front of the horse, startling it, causing it to throw off the rider.

The boy was unconscious, and Skull Kid went to see if the boy had any goods on him. He plucked a beautiful-looking ocarina from the child's tunic and experimentally blew a few notes on it, the fairies wanting a turn at it.

They were arguing over it when the boy regain consciousness and marched right up to Skull Kid, who immediately put the ocarina behind his back and tried to look innocent, even behind the mask he was wearing. The boy tried to pounce on him; anticipating this, Skull Kid leaped into the air and landed on the horse, who began to run.

The boy wasn't one to give up, and he latched onto Skull Kid's leg and was dragged towards the warp to Termina, the fairies following Skull Kid. Finally the child was forced to let go and he fell.

"Got rid of him!" sniffed Skull Kid as he and the fairies made their way into the land between Hyrule and Termina. "Now to cause some merry mischief!"

*Note* Those of you who have played Majora's Mask--you know that he creates all kinds of mischief! And of course Link has to set it right...especially that moon falling out of the sky!

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