The Sanguine Spire/FONT>

By Alan Fleming

    Link laid awake watching the stars in the sky, waiting until dawn. Link had tried to get rest but couldn't due to the endless rocking of the boat and the occasional wave of water that would splash over the rails. The world seemed a lonely place and Link dreamed of going back to Hyrule but he did not want to face the people he had deserted. Still, Link yearned to return and was convinced he wouldn't be able to run from his past for the rest of his life.

     The captain of the boat barked orders at the men rowing the vessel through the unforgiving ocean. The boat trudged along at a gentle speed, but they seemed to be getting nowhere. Link didn't really care where the boat lead, he enjoyed the challenge the raving sea put forth.

     The sky was now lightening to make way for the coming morn. Link stood at the rail, his eyes shut tight with weariness and the sting of the salty sea spray. The days seemed to drag on forever with little to do but watch the white caps slam against the side of the boat and dream of a better place.

      The crew of the boat acted wary of the waters on which they sailed, some feared maelstroms, others, retold reported sightings of huge sea beings that could swallow a ship without difficulty. These stories did not scare Link, he was looking forward to seeing something out of the ordinary and a deadly monster or a oceanic vortex would suit his desires easily.

     The sky showed signs of a coming storm forcing the captain to land the boat on an unknown island. They dropped their anchor and landed on the shore just as the rain began to fall. Some of the crew were sent to gather food and dry wood; others were ordered to set up a village of makeshift tents. Link, along with one of the seamen, was told to watch the path of the storm or for any other unexpected occurrences.

     "I don't understand why we have to stay here while the others get to go of the island." The impatient seaman said in a disgruntled voice.

     "You should take your problem up with the captain, not me." Link responded knowing all of the crewman were deathly afraid of their captain.

     "You can stay, but I am leaving." The seaman proclaimed as he stomped off into the brush.

     Link gazed off at the ship which bobbed up and down on the treacherous ocean. The rain now poured drenching Link as he wondered how the crewman who had just left was fairing. A blast of lightning slit the sky followed by a short deafening explosion of sound. Link watched the ship expecting it to soon be a victim of the static charges.

     The ship suddenly exploded as if hit by a cataclysmic bolt of lightning, but this could not be because there was no light or sound to accompany the explosion. Link stared at where the vessel had previously rested intent on finding the cause of the catastrophic event. The sea was eerily still and the rain began to calm.

     A huge snake-like head popped up out of the ocean and dove back beneath the surface. Link rubbed his eyes in disbelief of what he had just seen, then returned his gaze to the sea. A large scarlet beast rose out of the sea and then returned, once again, to the salty depths. Link approached the rocky shore in search of a better view of the ruby monster. The huge monster rose out of the water dangerously close to the beach.

     The serpent stretched to an enormous height avove tha surf and then struck at Link. Link fell to the ground several feet from the serrated, knife - like teeth of the serpent. The creature dragged its body slowly back into the icy waters. The crimson beast rose once again from the waters and glowered at the human below.

     Link, aware of the upcoming strike, began to flee towards the camp. The beast, desperately attempting to stop Link's escape, dove at him with tremendous force. Link spun and slammed the shaft of his sword into the skull of the unexpecting beast. Surprised by the pain the beast straightened its body, the scarlet creature readied to retaliate. As the beast's head hovered high above the ocean's surface it watched link helplessly struggle to get to his feet.

     An explosive bolt of lightning darted through the air and embedded its energy in the sword stuck in the great beast's thick skull. The massive twitching body fell to the earthen shore. The great beast's heated flesh sizzled as it cooled in the ocean waters. Link walked up to the impressive creature and pulled the sword out of its twitching frame. Link examined the sword, but the blade remained without a scratch or nick. Link wandered, still confused by the preceding events, back to the sailor's temporary camp.

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