Zelda: The Continuing Saga

By Bobby Stasko

Author's Note

This story takes place after the Ocarina of Time. So basically this is after Link was returned back to childhood after his adventures with fighting Ganondorf. The story begins before Link goes to see the Princess(which is the last thing you see at the ending).

ink awoke in his house to find that he had a throbbing headache. He couldn't remember anything that occurred the day before. It was strange, because he never felt this way before. He tried to remember, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. He sat up, seeing his Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, and Hylian Shield in a corner of the room. He stood from his bed, obtained his equipment, and set off toward the Deku Tree. 'Maybe the Deku Tree knows what happened to me yesterday,' Link thought as he went. He soon reached the Deku Tree.

      "Deku Tree, I was wondering..would you know what happened to me yesterday? I have a throbbing headache and can't remember anything."

      "I doth not know young Link," the Deku Tree replied.

      "Well, thanks anyway."

      As Link was leaving the Deku Tree he suddenly had an urge to go to Hyrule Castle. It was something new to him as well. Then he wondered something: 'Hey..where's Navi??'

      "Naaaavviiiii!!!" Link called out, hoping to find Navi soon before he ventured out. He walked everywhere in Kokiri, but just couldn't find her. He even went to see Saria, but she didn't know either. Link went back to his house, sitting on his bed, wondering.

      Then he thought of something. 'Hey, maybe that's why I feel an urge to go to Hyrule Castle. She might be there, calling out for me, or trapped. I have to go.'

      So he ran out of his house and through the logs that lead to Hyrule Field. He dashed as fast as he could to Hyrule Castle, it not being very fast since he was so young, but it was fast for a young one none-the-less. He soon reached the market, bolting past everyone, even past the guard, him yelling for Link to stop.

      Once Link reached the vine that he used to climb, he noticed that it wasn't there anymore. 'Great,' he thought, 'now those guards will catch me for sure.'

      The first guard was catching up, yelling, "INTRUDER!! GET THE INTRUDER!!!"

      Link turned in all directions, seeing guards coming from everywhere. Soon they surrounded him.

      "We gotcha now little bugger!" one exclaimed.

      Suddenly Link felt something inside of him, like some sort of awesome boost of courage. He suddenly lost the ability to control his own body, as if it was moving by total reflex. He suddenly leaped up onto a guard's head,leaping off of it and onto the higher ground where the vine led to. He suddenly starting running faster than he was before, across the guard wall and through the gate to Hyrule Castle. He then suddenly leaped up about halfway up the wall,grasping onto it, and, like a spider, climbing it effortlessly. Once he reached the top he climbed back down the other side. Then his body relaxed, for about a second. All the front guards inside the walls saw him, yelling, "INTRUDER!! GET THAT LITTLE THIEF!!!!"

      Then his body reacted again. He drew his Kokiri Sword, and as the guards were slashing at him, he knocked the swords out of their hands, not hurting them too much. Then, after he past all of them, he withdrew his boomerang, flinging it without aiming, yet it caught the gatekeeper's key perfectly, them now in Link's possession. He quickly climbed up the wall.

      Once on the top, he ran around until he found the part of the wall directly above the gate into the place where Zelda was. He leaped down, hitting the guards with the butt end of his sword, knocking them out. He then unlocked the gate and walked in, the keys now hidden from view. That's when Zelda turned, seeing him.

      Zelda turned to face Link, a small amount of shock crossing her face. "Who are you?" she asked.

      Suddenly, hearing Zelda's voice, remembered something. He remembered her and someone galloping away, then he remembered a dark figure, and then 3 spiritual stones and the Temple of Time. And as soon as he remembered, it left, but it still stuck in his mind. "My name is Link," he replied, "..and I was wondering if you knew where my fairy, Navi, was."

      "No I do not know Link," she started, "and I'd suggest you'd leave here immediately if you don't want to be put in prison."

      "I was thinking the same, but one more thing." "Yes?"

      "Do you happen to have something called..the Ocarina of Time?"

      Zelda was silent for a moment. "Yes I do.."

      "Do you think I could have it?" Link wondered.

      Zelda was silent again. Then, when she was about to speak again, a very large armored knight entered the place. His armor was silver and he had a large axe. His eyes were a deep red. Link turned, unsheathing his sword.

