A Slain Spirit

By Jack

Author's Note

   A little background on this is it is an insight to Payuranna a Princess from a realm somewhere between Hyrule and the Heavens. Ganon was imprisoned there instead of being sent to the realm the Sages intended. There he found away to enter the Heavens to take over not only the Triforce but rule the Goddesses. Anyway, this is the night Payuranna was forced to kill her lover or die herself and it shows in depth how she has come to hate herself and why she is so cold. Her feelings are dead and open to no-one, she feels as though she can't help her people and in the end it will kill her. This is all part of a fanfiction I am writing called "The Missing Piece".

    What a beautiful thing we shared, the love of ages. The keys to hearts lost within the confusion of each other for all times. You where my hero and I the one that failed you on that long ago night. It feels like only yesterday this pain was placed within my heart, and I have only myself to blame. The fields green and night cool with the full moon of our realm lighting the darkest of places. You held my hand after being lost for so long within evil's house. The night air surrounding us as it did ever since we were children, there you were my hero. I found safety in your arms and you found love in my eyes. Sweet was the summer air yet still an uneasy aura filled the darkening night. Your grip grows tight and hostile for once I feared you as I was thrown to the ground. Looking up I didn't see your eyes but a cold world of hate and lost feelings. Who were you then? Not the man I loved. Where did he go? Your blade fell upon me and still I refused to strike you. How could I? It was you and maybe that was his plan. That evil being Ganon, that had come to our world. Bring with him only death and destruction. Again you tried to spill my blood but you missed, why was this happening? I thought you loved me Dire? I pleaded with this enraged you and still you did not hear. Finally there was no choice I strip you of your sword and with a final blow you were taken from this world. Not without leaving me with a scar of lost love. Rich crimson blood flowing from the wound on my cheek as the sword with drew from within your body. The grass stained red the life in your eyes fading. The senses of hurt within them that I will never forget as I held the sword that had taken your life. Harsh reality hitting a lonely woman now lost within a dieing world of death. All gone from a young carefree spirit, the hole of missing loved filled with ever burning hate. A pain no mortal could ever feel, not even the Goddess could bless a person like this with the missing piece. The hero was dead, his death bring the death of a realm in need of hope. The slain warrior lie lifeless on the blood stained grass, the evening becoming violent feeling the lost of its child. What have I done? His only crime was loving me, I am to blame. This lonely woman forever lost to pain, suffering from her own deeds. Her people lost to Ganon and her world lost to hate. The night you died was the night my spirit lived its last.

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