Link's Birthday

By Hestia of Vesta

Two days before his birthday and Link couldn’t wait. He went to the Shop and stared at the magifient sword that was on the wall. It cost 690 rubies, and on a hero’s salary that is a lot of money. He hoped that his Uncle would buy it for him. A smile crossed his face as he imagined that sword in his hand. “Link, oh, Link,” the old lady said behind him.
   He turned around and smiled, “Yes!”
   “Link your uncle is looking for you,” she said, “oh your looking at the sword again aren’t you.”
   “Yes, it’s the best sword I have ever seen,” he said full of excitement. “You better get going your dinners getting cold,” she said. He nodded and started off but then the old lady said, “Oh Link I have a new batch of medicine come by later and you can get it before it’s all gone.”
   “I’ll do that,” he said with a smile and started down the street.
   “Good evening milady,” a quiet male voice said, “I heard about your new batch of medicine.”
   “Yes, yes,” she said, “Oh it’s you come by later and I’ll have some ready.”
   “What was that guy looking at?” he asked.
   “Oh Link he was looking at that sword in the shop,” she said as the guy looked through the window and saw the sword on the wall, “he’s been eyeing it for weeks now.”
   “Doesn’t he already have a sword?” he asked.
   “Yes but he wants that one,” she explained, “after all his sword is quite old now.”
   “I see,” he said, “can I come by around seven.”
   “That would be fine,” she said.
   “Good evening milady,” he bowed and walked off.

   “Link, boy, where have you been,” his Uncle said, “dinner is getting cold.”
   “Sorry Uncle,” Link said.
   “At the shop again,” he shook his head.
   “Yes,” Link amittied. “I will say this: that is a nice sword isn’t it,” he said.
   “That’s an understatement,” he said dreamily. Link sits down at the table as his uncle serves him. They eat and talk about their days. About seven o’clock Link got up and told his uncle that he was going to the Old Lady’s and get the new medicine. He walked around town so that he wouldn’t be tempted to stop and look at the sword again.
   When he got their a guy about his age was leaving, “Blonde hair and green eyes that guy looks familiar,” Link thought to himself. Link opened the door and walked in finding the old lady stirring the medicine see looked up and smiled,
   “You took your time.”
   “Sorry, hey who was that guy that just left?” he asked.
   “Oh him, some boy who lives in the forest,” she said. He picked up the medicine and handed it to her.
   “Does he come into the village much he seems familiar?” he asked.
   “No,” she said, “That will be 50 rubies. I forgot to ask how is Zelda.”
   “Fine,” Link said as he handed her the rubies.
   She smiled at him, “Shop closes in five minutes if you hurry you might see that sword again.” Link smiled back and ran out of the shop and didn’t stop running until he reached the shop. He looked into the window over to the wall where it hung and gasped the sword was gone, sold. His heart stopped for a minute and walked home slowly. When he got home his uncle smiled and said,
   “Took your time boy or did she start on her stories again . . what wrong?”
   Link looked at him and said, “The sword as been sold.”
   “What? Sold!” he exclaimed.
   “Yep,” Link said, “sold.” Link walk into his room, changed clothes and went to bed.

   Next morning Link woke up still a tad depressed ate breakfast and walked to the castle. Zelda greeted him in the library, “Good morning Link! What’s wrong?”
   “Nothing,” he lied.
   “Oh, O.K.,” she said, “after I finish this chapter I want to go riding, that all right?” Link, who was looking at a book himself looked up in shock he realized she saw through his lie. That was the only reason she would have asked to do something. He had to think fast,
   “Why ask me?” was the best he came up with. She went back to reading her book after a while she put it down and smiled,
   “Dad wanted me to tell you that since it’s your birthday tomorrow you take a day off, Canre can guard me tomorrow.”
   "Thank him for the thought Princess but you with Canre, I think I’ll come tomorrow,” he said.
   If Link ever had an enemy worse than Ganon it was Canre, a soldier in the King’s honor guard and he would try to steal this post away from him. “Thanks for your concern,” she said, “I like them as much as you do.”
   “That’s nice to know.” he said remembering the fact that Canre was a lady’s man. Zelda got up and they went to the stables and went riding on the castle grounds for a while.
   Meanwhile in the village Link’s uncle stormed in the shop and went right up to the shopkeeper and said, “What were you thinking, Anner, I asked you to hold that sword for me. Link so badly wanted that sword . .
   “I’m sorry, Tware, but I got an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Anner said.
   “Really how much,” Tware asked him. “900 rubies,” Anner said.
   “Are you serious,” he asked.
   “You want to see’em?” Anner asked.
   “Link was heart broken last night,” Tware said.
   “Your nephews as good as they come but I’m not rich. I need the money,” Anner said.
   “I know,” Tware said as he started to walk out he turned around and asked, “who did you sell it to?
   “Some guy with blonde hair, said he lived in the woods so he’d be takin’ the sword I didn’t have ta do nothin’ to it,” Anner said. Tware walked out and started home when he ran into the old lady. They had a one minute conversion and he walked home,
   “900 rubies is a lot of money what am I going to get Link now?!?” he said to himself.
   Canre was walking up the street and tried to stop Tware but he out smarted him, which wasn’t hard. He went into the house and sat down. He looked out the window which he always did when he needed to think.

   “Wait up Zelda,” Link called behind her.
   “Come on Link I’m not going that fast,” she said as she slowed down.
   “I’m not in a fast mood today,” he said. Zelda started to laugh, Link looked her straigh in the eyes and said, “What?”
   “I’m a terrible person,” she said sadly.
   “Why?” he asked.
   She got off her horse and said, “Lets walk the horses back to the stables I have something to show you.”
   Moments later they were in the library, “What’s wrong?” Link asked. She handed him a package and said,
   “Open it!” He opened it slowly not knowing what to expect and then he saw it the giltter of metal,
   “You didn’t...” he whispered as he removed the object. It was the sword from the window all sharpened and everything, “Zelda, you shouldn’t have.”
   “Yes I should have,” she smiled, “I bought medicine from the old lady and she told me that Canre was planning on buying the sword so I ran over there had a price fight and got the sword.”
   “You were at the . . . no not . . .” he stumbled over his words.
   “Forest boy that’s me,” she said, “I had to get into town somehow.”
   “Wait till I tell your father,” he joked.
   “Don’t you dare,” she said with her fists up playfully.
   “O.K. I won’t,” he said, “thank you Zelda.”
   “Happy Birthday Link,” she said and then kissed him on the cheek lightly, “Go home and tell your uncle so he doesn’t have a heart attack.” Link started out the door, “Don’t you dare come back until the day after next, got it?” she called, “Royal order!”
   “Sorry Zelda, I cannot,” he joked, “I cannot have Canre’s murder praying on my mind.”
   She laughed and he walked back into the room and kissed her lightly on the cheek and whispered "thank you" into her ear. She smiled brightly and he said, “But don’t let me catch Forest boy in the village again.”
   “You won’t catch him in the village,” she said.
   He smiled and left, everything seemed brighter today. He walked though the village told his Uncle about the sword. He couldn’t help smiling because he knew Zelda cared about him.


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