Hyrule's Children

By Doug

Authorís Note: This is based off the Legend of Zelda cartoon all rights owned by Nintendo.

The Impressions of Prince Hezekiah and Princess Alexandra

By their proud father King Link of Hyrule



This is about my feelings of respect and pride for my two children and brief personal description of both of them. I have watched them grow up brave and wise in many aspects. Both have weaknesses but their strengths are what I am most proud of. We had hoped to have more children, but the pregenancy and delivery of Hezekiah and Alexandra was so rough on Zelda she couldnít have anymore which upset both of us greatly.


First, my son Hezekiah is very wise for his youthful age. He reminds much of me when I was his age which is sixteen. He tries so hard to be ladyís man that is sad. He does enjoy social functions I.e. dances, parties, and celebrations in honor of the Royal family which I detest. His skill with a bow reminds of his mother my wife Zelda he also has her hair color which is blond but with my eyes. His skin tone is medium like mine and he doesnít burn easily when in the sun. He manages to keep his head together when things become difficult. His skill with a sword isnít anything near as impressive as his sisterís. Perhaps heíll meet the right girl if he hasnít so far. I seem to think he really has impressed King Charlesí middle daughter Claudia, but I canít tell for sure she has that look in her that Zelda had for me so long ago. I know he will one day rule Hyrule with wisdom. He is a warm boy to be around there is one other thing which neither myself or his mother seem to have and that is when he makes a friend it would it is for life that sounds a lot like his grandfather Harkinian. Heís not very strong physically but he is agile.


Second, is my daughter Alexandra. What a fighter she is. Her hair color is dark brown like mine or like mine used to be. She has her motherís eyes which are green. Her skin tone is light like her motherís. She is very unmistakable she hates social gatherings and her manners show her as a real tomboy . She has much more courage then her brother and itís this that can be a weakness because she doesnít always think things through like she should when facing difficultly thatís a lot me when I was younger. Sometimes a little too much of a hot head when cooler heads prevailed. Her skill with a sword is better then mine now. I taught everything I could think when she was younger. She is stronger then brother as well. She stays pretty quiet most times except when upset then she is like her mother and very feisty. She is definitely a tomboy no fellow has as much as asked on a date. She seems to scare them off with her ways and attitudes. Thatís just her way and I canít seem to explain to her that that doesnít help matters.


In closing Hezekiah and Alexandra work very well as a team, though Hezekiah is more interested in girls now then adventuring. He still has a love for it just like his sister as well as his parents before him. Their futures may take them in opposite directions in this world but they are bright and would not be swayed from goodness.


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