A Lucky Day

by MaxiBoom


One day Link was walking through Hyrule Field, relaxing after finally defeating all the monsters in Hyrule. It had been days since one had been sighted. However, he still carried the Master Sword with him, just in case. Then, he noticed the sun was becoming obscured by a dark cloud. He looked up, and suddenly the whole sky was filled with the clouds. Yet an eerie light illuminated the area around him. He knew what this meant. Even after years of battle and victory, he had missed something. It was impossible, but it was the only explanation.

A slow, steady roar was building behind him. Link turned quickly to see what had come forward to face him. At first, there was nothing. Then everything seemed to swirl, and a large shimmering figure stepped forward from the warp. He was enormously tall, and clad in armour that seemed to glow with its own light. A great flowing cape spread from his shoulders to his ankles, and flowed in a non-existent wind. Yet what was most disturbing was the demons face, or at least what should have been. In the place of eyes, a nose, and a mouth, was infinite darkness, so black it hurt the eyes to stare upon it.

Link drew his sword, preparing for battle. He prepared to make the first strike, when suddenly the sword simply dissolved into dust in his hands. A booming laughter rose from the blackness of the demon's face. "You dare attack me with that toothpick of a weapon?" he laughed. "Let me show you a true sword."

The demons gloved hands reached toward the hilt of a sword hidden beneath his cape. Link rose his shield, preparing for a sudden attack. Instead, the demon slid the weapon out with malicious slowness. Yet when the weapon was fully revealed, Link saw nothing except for the hilt grasped in the demon's hands. Suddenly, there was an incredible flash of light, and a blade of pure flame appeared. "There," came the booming voice once again. "Is that what you were looking for?"

Link watched carefully, waiting for the right moment. Then, when the demons guard seemed to be down, he pulled out his light arrows and fired straight into the demon's face. The demon seemed to be unprepared for this sudden attack, and the arrow continued on its course. Yet when it reached the face, it continued on into void into until it could no longer be seen. The demon seemed totally unaffected by the shot.

"So, the mortal is also a mage," said the demon. "Well, wizard, I also have magic of my own."

The demon placed his weapon back in its place. Then, he raised his arms, and prepared to perform some form of black magic. Link tried to prepare himself for the attack, but he was unable to move. The demon continued with his spell, speaking incantations in a language unknown to Link. The air around them seemed to electrify with power, and the entire world seemed to swirl around and around in a continuos vortex until it was surrounding them with walls of colours unknown to hylian. Then the demon retrieved his sword, and brought down its full force upon Link. He felt searing pain all over, and was hurled towards the other end of the vortex. He was able to move again, yet the pain of doing so prevented him from trying. He realized in the attack, all his equipment had been destroyed.

The demon walked forward with strong, resounding steps. Link could hear his approach, but was unable to do anything about it. The demon leaned over Links unmoving body. "You were even easier to destroy then I thought you would be," he exclaimed. "It is almost a pity to end a battle so easily. However, I will do what I have always intended to do." The demon raised his sword, preparing for the final strike. Link cringed in terror, waiting for the end. "Prepare to die, Garth!" The demon yelled.

Link suddenly opened his eyes wide. With his last remaining strength, Link groaned out, "My name is Link."

The demon froze. He leaned down and said, "Are you sure?"

Link nodded, then blacked out.

The demon stood, thinking over this unimaginable situation.

Then it dawned on him. "Oh, I see," he said. He turned to Link's unconscious form. "Sorry," it said, "Wrong game." Then he simply vanished, and the world unfolded into its original form.

Link opened his eyes, and looked up. His body was no longer in intense pain, and the vortex was gone. He stood up and felt around to see if his equipment had returned. It was all there. Link looked around, trying to find some trace of the battle that had just occurred. Yet there was no indication anything had taken place. Trying to make sense of it all, he decided he had simply blacked out and dreamt the whole thing. Uneasily accepting this conclusion, Link warily began his journey home.

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