The Moment of Extinction

By Alan Fleming

    Link, after wandering for several weeks, was watching the stars as nightfall approached. Link had his eyes fixed on an ominous cloud which obscured the moon leaving almost complete darkness. Suddenly a huge, black silhouette passed across the sky. Link stood up and stared off to where the great beast had flown but the creature was far out of sight. Link pondered this late into the night but eventually his weary body got the best of him and he drifted off to sleep.

     The next day Link was walking in the direction where he had seen the colossal beast destined. As the day grew old Link came upon a large castle surrounded by large stone walls. The huge gate lay opened allowing travelers to come and go as they pleased. Once inside the walls Link noticed the city was more unique than anything he had ever seen before. All over the cities were large gears, which, Link noticed, resembled those he had seen inside of clocks. The magnificent city seemed to have been created around this system of mechanics.

     As Link approached the central structure he realized there was no way to enter, as far as he could see. He had now also realized that he had not seen a single person since entering the city. Link surveyed the ghostly city in desperate search for any sign of life, but all he saw was the hypnotic turning of the gears and all he heard was the rhythmic drumming of the great machines. Link's mind was now focused on getting inside of the city's central edifice.

     As Link inspected the smooth stone exterior of the structure he discovered that he was standing in something's immense shadow. Link rose his eyes to meet those of an enormous beast, the creature resembled a giant salamander. Suddenly the creature reared up and spread out pair of huge black wings. Link stood across from this huge ebony reptile, which, he thought, resembled the mythical dragons he heard about in tales.

     Link's knees began to give way as he realized his position of weakness. Link quickly pulled forth his trusty sword and approached the great creature believing a fight was eminent. The head of the beast came down to meet Link's gaze. Link, out of surprise, fell to the ground, sword still readied in his hand. The giant head hovered about, studying the glowing sword. The curious dragon stuck out a long slender tongue and touched it to the blade, the massive head recoiled in pain and the unknown beast let out a sharp bark.

     The huge beast stuck out its tongue once again, as if to taste the air. The head shot way up into the air, its eyes surveyed the surrounding landscape. The dragon stared deep into Links eyes and reassured itself that the human posed no threat. The massive beast laid down and paid little more attention to Link.

     Without warning the huge black mass launched into the air. Link looked into the sky to see a gigantic green bird and the lizard collide in mid flight. The two creatures came to the ground with a thunderous crash which sent cracks climbing up the castle walls. The two beasts rose to their feet and began to snap their jaws at one another. Finally the huge bird snapped its massive beak at the dragon's throat. The dragon tried to dodge the strike but the feathered monster was too fast. The giant lizard fell to the ground with a resounding thud as the bird went in for the kill.

     Link unsheathed his sword and, without thinking, joined the battle. The emerald beast shrieked and leaped at Link with its talons thrashing wildly. Link dodged and slammed his sword into the leg of the colossal monster. The green beast snapped its sharp beak at link but was caught off balance and tumbled to the ground. Link, finding no pity for the bird, drove his glowing blade through the throat off the attacker. The bird made a choking sound as blood seeped out of its fatal wound.

     Link turned to look at the dragon he had tried to save but he found that it had passed away during the conflict. Link thought about the two great creatures which had died that day. Link then looked about the city wondering about the history of its great machines and elaborate interiors. Link looked back at his day with sadness and decided it was time to return to his nomadic life.

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