How It All Began

By Doug

This story is based on the Legend of Zelda cartoon/comic. It takes place about seven years after the final defeat of Ganon by Link and Zelda.



            It is a quiet night at North Castle in the kingdom of Hyrule. Link is putting his and Zelda’s two children to bed for the night. They are both six years old. Princess Alexandra and Prince Hezekiah are being tucked in for the evening. When Princess Alexandra says “Daddy, tell us a bed time story.” Link is not good at this usually his wife Zelda does the stories says “Ok“. He thinks quickly to himself a story. “Well, what you like to hear?” he asks cautiously. “Tell us about how you and mommy meet.” Link thinks to himself that seems simple enough.

            Then he takes a deep breathe and begins, once upon a time there was this evil wizard named Ganon he had the Triforce of Power and wanted the Triforce of Wisdom this was so he could take over all of Hyrule. Your mother who was about 15 at the time saw that Ganon was succeeding in his plans to take Hyrule decided with Impa that the best course of action was to divide the Triforce of Wisdom and hide the pieces. It was a bold step to undertake. Impa in turn was to seek out a hero now at the same time the king would be informed that he needed to leave the castle as quickly as possible to avoid getting captured and killed. A few days later the king left to seek shelter from the closing in forces of Ganon. The king ended up making it Calatia escaping Ganon’s clutchs. Now your mother was making her way from the final underworld lair when Ganon’s minions finally caught her. She was taken to Death Mountain where Ganon was. Impa at this point was making her to Calatia but Ganon’s minions caught up with her. I was on my way into Hyrule hearing of the adventure that awaited anyone willing enough to fight Ganon when I stumbled upon Impa who was being attacked by four moblins. I ran up fought them off. In turn she told me what had happened and made me promise to reunite the Triforce of Wisdom then go and rescue the princess.

            Well, it was an adventure fraught with danger and excitement as I fought through eight different underworld dungeons reuniting the scared Triforce of Wisdom. I gathered equipment from different places during this journey. When I finally had my showdown with Ganon it was just me and him his first words were “Surely you have to be kidding you look like a hero. Well, enough idle talk we fight and you will die here in Death Mountain.” It was fierce fight and I was wounded at least once during the fight. But I got the upper hand and destroyed him or so I thought. After the fight I made my way into the prison cell where your mother was. Her first response wasn’t very encouraging to say the least “So you’re the hero you’ve got to be kidding me.” I responded “Hey you’re second one to tell me that. Excuse me Princess I rescued you and you should grateful. And what were you expecting anyway you’re safe now.  How about a kiss?” She turned me down it seemed like that’s how me and your mother meet. For the next year I left Hyrule and returned home then I got called back. After I fought Ganon more or less again I decided to stay in Hyrule. Ganon was not done with Hyrule he continued to try for the Triforce of Wisdom. Me and your mother fought to protect it. The whole time my relationship with your mother changed and we became closer though she never admitted it I always tried for that kiss which I always missed out on. But we’re together now so it doesn’t matter. As Link looks over he sees both kids sleeping and stealthy leaves the room. Zelda looks into the room just as Link is slipping out. “I heard the story it brought back old memories and you’re still my hero though I never thought you would be.” “Well, excuse me Princess,” Link says as they both laugh quietly.

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