Link's Son

By Ashley

    Link walked slowly up the wooden spiral stairs to the attic. With each step, a creak. He walked to find Malon under the circled window that shone a streak of sunlight. He smiled gently and walked over to her and sat down next to her and put his arms around her.
   "He's a beautiful baby, isn't he?" Malon asked gently easing her eyes down at what laid quietly asleep drooling and slurping on its fingers.
  "He has Gerudo skin and your eyes, what's his name." Link said quietly.
  "Kinon, his name is Kinon. He will be just like his father one day." Malon smiled at Link, and Link smiled back.
  "Heh, well… I'll go to the castle for some milk, eh?" Link got up and walked proudly to the stairs and looked at the once more.
  "Theres rupees on the ledge there, if you need it." Malon smiled, rocking the baby.
  "No, I use my own money for this Malon." He smiled and held his belt while running down the stairs. On the way out he noticed Talon, actually doing work.

  "So, milking cows, eh talon?" Link smiled.
  "Yup, I turned a new leaf around here. How's the baby and Malon?" he took a second to look up.
  "They're fine, it's a boy and his name is Kinon." Link replied.
  "Wonderfull." Talon said.
  "Um, I'm on my way to Hyrule Castle, want me to deliver some of this milk for you?" Link asked.
  "That would be fantastic." Talon said. Link walked over and grabbed some milk and walked out. He tied the milk bottles to Epona and mounted her.
  "Okay Epona, take me to Hyrule Market." Epona ran to Hyrule Market.

  "No poes, no poes, no poes…" Link muttered as he listened to the milk bottles cling and clang against each other as we rode smoothly across Hyrule field. As he entered Hyrule castle,
  "Hi Link! How's the wife?" the guard asked.
  "She's fine, she had a baby." Link replied happily.
  "That's great." He said. Link dismounted Epona and untied the milk bottles. He walked up to a stand.
  "Hello, I would like to sell the milk please." Link handed in some milk but just as he did, an explosion corrupted at Lon Lon Ranch!

  "Oh no, Malon!" he ran into the panicking people trying to get out. He finally got to his horse. He jumped on and gave a hard kick and Epona sped off like wild fire. He reached Lon Lon Ranch and got off. Link fell on his knees in front of the ruined Ranch. "Malon, Kinon, Talon, no… no… NOOOOOOOOO!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" he screamed out of frustration and agony. Just then, he heard a babies laughter. He looked up as tears fell. He got up and walked over to the broken down house and moved some things and saw him. "Oh," he said gently with tears. "I'll never let you go." He said as he closed his eyes and hugged him and cried a little. "Never, let you go…" he said.

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