Mud Doll

By NoMan

email: NoMan 'at'

Here I stand in my cave, my dungeon of shadows.
Scarcely moving.

I have no motivation,
no desire,
no faith.

I am a mud doll,
a faceless, hollow being in the darkness.

My poor eyes detect a hint of movement in the void.
Human contact!

I try to express my joy.
A hideous screech escapes my lips.

Please don't leave me,
like everyone else.
I fear abandonment.

I must quickly get this adventurer into my dark abode.
I feel so hollow.
I need to be held.
Arms spread wide, a hug will fill the emptiness within.
To squeeze harder is to fill the void within my chest.

My friend wriggles free.
Slashes me down.
Another death.

Do not mourn.
I feel nothing.
This is simply my lot.

Back into my darkness I go
until another hero stumbles into my world.

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