By Alexandra Spears

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Author's Note:  This is in Link's POV--provided I actually CAN think like a guy (I've been known for a slight talent of getting into characters' heads)!  This is one of my just-thought-of-it-hurried-up-and-wrote-it fics--trying to cram something in before that stupid morning sickness kicks in again!  :)

I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Something really, really wrong. Even when I was a child living in the Kokiri Forest I took it for granted somehow that boys were meant for girls and vice-versa.

Goddesses help me, I am finding Sheik-a boy-attractive! Or am I?

I'm losing my mind.

Farore knows, I have enough girls with their eye on me. Princess Ruto, for one. However, I'm justified in writing that possibility off because she's a Zora for cryin' out loud! She's nice and everything, if a bit stubborn, but sometimes the way that girl acts, I'm about to start referring to her as "that psychotic fish-girl" behind her back!

Saria's out for obvious reasons. She's a Kokiri and by definition Kokiri don't grow up. I've never been romantically attracted to her even as a child. She's just been my best friend through everything, especially through the times when Mido teased and tormented me. Thinking hard on this, I realize we do have love between us-but the love of best friends, maybe of brother and sister. Not romantic.

During one of my rather confusing trips back into childhood, I read a gossip stone that said Malon wishes for a knight to sweep her off her feet or something like that. I actually said out loud to that stone, "Well, don't look at me!" Yeah, okay, Malon's a sweet girl and everything, but it's not good for a guy's ego to be called "Fairy Boy" constantly! Especially since I'm wondering about myself! She's really not my type and I cannot see myself marrying her and living on that ranch. Nuh-uh. She's a good friend but that's about it.

I think of Zelda. The last time I saw her she and I were ten years old. Now that's a girl I could fall in love with, if she doesn't mind some kid from the forest whose parents have long been dead. The first time we met, when we were children, she just about had the word "Destiny" written on her forehead. I mean, we clicked somehow.

But where is she? Is she safe?

That's another weird thing. Whenever I see Sheik, I forget that Zelda could be in danger-or even dead. And there's something about Sheik-he seems almost feminine somehow, something in the eyes and in that gold-spun hair.

He seems so evasive whenever I mention Zelda. And it's funny, but Impa didn't seem to be overly worried and she's Zelda's nursemaid, and from what I can tell, Impa has been like a mother to Zelda.

This is driving me mad. What if I'm in love with a boy? The hell of it is, he really seems to care for me too! When that fire broke out in Kakariko, Sheik was there beside me, in the rain, until I woke up. And when Sheik was thrown back by whatever it was that came out of the well, I was a bit frantic!

What's really confusing is I have this feeling that I know him from somewhere, but my mind can't or won't put the pieces together. There is just something about him, something I can't put my finger on. He seems somewhat familiar. But up until the start of my adventures-the Quest for the Spiritual Stones and finding the Sages' Medallions-the only people I knew were the Kokiri.

To add to the confusion, my mind screams at me that I am NOT in love with a boy, that there is just no way! In the marketplace I don't find myself looking at guys, and I discreetly admire girls. Discreetly.

Navi is no help either. She knows about as much as I do about Sheik, which is virtually nil.

"Come on, let's do what Rauru said and go to the Temple of Time!" Navi whines, yanking on my long bangs.

"OW! Quit it or I swear I will feed you to a Poe!" I protest. "I'm trying to rest for a moment, okay?" I'm sitting on that little look-out point near Kakariko Village. Doesn't she get it? I just fought my way through five temples, an ice cavern, and the bottom of a well. Even Heroes of Time get tired too!

After a few moments I sigh and stand up. My horse, Epona, is standing there patiently. She holds still while I get up onto her back. I remember when she was just a filly, she was so cute. She still is. I pat her on her mane and say, "Come on, Epona, let's go to Hyrule Castle. Or what's left of it...."

Sheik is there when I walk into the Temple of Time. I try to hide my discomfort. He gazes at me and tell me I'm not seeing a glint of amusement in his eye! Then his turns serious.

He explains about the Triforce-how Ganondorf only got the Triforce of Power. I got the Triforce of Courage. He holds up his right hand and a triangle on the back glows, and just as I realize he's the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom-

-I don't believe it. My blue eyes widen. Zelda is standing there! It was Zelda all along! Pieces of the puzzle fly together in my mind.

I realize it now. I have always been in love with Zelda. When I first looked at her seven years ago, I realized that she was my destiny. Her true self had shined through her male Sheikah disguise. It was not a boy I was in love with at all. It seems that no disguise in the world can hide her from me, not really. No disguise can break the special bond we share.

She apologizes for meeting me in disguise and explains that Ganondorf has been after her. I readily forgive her. I am so relieved-Zelda is safe and I'm not going mad!

She looks at me lovingly as she presents me with the Light Arrows, which will help me defeat Ganondorf. I would walk through fire for her (I already have numerous times) and more.

Suddenly she's encased in this pink gem. Ganondorf! He's found her! I pound on the gem in vain. She looks so frightened! I try to comfort her, but then the gem rises into the air, and Ganondorf's voice booms through the Temple: "If you want to rescue Zelda, come to my castle!"

You'd better believe I'll go there. I'll do anything for her.

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