A Forest Evil

By Jenna

Saria walking around the forest decided to talk to the Great Deku Tree. She walked along the stones trying not to get wet. When she came across Fido, one of her close friends.

"Hi Saria, where are you going?"

"Oh, just going to see the Great Deku Treeee's Sprout."

"Neat, I like the Deku Tree's Sprout its funny. But it never really tells stories like the Great Deku Tree. Well, I be seeing you."

"Yeah, bye." Fido walked off, "WOAH, that was a close one." Saria went to the meadow where the Deku Tree's Sprout was, she just went around to the other side and sat down. "Great Deku Tree are you there?" She said in her mind.

"Yes, Saria ye is always here. Just need to listen." Just then Saria notice something moving by the trees circling around the Great Deku Tree's Dead body. She didn't mind and went back to talking with the Deku Tree.

"Do I have magic powers like the Hylians?"

"No Kokiri has powers."

"Oh," as Saria's head went down.

"But thou does have it from being a sage."


"Yes, thou can make plants grow and other mysterious things. Even thee doesn't know all the powers you have."

"Hehehe! I'm just as helpful to Link and Zelda."

"More than you know." Muttered a voice in the sky.

"Did you say something Deku Tree?"


"Oh, I thought I heard something but oh well."

"I better leave, if want to know how to use your powers, thou has to learn by thyself."

"You're right. Good bye Great Deku Tree." Saria jumped up and went to a flower that was just planted. She looked straight at it, trying to us her powers to make it grow. She stared and stared and stared even harder, but it wouldn't work. She was disappointed, so she got her Fairy Ocarina out and started to play her song. Then a bigger noise came out of the woods again. She looked up and the noise stopped. Getting nerves she got up, looking around. Then she felt something behind her. Getting closer ... and closer.....and closer ... she turned around and.......... Nothing. Just nothing she turned around and SMACK! Saria went down feeling shocked, alarmed, and hurt. The only thing she could see was her ocarina right in front of her. She started to move, something was dragging her. She screamed, "HELP! HELP! GREAT DEKU TREE, ANYONE, HELP, GET LINK. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!" No one could here her something was blocking her. Finally, she dragged herself as far as she could trying to get her ocarina she touched it, then she disappeared. The forest quiet, and still. Ocarina started to move, shaking back and forth then... BAM! A shoot of green light went out going straight up into the air and staying there.

About 2 minutes before the green light shooting out, Link and Zelda were in the Royal Garden. Link reach over to a purple and white rose and plucked it. "Why Zelda, you are more beautiful than this rose or any flower. Nothing can match your beauty."

"Oh Link, who could match your way with words." Link reached over to Zelda, and Zelda did the same. Their lips ready to touch, but then the green light shot out. "What! What's that!"

"It looks like its coming from the forest.... SARIA!" Link called for Epona, he got up. "Zelda, I have to go to see what's the matter."

"I'll be right behind you." Zelda ran back to the stables, while Link rode to the forest. But it wasn't long till Zelda was catching up with Link with her horse, Skylight. Link was by the entrance when the green light disappeared. Link not caring he went in the Kokiri Forest, he ran straight to the Duke Tree's Meadow. He looked around, "Saria, Saria, Saria." Nothing, he looked around the whole tree. Till he stepped on something, it was Saria's Ocarina. He picked it up, and pressed it into his chest.

"This must be Ganon's work. I must save Saria. I won't rest till I find her."

"Link, we don't know were Ganon even took her." Link, not wanting to admit that she was right. But she was, just then a feeling came over Link to turn the ocarina over. There a symbol was on the back, it was a leaf and a marking of a pendant. The pendant, a leaf, Saria. The sage! Saria is the forest sage and there must be a dark forest temple with a piece of the Evil rock or stone.

"Zelda, we need to find the map for where the Evil pieces are."

"Why, did you find something?"

