Skull Kid's Bad Test Experience

By Sarah Edwards

It is a perfectly normal day in science class. Miss Tetra's Grade 10 class is about to have a test.

Tetra: *passes out papers* Begin!

Nayru: *thinking* Now what would I do if I mixed this with this?

Skull Kid: Oh man! I didn't study! I'm doomed! I know! I'll copy off Nayru!

Nayru: *notices Skull Kid leaning forward to look at her paper and turns around* SKULL KID! STOP COPYING MY TEST!

Tetra: *comes over* Nayru, stop that!

Nayru: *scared* I didn't do it! Skull Kid did!

Tetra: I believe you. Both of you, stay after class.


Tetra: Skull Kid, why did you copy her test?

Skull Kid: Because I didn't study.

Tetra: That's no excuse, young man! Detention all next week, and you get a 0 on this test.

Nayru: *in tears* That's what you deserve, cheating off me!

Tetra: Nayru calm down. I'm letting you stay to finish the test. I'll call your mother and tell her what happened.

Later still:

Nayru is at home, crying and thinking what Skull Kid did. Suddenly, the door unlocks. Nayru's mother is home. Nayru runs over and hugs her.

Mrs. Ages: Nayru, what happened?

Nayru: *still in tears* Skull Kid copied my test.

Mrs. Ages: What? Why would he do that?

Nayru: Because he-*phone rings*

Mrs. Ages. Hello?

5 minutes later:

Mrs. Ages: That was Miss Tetra. She told me that she gave Skull Kid detention all next week and a 0 on the test.

Nayru: Right.

Mrs. Ages: She also said that she let you stay and finish your test. She's marked it, and you got a 90 on it.

Nayru: Yes! All that studying this week paid off! Today, we were given an assignment to do over the weekend.

Mrs. Ages: Oh?

Nayru: We have to write a poem about someone we truly admire.

Mrs. Ages: Sounds interesting. I know who you can write about.

Nayru: Yeah.

Mrs. Ages. Why don't we go upstairs and I'll run you a nice hot bath.

Nayru: OK!

Nayru spends the weekend working on her poem about Tetra. She recites it to the class on Monday, and gets an A+. Skull Kid, however, writes a poem about Tetra insulting her and he gets an F. The next day, Tetra posts the recent marks on the board. Nayru looks at them. Under "Ages, Nayru," the average mark is a 95. Under "Kokiri, Skull Kid," there is a 30. On the last day of school, Nayru says goodbye to Tetra and Tetra tells her that she was her best student.

The End

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