      "I demand that you leave immediately knight!" Zelda commanded.

      The knight only chuckled. Suddenly he was shrouded in mist except for his eyes. Then suddenly he reappeared, but not as the knight. He was Ganondorf. "So Princess..we meet again. But THIS time there will be no escape!"

      Link leaped in front of Zelda to protect her.

      "YOU!!!" Ganondorf screamed, "I've had ENOUGH of you..you little PEST!!"

      Suddenly Ganondorf started to glow gold. He raised his hand to Link. A bolt of lightning shot from his hand, hitting Link and electrocuting him. After the shock, he fell limp to the floor, still breathing, but unconscious. Ganondorf came in front of him, him charging up when Zelda spoke.

      "You're just wasting your time Ganondorf! It's ME you want!!"

      "You know, for a little girl, you're smart."

      Ganondorf grabbed onto Zelda, disappearing.

      When Link awoke, he was in jail, with nothing but his Kokiri Tunic. He slammed his fist into the wall. He then suddenly remembered more: the Deku Tree curse, Dodongo's Cavern, the Gorons, Zoras, Jabu Jabu, Ruto, the Master Sword, then nothing.

      "Why can't I remember?!" he yelled.

      "I don't know young one, but I can help you out."

      Link turned to the barred window to see a very large owl.

      "Who are you?" Link asked.

      "I am a friend young hero," he replied, "would you like to get out of this dungeon?"

      "Would I ever."

      "Then look directly into my eyes."

      Link wondered, then stared into the owl's eyes. Suddenly something bright appeared on the back of his hand. It was the Triforce, with the Triforce of Courage glowing lightly.

      "You hold the Triforce of Courage within you," the owl said, "the Princess has the Triforce of Wisdom, and Ganondorf the Triforce of Power."

      He then suddenly remembered the name:Ganondorf. He then remembered some more:him fighting Ganondorf as an adult and also fighting his true self, Ganon. He still had no clue what this all meant though.

      "Go to the Temple of Time Link," the owl stated, "there you will find the truth."

      He looked around the dungeon a little more. He then saw it. A blue object in the corner with holes and a funny looking shape. He stood, walked over to it, and picked it up. It was the Ocarina of Time. He then suddenly remembered all of the tunes he played before on it.

      "The Prelude of Light..." Link stated to himself. He played the Prelude of Light, warping to the Temple of Time.

      He walked into the room with the Master Sword. He decided to pull it out, but strangely, when he grabbed onto it, it electrocuted him,like Ganondorf's. He had been there. Then Link noticed that he had all of his equipment with him, but that didn't exactly make things any better.

      "How am I going to rescue Zelda if I can't pull out the master sword?!...Wait a minute....how did I know THIS was the master sword? And how do I know that the only way to rescue Zelda is to pull it out?! This is so confusing!!"

      "LINK!! I've found you!" a high-pitched voice yelled.

      Link turned, finding Navi flying behind him. "Navi! Am I glad to see you."

      "Link, we have to go rescue Zelda!!" Navi exclaimed.

      "But I can't pull out the master sword," Link replied.

      "I'm surprised you remember so much already Link."

      "You mean you know what happened to me yesterday?"

      "Not only yesterday, but your entire adventures."

      Link looked surprised, "Adventures?!"

      "You'll see what I mean soon enough."

      Navi flew up in front of Link. She placed her little hands onto his forehead, and chanted something in ancient Hylian. Suddenly Link began to glow a strange blue. He then remembered everything:the Temples, the Sages, the Medallions, Epona, Zelda, Ganondorf, the master sword, and how Zelda made Link go back to being a child. While this was happening, Link's eyes were closed. Soon Link stopped glowing, him opening his eyes.

      "You remember?" Navi asked.

      "I remember," he replied.

      "Good," Navi stated, "But how are we going to rescue Zelda in the past when she's in the future?!"

      "We'll obviously have to find a way to get rid of the spell that Ganondorf put on the master sword."

      "But HOW?!"

      "I don't know...I'm going to bed..hopefully I'll have an idea in the morning."

      He ran out of the market, past all the skeleton people that came out of the ground, into his house, and into bed, falling asleep.

      "You'll never win Ganondorf. You know as well as I that Link will defeat you as before!" Zelda boldly stated.