"Yes, come on, back to the castle I tell you what we're going to do!" Zelda and Link rode back to the castle as fast they could, got off and went to get the map out of the secret place. "Here it is. It seems to me that the Evil Forest Temple is right by the Forest Temple. Hmmmm, oh I got it! It's under the log Saria sits on. Come on lets go!"

"Link we better get some supplies first."

"Yes, your right lets go get some."

"You go I have to get something."

"All right, lets meet at the log where the Evil Forest Temple is."

"OK." Link ran off, Zelda waiting till she couldn't see him went down the hall into her own room. Went by a wall with a statue of her father and pushed the head down which open a secret room. She went inside it and there a solid gold bow was hanging by a plaque. Zelda walked forward to the bow, then took it. "I call upon the Magic arrow of Hyrule which is passed down from the Royal Family of Hyrule. Hyrule, the most powerful arrow in a Hyrule, I Princess Zelda need it to defend Hyrule from all evil." Suddenly a beautiful light of gold came around Zelda and a rainbow colored arrow came down. Since Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule she most of taught her power to get the Hyrule arrow.Then she went off to the forest.

Link, observing the log turn around to see Zelda with her bow. " Wow! Nice bow new?" Said Link turning back around.

"No, it's a bow passed down from Hyrule Queen's and Princess since the beginning of time."

"Nice, I've been looking for an entrance, I think I found it." Link seeing the same mark as he did on Saria's Ocarina but the log had a marking inside it in shape as an ocarina. Link put Saria's Ocarina inside it. A flash of a dark forest green light came out and then a strong wind came. Pulling Zelda and Link inside the log, "ZELDA!"

"LINK!" Falling in a black hole, Zelda and Link finally stop at the bottom. Gently coming down till they hit the ground. Amazingly the Evil Forest Temple was light and cheery. "This is weird, wouldn't you think that this would be dark and gloomly."

"I know, its feels like a trick."

"Lets look around." Zelda and Link checked closely for footprints or any kind of markings to help them find Saria. Zelda, looking around rocks and bushes, saw a small door that looked like the Kokiri Stone. Just then a Staflo grabbed Zelda and she screamed, "Ahhhhhhh!! Link, help me!" Link turned around seeing the struggle between the Staflo and Zelda. He rushed over and thrusted the Staflo, which let go of Zelda so she could get away. Then Link finished him off with Din's Fire. The melting bones withered away into the soil leaving a black mark." Thank you Link, I was looking at this misteriest sign that looks like the Kokiri Stone." Zelda pointed to the hole.

"Yeah it looks like a tunnel. I go in first and you follow right behind." Zelda nodded and Link went in, carefully being aware for anything that might pop out. They got to the end and went out, standing in a beautiful forest. "Wow! This looks like Kokiri Forest when I was little."

"Such beauty! The flowers smell and look wonderful. They seem so peaceful like a gentle wind, and look as soft a velvet." She reach over to touch the breath taking flower. Then like a snake it bit her,"OUCH!" She fell to her knees grabbing her hand in pain. Link ran over to see what happen. He turned her hand over to see an in astonishment that her hand was a bright green.

"What happened?"

"I was about to touch the flower and like a rack of a wip. Now my hand feels like millions of daggers stabbing at my hand non stop."

"Here try to put some magic on it." Link poured magic onto Zelda's hand, but nothing.

"Never mind this lets find Saria." Zelda put a piece of cloth around the hand and they started walking. They went a crossed a bridge, then a voice came out of nowhere.

"LINK! ZELDA! It's me Saria."

"Saria where are you?!" Link yelled into the air.

"In a kind an of hole place. I can only see a platform and vines ... huh? AH! LI...! Zel...! He..lp!"

"Saria? Saria?! Can you hear me? Come on Zelda we have to hurry."

"She said something about vines and platform that lead to a hole. Maybe it's that way." Zelda pointed to a hallway with a bunch of vines. They ran to the hallway and as they went deeper into the hallway the darker it got.

"We need to light. Navi we need you to guide us." Just then Navi came fluttering out of Link's bag.

