My Observations By Link

By Doug

This is to tell about the many people that are some extent involved in my life here. Let me begin. My name is Link and I am seventeen years old, my family background in the history of this land goes far back. I came here to Hyrule from Calatia looking for adventure around 15 years of age. I have brown hair and brown eyes, my favorite color is green. I normally wear a green tunic over a brown shirt and brown pants with leather knee high boots. That is who I am. Now for the ones I mentioned.


Sprite: A very sweet and kind fairy I think she has crush on me, who could blame her. (Whoops there goes my ego.)  She proves to be good on an adventure, but most times more mischief at the castle then she’s worth at least for me. I hear that she is a princess in her own right.


King Harkinian: Hyrule’s king a very kind man who seems to really think highly of his subjects. He thinks very kindly of me, even gave me some flowers when I was about to swing into his daughter’s room one evening for her.  Sometimes he is a little bumbling, but well meaning in most things he does.


Impa: The first person that meet me coming into Hyrule. Not the sort of meeting that one would imagine. She was being attacked by a group of Ganon’s minions when I saved her. She is the nursemaid to Princess Zelda and after I rescued her I thought she had died in my arms after telling me what had happened. Later on she reappeared and continues to serve as a protector of the Triforce of Wisdom. She taught me and Princess Zelda most of the magic we know. For me, if she didn’t she knew who I could learn from and directed me to them. I have a very close bound with her and the Triforces, because I have the Triforce of Courage within me.


Princess Zelda: I could write a page about her. She is the most beautiful girl in all of Hyrule in my opinion. I rescued from Ganon once and restored life to an ancestor of hers when I turned sixteen. She has eyes as green as the grass in the springtime, and long blond hair that goes down her back. Sometimes she even adventures with me. She normally wears light pink pants, a dark blue or purple shirt, and a light blue vest, and boots that come up past her knees. I really do love her, but every time I try to kiss her something always happens. She does like to mistreat me sometimes or even abuse me.  When Prince Fascade came she had nothing to do with me, until she needed me to save her because Prince Fascade didn’t want to get dirty by going into the swamp to save her. I saved her and the prince got lost I am glad to report hopefully, I will never see that moron again. I think I grossed her out when I was a frog, well that was more after I came back to normal and ate a fly. Bad timing I asked for a kiss then grabbed and ate the fly. But for all of her mistreatment of me, she has a different side that I seem to bring out. This (very mean) princess actually took the time to teach me to read and write. I asked her about it and she wouldn’t go any further then saying that this the least she could do for what I had done for the kingdom. She also seems to think I am lazy, because I like to go fishing when she wants to have me work or do anything. When I was a spirit she was the only one that could see me, confirmed by Ganon and she admitted it later on. She also is very caring with regard to her subjects.

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