The Tale of the Shadowed Realm

By Saruman of All Colors

Now you all know that Ganondorf went into the Sacred Realm. You also know what happened when he touched the Triforce later on...(A Link to the Past)...The Sacred Realm became the Dark World... and we all know that Time flows like a river... and history repeats...

But, though Link and the Sages saved Hyrule, did they save the Sacred Realm? I think not. And remember the end? Sheik, Zelda and Link were nowhere to be found. Here is what was happening during the party atop Death Mountain...

Link and Zelda went to the Water Temple, where the enemies had disappeared from. There, they found a hidden, secret room which hadnever been entered. There, they read the writing on the wall, and it said this: "In order to find them...Those fighters and friends... Enter the room of illusion...With the eye you will not use again..."

Navi, Link's fairy, thought this over and said "Link!! The room of illusion!! The place where you fought your shadow! Go there with theeye of truth!!" And so Link did. He got to the room, and the eye of truth showed it asthe mystic swamp he had once seen, with a tree in the center. Theywalked by the tree, Link in the lead, and then, Dark Link jumped out of the tree,his sword aimed for Link's back. But in a puff of white smoke appeared avery familiar man... Sheik... and he blocked Dark Link's sword with twosmalldaggers.

And Dark Link stopped fighting, and sat with his back to the tree."17 long years, my entire life, I have spent in this horrid room... Let mego free and I am sure I could be helpful-I am a master swordsman, and myarchery isn't bad. I also have a set of magic arrows, the Shadow Arrows... anythingit hits will become a shadow on a wall for around two hours... the arrows arealso supposed to be able to defeat a so called monster of light... But I'venever met it, and maybe you will need me..."

And then Sheik announced "Ahh, good to see you again, Zelda. Thoughyou didn't know it when you were pretending to be me, I am Impa's son. Iwas the protector of the Hero of Time. I posed as a Kokiri when I was younger,so I am not angry with you for what you did. But, as a Sheikah, I can lead usall into the sacred realm." and with that, in a whisp of white smoke, they werein the empty Chamber of Sages.

They left, and were in a world of evil, ten times worse thananything Link had ever seen. The streets were constantly romed by the undead,and odd mishapen monsters, cyclops, and even more terrible monsters. Sheikannounced "The Dark version of Hyrule Castle, that is where we must go to savethe Sacred Realm. Come, follow me-if I am correct, the Chamber of Sages iswhere the Pedistal of Time stands in the Light world. So Hyrule Castleshouldn't be far..." They walked down some stares, and Dark Link cut the throat of a Cyclops,and Sheik killed a Re-Dead. They didn't have to look for the castle, they sawit: A giant golden pyramid.

They went up the pyramid, which took longer than expected. By thetime they got there, it was around 4 hours after the start. They found thatthere was nothing to do there... Dark Link said "Sheik, come with me to Link's house... If myassumptions are correct, we will find something there which we need..." So Sheikthrough down what looked to be a magic Deku Nut, and they disappeared, reappearingat Link's house... sort of. The tree was gone, and instead stood a BombShop.

They entered and bought a Giant Bomb for 999 rupees, and together thisleft them with only one. Shiek teleported them back to the pyramid top, as Sheikahs do.

So then he said "Stand back..." As he lit the bomb with a match.The explosion was loud. It put a hole in the top, a big one. Zelda cast aspell on them and they floated down to the inside. And there was the LightBeast. It looked much like an Iron Knuckle, but it's armor was made of gold. And,on it's back was a Triforce symbol, but it wasn't gold, it was black.

It said "WELCOME!!!!! NOW GET OVER HERE!!!!!" Foolishly, Navi flewover and the Light Beast knocked her away with a finger. Navi flewlifelessly to the ground. In terror, Link looked down at her, and the Light Beastfroze him in a translucent golden capsule. Zelda attempted a spell on him, but itwas a light spell and was deflected. She too was put into a capsule.

Now Link nor Zelda could do nothing but cast spells, but they hadno offense. Sheik teleported behind then Light Beast, as Dark Link shot itwith a Shadow Arrow. The beast froze and suddenly turned black, and theTriforce symbol turned gold. Sheik slashed the symbol as many times as he could,but the beast turned back to normal, picked up Sheik, and through himeffortlessly out of the pyramid.

Now Link cast Nayru's Love on Dark Link. Dark Link shot the LightBeast again, and when he hit the Triforce symbol, he found that his ShadowBlade was much more effective than Sheik's daggers. After repeating the processseveral times, the Light Beast's armor fell off to reveal a beutiful Hylianwith flowing blonde hair. She looked up at Link, took off the spell, said"Son... I am sorry..." and she slowly died... Shiek came back in.

He said "Hey, look!! A door opened!!" They went througn it and saw Ganondorf, and he could do nothing, for he was tied down with magical chains.But there was the Triforce. Three golden triangles. Link touchedit, but wasn't excepted... each Triforce broke in two-Courage went to each"Link", Wisdom to Zelda and Sheik, and Power to Dark Link and someone else whois not yet known. Link said "Should we find her...?"

"Or him...." said Zelda.

"No... he or she will find us..." said Dark Link.

The End


After going to the bottom floor of the pyramid, they found a magicfairy who gave Link a golden tunic which protected him from harm, and a ShadowTunic which made him look like Dark Link so he could not be seen in darkness.

The other person who recieved the Triforce of Power was the next Gerudo male, born 60 years later. Luckely he had a just heart and Hyrule was peaceful for the next hundred years...


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