The Vision

by The Wanderer


"I want to know about the Lost Years of Time."

A woman came barging into the watching zone.

Araimas paced around the watching zone. "The Lost Years of Time. Hmmmm."

Araimas touched the orb, "Ah yes. The Lost Years of Time. The story is very fascinating. I believe your relative knew Link?"

"He did," the woman replied.

"And you did too," Araimas muttered.

"Not then and not that Link."

He smirked, "There is a legend that says a young Kokori with no fairy was destined to save Hyrule, and his descendents were to save all of Demiari. But back to the Lost Years. The actual Lost Years began right as Link pulled the sword of time from its pedestal."

The woman raised her eyebrow, "I thought they began when Link first got his fairy?"

"No, they began when he pulled the sword. Young Link had another adventure right after that."

"Who did Link marry?" she said, changing the subject. She didn't want to argue with Araimas.

"He maried that farm girl, Malon. A pretty girl. Beautiful voice. Sad though. Only he remembered what happened," he turned to the woman, "and me."

"What about Navi, Link's fairy?"

"I restored a bit of her memory, but not all of it."

Araimas touched the orb some more, "Ah. Here it is."

It was raining outside the giant building. Link stood there, with...a FAIRY?!? He looked at the huge castle. Is this, he thought, Hyrule castle? He shook his head. Can't be. It's too small.

~What is this Araimas?~

~This is one of Link's dreams.~

~Why is it so important?~

~Just watch.~

Suddenly, the gate went down. A white horse came galloping out. There was a old woman carrying a pretty, young girl with her.

~This is Link's first glimpse ever of Princess Zelda. He'll also be seeing the evil prince of greed for the first time too.~

~Why is it so impo...~


She had a look of helplessness on her face. Then, another horse, this time black, came out of the castle. An evil looking man was riding and cackling.

He approched...


Araimas turned off the vision.

"What was that about, Araimas?" the woman asked.

"You probably won't understand. That was a vision. A VERY important vision. LINK's vision. Rauru didn't know him then, but he still knew who Link was. And how he would affect the time stream," he answered.

"Thanks Araimas," she said. She walked up to him and lightly kissed his cheek. "Good night. Tell me more tommorow." Then she walked away.

He sat back down in his chair and smiled.

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