      "He might've been able to before, but not anymore, since I enhanced my power. And even if he DOES defeat me, he'll NEVER be able to rescue you!!"

      Ganondorf laughed maniacally in his tower, Zelda on a platform, slowly falling asleep. The last thing she remembered was her being lifted and starting to glow black.

      Link awoke to find Mido shaking him. Link shoved Mido back, sitting up.

      "What is it?" Link asked.

      "Bad news Link," Mido exclaimed, "Saria disappeared! She was there talking to me one second, then the next thing I knew she was surrounded by a strange black energy, and then she was gone!"

      Link leaped off of his bed, grabbed onto his equipment, ran onto his porch, and leaped off of it effortlessly, all in about 2 seconds, since he was hurrying. Navi flew up beside him as he ran off into Hyrule Field.

      "Link, I flew around after I heard about Saria, and I found that none of the Sages are here anymore!" Navi explained.

      "Ganon.." Link muttered coldly as he picked up speed.

      "But Link, you can't even TOUCH the master sword! How do you expect to get to the future without it?!"

      "I HAVE to try Navi!"

      He soon reached the Temple of Time. He bolted into the room, leaped, grabbed onto the master sword, and almost went into a coma, but luckily he let go in time. He fell to the ground in front of the sword, in extreme amounts of pain. He stood up, about to try again, when Navi stopped him.

      "Link, I'm not letting you kill yourself!!"

      Suddenly the Triforce of Courage started glowing on his hand. His eyes went hazy, the Triforce taking control like last time. He grabbed onto the master sword, getting hurt badly, but this time he managed to actually pull out the master sword, the spell being broken. He came back to his senses very quickly, seeing him surrounded by a blue light. The next thing he knew he was holding the master sword and the Hylian Shield. His clothes felt tight on him, and his hair slightly went over his eyes. He looked to himself, noticing he was an adult once again.

      "Time to switch clothing.." he remarked.

      Soon he emerged the Temple of Time wearing the Zora Tunic, Hylian Shield, Kokiri Boots, and of course the master sword.

      "Time to rescue everyone..." Link stated.

      Ganondorf was finally rid of Zelda and the Sages. He hadn't killed them, just put them in eternal sleep.

      "HAHAHA!!! I have the power of the Triforce of Power AND Wisdom!! Let's see Link try and beat me NOW!!!"

      Link rushed up to Ganon's Tower, only to find that the Rainbow Bridge the Sages had made wasn't there anymore.

      "Oh no.....don't tell me I have to defeat all the Temples again!!" Link shockingly stated.

      "Looks like it," Navi replied.


      Link played the Minuet of the Forest, warping to the Sacred Forest Meadow. He used the Hookshot to get up to the Forest Temple. But when he entered, he noticed that he could go down to where the boss was without having to go through the Temple again, and there were no enemies around. So he stepped onto the platform, him going down the 'elevator' to the lower level. He walked over down the hall and opened the door to the boss.

      He walked up the stairs to the floor where he fought Phantom Ganon before. He walked around, then tried to exit, but as he went to the stairs, he ran into an electric field, him being electrocuted the exact amount as when he tried to pull out the master sword. He suddenly heard a maniacal laugh.

      "Ganon..." Link muttered.

      Suddenly a Phantom Ganon came out of each picture, each riding a horse. They came closer and closer together, and once they were close enough they started glowing black, combining into the Phantom Lord.

      His voice was deeper than Ganondorf's. "I am Phantom Lord, ruler of all that is undead. And YOU, Link, shall become one of my minions!!"

      "In your dreams Phantom Dork!" Link replied.

      Phantom Lord started glowing black, him charging energy. He soon lifted his palms to the sky, casting a spell. Suddenly Stalfos and Poes came through the ground, including the Poe Sisters. The Poe Sisters and the other Poes combined into the Great Poe. The multiples of Stalfos combined into the Golden Stalfos.

      "I don't know if I should make you a Stalfos or a Poe....actually, you'll be SO dead you would be nothing but a memory!!" Phantom Lord mocked.

      Phantom Lord and Great Poe were charging up magic energy while Gold Stalfos was sword fighting with Link, and seemed to be winning, since he hit Link more than Link hit him. But soon Gold Stalfos fell to his hands and knees, Link about to deliver the final blow when Great Poe shrouded Link's eyes in mist and Phantom Lord shot a beam at Link, electrocuting him so much that he fell unconscious, but luckily he had a fairy in a bottle, so he was revived. He stood on his feet once again. He checked his inventory.

