Death, Life And Love

by Corey Montgomery

      The first battle was set into motion. Link and Ganondorf are in a big room inside the castle facing each other. Link has just done a jump attack on Ganondorf. Ganondorf returns the attack with a ball of electricity. Link falls but then gets back up. Princess Zelda is in a corner of the room watching with a barrier of fire around her. Link is just about to attack Ganondorf again, but Ganondorf is too fast. He hits Link with such force that it sends Link flying across the room. The barrier around Zelda leaves and she runs over to where Link is lying.

Zelda: Link???

Link moans.

Zelda: Link?! You're alive!

Link: I don't think I will be alive for long though.

Zelda: What? Of coarse you will live.

Link: No I won't Zelda. I have no fairies left and just look at this gash on my side.

Zelda: But you have to have hope.

Link: I do have hope, but I just know that hoping won't work. I love you.

Zelda: No Link, don't start saying you're good byes yet. Not yet.

Link: Don't you see? I'm not going to make it. I'm sorry Zelda. I love you… Good bye…

Zelda: Link? Link?? Oh, please don't die! Please don't leave me!!

As Zelda quietly sobs, Ganondorf comes up behind her.

Ganondorf: Hello, Zelda.

Zelda turns around and gasps.

Ganondorf: Oh, poor Zelda. It looks like your great hero is dead. Now who is going to protect Hyrule?

     Ganondorf walks away laughing sinisterly. As Ganondorf walks away, Zelda picks up Link, and run out to Epona. She rides Epona at break-neck speed to Kokiri Forest, Link's village. Zelda rides though the village to a little shop, hoping the whole time that they have fairies. She gets off Epona and carries Link into the shop. The shop does have fairies. Zelda buys a fairy and tells it to revive Link. It does and Link wakes up. A few minutes later, Link and Zelda are walking through the village.

Link: Zelda, thank you for saving me.

Zelda: I had to. Who else would save Hyrule?

Link: Zelda, I want to give this to you.

He holds up his Kokiri Emerald.

Zelda: Are you sure?

Link: Yes I am sure. When I got it from the Great Deku Tree, he told me that when I am older that I should give it to my one true love.

Zelda takes it and smiles.

Zelda: Thank you. Here, take my Light Medallion. My Father would want you to have it, for saving me, and trying to save Hyrule.

Link: Thank you Zelda.

Zelda: Oh, I almost forgot! The Great Deku Tree wants to see you.

Link: He does? For what?

Zelda: Well, I didn't tell him who you are yet. He knew me when he saw me. And I thought that you would want to tell him who you are.

Link: Well, we shouldn't keep him waiting. Let's take Epona too.

Link and Zelda go to the Great Deku Tree's Meadow.

Great Deku Tree: Zelda, you have brought him.

He turns his attention to Link.

Link: Well, don't you recognize me?

Great Deku Tree: You do remind me of someone…

Link: Who?

Great Deku Tree: Well, you remind me of Link. But he left seven years ago. He wouldn't return.

Link: He wouldn't? Then I guess I will leave if I wouldn't come back.

He turns around to leave.

Great Deku Tree: Wait!

Link stops and turns around with a smile on his face.

Link: Yes?

Great Deku Tree: Are you Link?

Link: Yes I am. I came back here before and rid the forest of those monsters.

Great Deku Tree: Well, then thank you for that.

Saria: Link! I knew you would come back!! Are you going to stay for good?

Link: I'm sorry Saria, but I can't. Not until I find and kill Ganondorf.

Keabora Geabora: Link, you don't have to look for Ganondorf any more. I know where he is.

Link: Where?

Keabora Geabora: He is at the castle. He said that he wants to see you and Zelda. He also said that if you don't come he would either kill everyone or make them his slaves.

Link: Has he killed anyone yet?

Keabora Geabora: Yes he has.

Link: Who?!

Keabora Geabora: Talon and Ingo. You must hurry.

Link: Come on Zelda. We have to go.

Saria: Link! Wait! I have to tell Zelda something very important.

Link: Zelda, stay and talk to Saria. But when you hear what you need to, come and meet me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Zelda: I will.

Link rides out of the village. He comes to the Rainbow Bridge in less than half an hour. A few minutes later, Zelda joins him.

Link: Now that you are here, lets go.

They enter the castle.

Link: Good the barriers are still broken.

Zelda: I hope you are not very upset about Malon. She can rebuild her life.

Link: Of coarse I'm not upset!! I'm sorry if I sounded mean. Its just all the things I have been though. I don't feel like myself.

Zelda: I know how you feel. That is how I felt when my Mother died.

Zelda slips her hand into his. Link looks up and gives her a little smile.

Zelda: Do you have your Light Arrows?

Link: Yes. And I have some instructions for you. When we get to Ganondorf, I want you to go to a safe corner of the room. I will do four jump attacks on Ganondorf. (I think that he will be weaker from the last battle.) The fifth time that he falls, quickly send him to the Evil Realm.

Zelda: I will.

     They continue to walk through the castle. Soon they come to the Stain Glass Stairway. In a few minutes, they are to the top of the stairs. They go through the door to the familiar, and dreaded, room. The second fight starts. Zelda finds a safe place to watch. Ganondorf is much weaker. In a matter of minutes, he has fallen the fifth time.

Link: Zelda! NOW!

Zelda hears that and sends Ganondorf to the Evil Realm.

Zelda: Link. You did it!

Link: No Zelda. We did it. Zelda, what's wrong?

Zelda: It's what Saria told me.

Link: What did she tell you?

Zelda: She said… She said that when you kill Ganondorf and when peace returns to Hyrule…

Link: What?

Zelda: …You would have to give me the Ocarina of Time, lay down the Master Sword, and close the Door of Time.

Link: But, why?

Zelda: So you can go back and regain the time you lost.

Link: Go back to being young? I don't want to go back. I would be so afraid of losing you.

Zelda: But you have to go back.

Link: No I don't. The Great Deku Tree gave me a simple solution if this ever happened.

Zelda: What is the solution?

Link takes a deep breath.

Link: Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, will you take my hand in marriage?

Zelda: Oh, Link. Yes! Yes with all of my heart!!

Link: When peace returns to Hyrule, we will wed.

     Peace returns to Hyrule in two months time. In that time Zelda's father, the King, dies and Malon is rebuilding her life. But some where in another realm, a joyous celebration is going on. A wedding. The wedding between Link and Zelda. All of the six Sages are there. And everyone across the land of Hyrule, sees the wedding in their dreams. And when they wake up, they see that it wasn't a dream, it was real. Link is their new King, and Zelda is their new Queen.

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