Hero's Final Battle

By Doug

          Link drops to his knees then falls backwards. His wounds are mortal and soon he will be dead he knows. He thinks to himself as he lays in the floor of Ganon’s throne room that now Hyrule is safe. Link sacrificed himself for Hyrule. The Princess fired the fatal silver arrow killing Ganon once and for all. Link had struck Ganon three times with his sword doing the damage to set Zelda up for the final shot. Just as Link hit Ganon the last time a burst of energy threw him across the room.

            In the minutes following Ganon’s death Zelda runs over to Link cradling his head in her lap and crying uncontrollably. “Oh Link,” she keeps saying as she cries. Link has been cut by the many blades of stalfos and moblins. Then the magic spells hurt him pretty badly. Ganon’s last magic spell has done him in. Link says as he looks up at his princess “I.I have used all my potions and spells that would spare me from this. I know you have used all you have there is nothing that can…can be done.” A slight trickle of blood runs from his mouth down his cheek. Zelda still crying says “Maybe…maybe I can save you.” Her tears hit him on his face mixing with his sweat and blood. “Please princess, reunite the Triforce as one. My death will free the triforce of Courage,” Link says laboring in his speech. “NO…no I won’t hear you talk that way you must live,” she says in return. “Well, excusssee me princess I fear I don’t a choice in this matter,” he says jokingly as begins to cough. It is near the end for him he is taking deeper breathes as if each would be his last. Zelda laughs a little at him but then begins to cry again saying “I don’t want to lose you I really do lo…love you.” “Don’t cry for me princess. I did what I had to do to protect the kingdom and you if I had die for that then it was my choice,” Link says.

            Just as all hope appears to be lost Spryte appears. Spryte flies right over to him. Spryte arrived just in time not a minute to lose and begins casting healing spells on Link. Spryte says “I don’t know if I can save him. He is pretty torn up I fear, but I will do what I can.” This puts Zelda at ease she is still broken up and fearful she might lose him. As Spryte casts her last spell she is exhausted and says “I have done all I can for him, we have to get him back to North Castle now if he is survive.” Link is still on the floor his breathing is back to normal and his bleeding is under control. Zelda still kneeling right beside Link says “Link, you have get on your feet so I can get you out of here.”

            Now will they make it or not. My money is on their future together.

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