      "Great, only 1 fairy left..." he remarked.

      This time Link went after Great Poe, but Great Poe kept disappearing and re-appearing behind Link, hitting him with magic. But Link finally got Great Poe with a Light Arrow when Great Poe was re-appearing behind him, paralyzing Great Poe. Link rushed up to Great Poe, striking him multiple times. Suddenly Great Poe glew white, fading away.

      "One down, two to go," Link stated.

      Phantom Lord was charged up enough so he shot another beam, Link dodging, but it was so powerful he still got hurt.

      Link slowly got up to his feet, holding his left arm, his sword arm. Phantom Lord laughed.

      Gold Stalfos waisted no time. He leapt at Link, Link blocking with his shield. Link suddenly got really mad. He got so mad that his eyes went totally blood red and he started glowing gold. He slashed at Gold Stalfos, first slicing his shield in half, then slashing his sword hand off, then slashed off his head, finishing off Gold Stalfos.

      "Hmm...impressive.." Phantom Lord remarked, "but not good enough to beat ME!!!"

      Phantom Lord landed, still on his horse. He galloped around the fighting area, shooting at Link with much less powerful energy shots, but rapid in numbers. Link dodged about 1/3 of them, but all the others hit him, each lightly hurting him. The Phantom Lord unsheathed a sword, galloping directly at Link, still charging energy. He swung at Link, Link dodging and slashing Phantom Lord, but strangely, his sword went right through Phantom Lord and his horse. Phantom Lord sharply turned to face Link's back, him shooting a very powerful blast that slammed Link into the wall, Link falling unconscious to the ground. Luckily, he had that last fairy, which revived him. He stood again, getting mad. Phantom Lord galloped directly at Link once again, but this time Link dodged, pulled out his Fairy Bow and Light Arrows, aimed, and once Phantom Lord turned and fired, shot, going through and destroying the beam, and hitting Phantom Lord, making him vulnerable to an attack. Link put his Fairy Bow away, rushing Phantom Lord, and right when he was about to hit Phantom Lord with a jump slash, the master sword glew gold, and once he hit Phantom Lord, Phantom Lord evaporated, being defeated with one swipe.

      "Woah...." Link amazingly stated.

      "That was amazing Link!" Navi exclaimed, "How did you do that?!"

      "I...don't know Navi..."

      He suddenly was engulfed in a red light, being transported to the Death Mountain Crater, Ganondorf not letting Link get any more fairies so Link would have a better chance of losing. But Link was smart. He looked around, finding a Gossip Stone. He played the Song of Storms, a fairy flying out. He caught it in a bottle, then entered the Fire Temple.

      He reached the room where he fought Volvagia. Suddenly the door behind him was welded shut. All the lava holes combined into one large hole, about 3 ft separating the hole and the pit of lava. Link was automatically wearing the Goron Tunic. Link suddenly heard a monstrous roar.

      "Oh no...." he muttered, raising his shield.

      Suddenly the old Volvagia flew from the lava hole. It stared at Link, it suddenly glowing red. It grew to be almost as thick as the hole and as long as 5 football fields. It became the Fire Dragon. It flew around then re-entered the hole.

      Link was examining his surroundings when the Fire Dragon's head popped up, Link pulling out his Megaton Hammer. But when it hit Fire Dragon, it melted, him now having no way of making Fire Dragon vulnerable. He just had to defend.

      Fire Dragon flew out of the hole and breathed an immense amount of fire, Link having to try to dodge due to the fact that his shield was getting really hot.

      Then he had an idea. Those Ice Arrows would come in handy after all. He drew his Fairy Bow and his Ice Arrows, aiming, and firing, hitting Fire Dragon's scales, that part freezing. He pulled out his sword, Fairy Bow now away, striking the ice, it shattering, creating a vulnerable spot on Fire Dragon since the scales went with the ice.

