Link's Death

By 'Dezro' Dave Smith

      It was thirty years after he pulled the Master Sword out of the pedistal at the Temple of Time. Twenty-three after he defeated Ganon. Nineteen after he married Zelda. Thirteen after the birth of his twin children, Gregor and Jacob. Ten after the death of his father-in-law. Five after he grew ill of an unknown desease. Two after he declared peace between all races in Hyrule. And one week after he was poisoned by an unknown creature.

      A group of thousands of people were in attendance. The commoners were there, the guredos were there, the zoras and gorons were there. The event was held in front of the Deku Tree Sprout, so the kokri could attend. Even the sages left the Sacred Realm to mourn the Hero of Time.

      Navi was the first to give a eulagy. "I knew Link so well. He was a great person, very nice to everyone. He was a little lazy, though. I remember going to the fishing pond with him. He wanted some time off from being the Hero of Time, so he took a break there. He was there for days on end! He even caught the once-endangered loach! Thanks to his idea, and help from the late Lakeside Lab. Professer, it is now a plentiful species. He helped everyone so much, so I have created a memorial for him. I have taken a seed from the Deku Tree and placed it in his grave. The tree is enchanted so that it will grow to the shape of Link. I hope everyone will remember him because of it."

      Next was Saria. She was weeping as she said hers. "Link was my best friend. I wanted to stay in this world to be with him. But, I had to become the forest sage. I will always remember him. Not just as the Hero of Time, but as my childhood friend. I will remember the days when we played in the Kokri Forest, we had so much fun together. Then the Great Deku Tree called him. Soon he had to leave the forest. I what was so sad when he left. I thought he would die once he left. But he returned. I was so happy to find that he was still alive. He played my song often, but at one point I never heard from him for seven long years. Then he rescued me from the forest temple. I was so glad to see him alive! I soon awakened as a sage. I was so sad that I had to go to the sacred realm and leave Link." Saria than began crying again and took her seat.

      Ruto came next. "I truly loved Link. He was even my fiance for a while. But then I had to become a sage. When I became a sage, I knew that we were not to be. I knew that Zelda was the one for Link. And that was to be. They even had two wonderful children. Gregor and Jacob are fine children, and I hope they grow up to be like their father." Ruto couldn't say anything more, as she had burst into tears thinking of the Hero of Time dead.

      As Ruto came back to her seat, Zelda gave her a menacing look. Ruto mouthed the words, "It was nothing."

      The next person to give a eulagy was a business scrub. "Link has done a lot for us scrubs. He supported are businesses, even while we were overcharging for our goods. He soon told us of a wholesale provider, so we could compete with the bazaar. He has helped everyone in Hyrule so much. We are just a small sample of those he helped."

      Zelda was the final person to give a eulagy. Oddly, she didn't cry, because of her tough exterior. But you could tell she was crying on the inside. "I truly loved him. He often told of his various adventures. He helped many, and wanted so little. He would want us to remember him for the great things he did. And we shall." Zelda couldn't hold it in anymore and burst into tears. She soon sat back down, unable to control herself.


      Unknown to all, Link, Dampe, the king, the Lab Professer, and the Great Deku Tree were watching from above. After the services, the three golden goddesses, Din, Fayore, and Nayru came and embraced him, preparing him for his next adventure in another incarnation.

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