Twenty Year Anniversary

By Doug

Author's note: Based on The Legend of Zelda cartoon but also drawing from the fact that the game hit shevles in America twenty years ago just before Christmas. I figure celebrate a twenty year wedding anniversary. I hope all enjoy this.

            It has been nearly twenty one years since Ganon was defeated once and for all by Queen Zelda and King Link. They have been married and are celebrating their twentieth anniversary. The time since Ganon had been very peaceful Hyrule had built back to what it was before Ganon ever showed himself.

            Link still remembers the day that he admitted his true feelings for his wife it was also the first she ever kissed him. They were going to confront Ganon in final battle. Just they were entering the underworld Link said to her “Zelda in case we don’t survive this or I don’t I want to tell you something. I. I love you with all my heart and always have I guess I always will. I just wanted to tell that just in case.” At the time the Zelda was the princess, but loved adventuring alongside Link. She blushed and stammered in responding to him “I umm. Well umm that’s very nice Link. I don’t what to say.” Then remembering their mission said “Well, we better get going down to face Ganon.” A couple of hours later and two floors down Link pushed Zelda out of the way of blast of fire shoot by a four headed Gleeouck. He ended up taking most of the hit getting his leg burnt from his boot up to his knee. Luckily they defeated the Gleeouck, Zelda ran to him realizing that he just saved her life, hugged and passionately kissed him on lips. This took him by such surprise he dropped both his shield and sword then fell on the ground himself. He thought to himself at that moment ‘WOW! She finally kissed me’. He looked up at her and asked her why. She told him with what he said earlier she had thought about it and realized how much she really loved him.  For Link it was hard for him to believe that the Princess was finally admitting that she loved him. Because for a long time she seemed act like she felt he was too immature for her.

            But since that day Link had referred this story to their twin children now teenagers about how he and his wife fell in love. Shortly after the final defeat of Ganon, Link proposed to Zelda who kept him in suspense by not giving him her answer for a week. The king of Hyrule, King Harkinian had always liked Link and thought of him somewhat as a son. Link was knighted two months before he and the Princess were planned to be married. When they married the king gave his blessing. The twins they had are nearly eighteen years of age both have a lot of their of father in them. Prince Hezekiah, who has his father’s big brown eyes and blond hair just his mother, he enjoys fishing a great deal and avoiding any extra work. He does like the Royal Court and tries to be like his father acting like a lady’s man, but much like his father he falls flat on his face when does. The other twin is Princess Alexandra she has her mother’s green eyes and her father’s dark brown hair. She is a tomboy in all she does and hates doing anything with the Royal Court. In her mind the princes are all so boring and concerned about themselves. Both are well trained in swordplay and archery, though the prince manages to do a better job with the bow while his sister is almost as legendary with the sword as her father.

            After they married Link continued to adventure even going back to save his own homeland from an evil cult. Zelda joined him, but quickly returned home when she had found out she was pregnant with the twins. After she had the twins she pretty much gave up adventuring and concentrated on running the kingdom. They attempted to have other children but the twins were the only ones. Ten years later the king died very quietly in the middle of the night. Link took over assuming the role of king with Zelda as queen. Link did much better then many thought he would do as king stopping a split in the kingdom that could have led to a civil war. Link was the one that reunited the Knights of Hyrule under his rule. He did some adventuring until his kids got old enough to go on their own. Now their children are the ones that are tapped for adventuring.

            Twenty years of marriage Link’s hair has turned a little having grey streaks over his ears. Zelda hair has not changed at all she maintains her blond hair but it is shorter now. There is much peace now that all has settled almost like it was meant to be.

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