      Link struck a mighty blow, Fire Dragon getting hurt and flying around crazily. Link knew that if Fire Dragon flew into the lava he would have to use more Ice Arrows, but since that was the last of his magic he couldn't do that. The Triforce of Courage took over once again, and the master sword glowing gold. He leapt as high as Fire Dragon, grabbing on. He crawled quickly to the wound, aimed, and struck, Fire Dragon shaking him off. Fire Dragon started glowing brighter than fire. In fact it was so bright Link had to cover his eyes. When the glow faded and Link opened his eyes, Fire Dragon was gone.

      Then Link was engulfed in a blue light, being transported to Lake Hylia. When Link looked around, he saw nothing but water and open land, no Lakeside Laboratory, no Fishing Pond, no nothing.

      "Great...just great.." Link stated.

      He changed into his Zora Tunic and his Iron Boots, sinking to the bottom on the lake and entering the Water Temple. He put on his Kokiri Boots, running to the room where he fought Morpha. He soon reached the room.

      "Alright TwinNova, get him!!"

      Suddenly Link started sinking into the ground. He looked below him, seeing that the ground below him was black. He then saw that the whole room was black, except for TwinNova.

      "TwinRova..." Link commented.

      "No, TwinNova little man!" one witch corrected.

      They both laughed synchronized, Link soon finding himself engulfed in black.

      Link's eyes slowly opened, going into focus to find that he was face to face with Ganondorf.

      "Hello Link..how nice to meet you close-up," Ganondorf smirked.

      Link was about to pull out the Master Sword when he realized he was chained to the wall and that all his equipment was hanging on the walls as well, but the Master Sword was on the ceiling.

      "Well Link..." Ganondorf started, "..I have the Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Wisdom. It's time for me to obtain the Triforce of Courage from you! But to obtain the Triforce of Courage is different from the others.." Link's restraints were suddenly gone, him landing on the ground:10 ft down, "...I must defeat you in a battle."

      Link stood, dusting himself off. "Well at least give me a fighting chance Ganondorf."

      "Oh, I will..." suddenly Link's equipment was back with him..except for the Master Sword, "you see, the only way you can hurt me is by using the Master Sword...but you'll have to get that yourself!"

      Ganondorf was ready far before Link, for suddenly a large beam came from under Link, paralyzing him for a few seconds, enough for Ganondorf to hit Link with one powerful blow that made Link unconscious, but of course he had that extra fairy which revived him.

      Link pulled out the Fairy Bow and the Light Arrows, but realized that he had no magic left. Suddenly Navi glew gold, giving Link full magic, then suddenly Ganondorf hit Navi with an immense amount of dark energy, rendering her in a coma, unable to help Link now.

      "NAVI!!!!!" Link screamed. He stared up at Ganondorf, getting really pissed off. Link's eyes turned to blood red, him shooting a Light Arrow, it paralyzing Ganon. He then glew gold, leaping up to the ceiling, 100 ft high, and grabbing onto the Master Sword. He started falling, hitting Ganondorf with another Light Arrow, then unsheathing the Master Sword. He plummeted in Ganondorf's direction, slashing Ganondorf so hard that Ganondorf fell to the ground faster than Link did, and when Link landed he slashed Ganondorf so fast that the sword couldn't even be seen.

      Link stood there as Ganondorf was breathing his last breaths.

      "Even though....you beat me..Link..." Ganondorf mocked, "..you...still can't...rescue...the Sages...and Zelda....because....they are...in...ETERNAL SLEEP!!...." Ganondorf's eyes closed slowly. He was dead.

      Ganondorf started glowing gold, his soul being banished to the Void. The Triforce's of Power and Wisdom escaped his body, hovering over Ganondorf, incomplete.

      Suddenly Link started glowing gold, the Triforce sign on his hand disappearing. The Triforce of Courage escaped his body. Ganondorf's body dissipated. The Triforce itself was waiting for one of pure intentions to touch it and make a wish. Link approached the Triforce, touching it, lifting it above his head, and saying his wish:

      "I wish that everything was back to the way it was before Ganondorf took over Hyrule."

      So everything was back to normal. They were all kids again. But this time they knew what happened. But 7 years later, a man wearing a red cloak that had the Sheikah symbol on it walked into Hyrule Castle, taking it over. All the guards were influenced to do his intentions.

      "Who are you who dares to take over this castle?!" Zelda asked inside the dungeon.

      "My name is Agahnim, Princess Zelda, and I intend to release my master from the Dark World:Ganondorf!!!"

The End?

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