The Final Quest of Link vs Ganon: The Legendary Hero vs The King of Evil

By Comonjim


     You have probably heard about the Legends of Zelda. How a young hero named Link and a princess named Zelda. You have heard the tales of the legendary hero battling the King of Evil, Ganon. How the many fierce battles between them holded the fate of the Kingdom of Hyrule as Link the victor. Know the final chapter of the Legends has begun. For this time around it will decide the fate of Hyrule for all time.

The Story has begun:

     One day Link was at Hyrule Castle feeding his mighty steed at the stables. When all of a sudden a bright flash of light blinded him." Where am I" he said . And then he saw the final destiny before him: there he was at the Temple of Time, with the Master Sword feet away from him. It's blade was covered with blood and then the bright flash exploded in front of him.

     As Link rose to his feet he said "was that a sighn, what does it supposed to mean?" he said to himself. He went to go see Zelda and she was gone. Everbody in the castle was dead. He thought to himself " could this be the work of the Evil Ganon?" he thought to himself. "No he couldn't have been revived so shortly. But whatever or whoever kinapped Zelda will die at my hands for I .....Love her." As Link looked over he saw a note it read: To rescue the princess of destiny you must conquer four ruins, One in the palace of the Great Thunder Bird which leads to shadow of death, one in the caves of Death Mountain, one under the earth of a vast lake, and the last ruin will find you. "And the last ruin will find you, what is that supposed to mean?" Link said to himself.

     Then something dawned on him about the first ruin. "It must be where I fought the Thunder Bird and battled my shadow. I must have missed something". he said. Then Link went to the Temple of Time to retrieve the Master Sword. "Lgendary blade aid me now". Link took the Master Sword from the alter and went back to the castle to prepare for his journey. He took his boomerang, hookshot, bow and arrow , the magical fire arrows, the sacred Ice rod,bombs,and his mirror shield.he also practiced some spells like Ether the polar wind spell casted with the Master Sword, Din's Fire,reflect, and Nayru's Love. He was ready; ready to save Zelda. He hopped on his horse and headed to the Great Palace.

The Fate of Hyrule

     As Link arrived it was totally different. It had fallen and sunk beneath the ground. Link saw a little hole to enter the ruin. When inside he navigated his way through until he met up with a moblin. The moblin hurled his spear at LInk who evaded it and then stabbed the moblin through it's stomach. The moblin was in emmense pain and tried to crush Link with it's last breath. Link shielded himself with his shield and then slashed the moblin vertically right between it's eyes to deliver the final blow. The moblin shrieked in pain and then collasped. Link moved on until he found himself in a room confronted by Lizafos. Link hurled his boomerrang at one of the Lizafos to stun him then he used his bow and fire arrows to engulf the Lizafos in flames. Then he used Ether on the others to freeze them. They were weakened and then Link casted Din's Fire.They all engulfed in flames.Link proceeded until he found a high ledge with a wooden log on top. He used his hookshoot to grapple onto the log. Then he saw a creature he had never seen before. It must have been one Ganons followers. It was a human figure with a dragon for a head. He had an axe in both arms. Him and Link engaged in battle. They fought for minutes until Link was the victor. Then as the monster fallen it dropped a rock. Link grabbed it and moved on to Death Mountain

     Link went through Death Mountain and exploded a hidden wall with the bomb. Link went through the old ruin he stumbled across a flaming wall. He used the ice rod and the entire wall frooze. Then another piece of a rock flew out of the wall. "What are these supposed to be used for? " Link asked himself. And then something else flew out. It was the magic spell Quakos. It had the power to make mountains tremble. Link then went back to Hyrule castle. He needed some time to think. He was worried about Zelda.

     As Link sat at the dining table he went into a deep sleep. In his dream Zelda would stand before a wizard at the Temple of Time the Master Sword would be inside the pedastool dripping with blood. The wizard would take it out and Zelda would scream in horror. Then Link awakened. Dazed and confused he read the letter again: one under the earth of a vast lake."They must mean Lake Hylia" Link said.} Hold on Zelda I'm almost there". He rod off on his mighty steed to Lake Hylia. When he got there he was confronted by an old man . " Do not let the blood of evil see light again". and before Link could say a word he was gone." I wonder what that meant?" Link said in curiosity. Then Link had an idea. He would try to cast Quakos to make the third ruin rise out of the water. It had worked. The huge ruin emerged from the lake, crushing the water temple. He went through and retieved the last rock. Then all of the sudden he was transformed to......."Dark World "Link said. The rocks glowing and were radaint .

     Then a familiar voice said "I've been waiting for you Link, prepare to die". The centuries of the imprisoning war'and then you. Now I will take both realms". It was Ganon.Link charged at him and Ganon evaded his attack. He then shoot out huge rays of darkness at Link. He didn't give up he dashed out and sliced Ganon through the stomach with the Legendary Blade. It wounded Ganon and thunder bolts and tornadoes came from the sky. Ganon shot a bolt of thunder and hurled him into his twisters. Link was barely alive when Ganon picked him up and then a little voice inside Links head that said " Please save our land of Hyrule,no the entire realm.". Please Link for I Love you, don't die. It was Zelda. Link ,using all the strength he had left released from Ganon's grip. He then combined the Light and silver arrows to make the Golden Light Arrows: handed down from the godesses. Ganon charged at Link and Link evaded it. He sliced the Evil King four times in the face and stomach. Ganon who was severly wounded said "curse you Link". Link shoot four Golden light arrows and that was the end of the Evil King. Link then used the final blow of the Legendary sword to kill Ganon forever. It was all over exept for one thing, Link was shown his final destiny:to seal Ganon forever Link would have to place the Master Sword filled with the blood of Ganon back into it's original place. He did exactly so and then he saw Zelda. She threw her arms around him and said" Link you have know restored peace to the Golden Land and HYRULE. And this time it's for good!"" I know" Link said. Then they paused and Zelda said" Link I love you"."I love you to Zelda". And they kissed.

     This is the story of our Legendary Hero final quest. What new adventures will Link embark on. We shall see.


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