"Wow its dark! I will make as much light as possible." Navi lead them forward till ... something grabbed Link.

"Ah what's this." It was the vines grabbing Link, choking the life out of him.

"Link, here let me help you." She ran forward untying the vines, till Link could get his arm free so he could get the master sword and cut the vines that were trying to attack him.

"Stay by me Zelda." They ran as fast they could as Link slashing the vines coming close to them. Suddenly they both dropped into a hole. Hitting the ground hard.

"Ow! My hand!"

"Zelda! Link! Up here!" It was Saria in a cage. "Watch yourself, there is a..."

"RRRROOOAAR!" Flying through the air a terrible looking flower shape monster came down. Link grabbed his sword which fell out of his hands when he fell. He pointed it toward the monster.

"Watch out Link, its name is Rosata, its the Evil Protector of the Evil Forest Piece," Saria yelled to Link. Link ran up to it slashing its peddles but only releasing a poison. Trying not to breath it in Link ran back to Zelda. Zelda remembering what happened to her when she touch the peddles of the flower thought that it can't be hurt by the peddles but by a source. She had it! It has to be hit at the stem. She pulled out her bow and the magic Hyrule arrow and shot it right in the middle of the stem.

"Link, use the master sword and get one good swing in the middle of the stem to kill it."

"Yeah! HIYA!" Link drove his sword into the stem. As the Rosata died leaving a dark green light with a rock in it. Link went up to pick it up, as Zelda got Saria down. Link turned around to say something but... a black light came out. It was Ganon spirit.

"Ahh, thank you for doing my work for me Link. But now I want the stone."

"I don't think so Ganon."

"Oh no? Well, will just see about that. Come above and order me monsters." Ganon through a huge fire ball at them, Link dove one way and Zelda and Saria into a corner. They were trapped, "Come Redead and get them." Redead came up from the ground head for Zelda, Saria, and Link.

"AHHHH!" screamed Saria and Zelda, Saria pushing Zelda back stand in front of the fire and putting her hand out thought hard to herself calling to the forest to help her. Then a magic sparkling vine came out and tied around the Redead and straggling them. Suddenly a burst of fire came out throwing Saria back hitting her head hard on the wall knocking her out. Zelda picked her up and put her in the corner then taking out her bow and started shooting magical arrows at them. While Link used the master and goron sword to kill the Redead, and also using his powers too. But they were getting weak. "Link I can't go much longer, I'm wearing out."

"Zelda hold on!" Link tired himself ran toward Saria and Zelda but only a huge fire ball blocking him to do for more fighting. Link then got hit hitting to the floor knocking both swords out his hands leaving him almost defenseless. Just then a cloud of white heavy fog filled the air but with only seeing the flames of the fire to see. Then an amazing rainbow color ball came into view, but dimming away. The only thing you could hear and see were a shadow and rainbow colored magic in the air. And the sound of the fight as Link and Zelda listened.

"HIYA! HIYA! YA!" You could hear something smacking against the floor. And the beautiful magic fly around. Then a huge magic came around the whole floor clearing the fire. Then a flash, and it was soundless. A couple seconds and the fog disappeared, and the only thing you could see was Redead on the floor not moving an inch and some sinking away to the ground. Saria coming around was shocked as Ganon, Link, and Zelda.

"What...What happened?! Well, I'll tell what I'm getting out of here! Before something happens to me!" Ganon said shaking then in a black light he was gone. Link ran over to Saria and Zelda.

"Are you both all right?"

"My hand its still hurts," Said Zelda holding her hand still.

"Here, let me see." Saria took Zelda's Hand and a green light came and magically Zelda hand was healed.

"Oh thank you Saria!" Zelda went and gave her a hug.

"I wonder what happen to the Redead?"Link scratching his head.

"I don't know but what ever it was, it was a great deal of help. Now let go and put this in the chest." Zelda took the piece from Link and they all started to walk to the Castle.

The End.

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