Cursed Rupees

By The Shadow Princess : Melissa


    I would love to tell you that this is another story about a hero of time. But if you ask me, that's a little contrary. This is a story about the other side, the depth of darkness that reflects, coarse and motionless. Through the rivers of mists and sadness, he waits. A creation of evil, even worse, evil without purpose. Only to bring death to anyone who passed that door.

    Yes, eventually someone would have a key. Someone would find him here, he was sure of it. Then he would slaughter them, take his blade into vengeance and return to his maker hopefully. What blackness resided in his features, such darkness reflected in his eyes. He ate nothing, he needed nothing, his existence was nothing.

    The water was nearly up to his knees, he stared at himself and returned to the withered half broken dead tree. It was dank, it smelled and was peeling. Chunks of jagged wood splintering out, splitting in twos like damp moldy spikes, made it impossible for him to lean. There was only dark Hylian carvings that portrayed his story and places where he had lunged his sword into the old oak in frustration.

    This was the alternative form of Link, a possible brotherly figure even. The resemblance was almost shocking, however they were very different all the same. While his counterpart had sunlight colored hair and a fair elvish appearance. He sank in the mud of genetics as an abomination of Ganandorf. His skin was shadowed and his eyes were bleak. Lifelessness flowed around him, it was assumed to be the reason why he was called Dark Link.

    Where Link went around saving the world, rescuing Princesses and bathing in glory. Dark would simply watch, rotting away in his own hatred. Link's world would declare him a monster, a murderer even, but Dark was safe from judgment in his gray vague realm of fog and water. He looked to his hands, wishing they were covered in his enemies blood, savoring the idea of freedom. Death was his drug and his sword would wield it. Each day was spent making it sharper and sharper. Practicing accuracy on anything he could find. Other times he would just dip his hands into the water to feel it's stillness, to meditate on how exactly he would do it. His maker, Ganon, promised him. If he killed Link, he would be freed.

    His blood would stain the surrounding waters, let alone his hand, he imagined. Ganon would surely be pleased. Again he waited, ever patiently.

    Then came the triumphant day, the door had opened. Sounds of footsteps rushing through mere inches of water. Suspense rushed over Dark Link, far too much excitement for him to hold down, it clouded his focus. At seeing his lighter self, he appeared, then vanished. A slash of Links sword came around, barely missing him. Desperation, anger and hatred filled his mind. No matter what move he'd done, Link did the same in union.
Each stroke of his sword was just a motion of angst, ridden with flaw and without focus.
Then came the final strike, Dark Link fell to his knees, defeated.

    Staring into the eyes of himself, his own reflection, but this time it was different. They held a hero's stare. Not a hint of hatred, merely good will and a sense of calmness. An eagerness to return the world to justice, it disgusted him. His breath finally let out and his body sank to the waters and the moist ground. In the end, he became just a pile of Rupees.

    Though Link had him well defeated, or at least he thought,  he would never use the dirty money. In fear of plaguing others, polluting them with his haunting essence or possible mishaps with his ill shadowed self. In pity for the being he kept them in his pocket, to remember what was and what could someday be.

    For he assumed too soon that he was incorruptible. The evil within the Rupees though, the sheer fibers and mixed energy cells left within Dark Link's decayed elements soon began to consume him. Yes, this was the freedom of Dark Link. Possessing the body of his sworn enemy was more then he could ever dream of. It happened slowly, every time Link fell asleep the darkness crept over him softly. Devouring his body, filling his mind with sinister thoughts.

    Forget saving the Princess, it's time for a massacre…
           Link soon would become Hyrule's greatest enemy.

-mwahahhaaha jk-

The End 

~Elei Jean

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