Queen of the Fairies

By Michelle Vanderhoff

Once upon a time, in a land called Hyrule, there lived many people, and many beautiful creatures.

One of these beautiful creatures were called fairies. They had the wings of an insect, but they were very pretty to look at. They had the looks of little elf/humans, and were very small creatures, about the size of your thumb, perhaps a little bigger, but not by much.

Ever since the beginning of time, there were these creatures, all across the land. But, one in particular, was born with silver wings, and a heart of gold. Her name was Venus, and loved to sing. She loved to heal the wounded, and to cure the sick. She was also born with these magical powers... and so starts the story, of the Queen of Fairies.

It was a beautiful sunny morning. Everything was calm, with the exception of a warm summer breeze. A little fairy was sleeping amongst the flowers... until she woke to the sound of someone (or something) coming towards her. Venus quickly got up, and spreaded her silver wings. They shown brightly with the sun shining down upon her.

She tilted her head to hear what was coming. To her amazement, she heard fluttering noises.

"I think... it's something... flying...", she said to herself, "I think I'll go see what it is...".

With a slight giggle, she flew onto a branch of a distant oak tree. She stood there for a moment, looking around, then she sat. She looked down the tree to find a small white bird, with a small arrow stuck in its wing. The bird started to cry out in pain...

"Oh! Someone please help me.... a boy shot an arrow into my wing... please help!" it squaked.

Venus gasped, and flew down, right next to the injured bird.

"Shh," she whispered, "I have heard your plea... I will help you...". The bird was startled.

"Ack! Who said that?" he chirped.

Venus smiled, and flew right in front of the bird, where he could see her.

"It is I, Venus... I help for those who need it..." Immediately after she spoke, the bird smiled a bit, and said, "My, what a pretty young fairy...". He blushed a deep red, like the color of his wound.

Venus covered her mouth, and giggled. She winked and said, "Why, thank you... but, I will help you, if you keep still..."

The bird did what he was told. Venus flew up above him, and she closed her eyes. She started to chant. While chanting, white sparkles started to form in front of her... in awe, the bird just stared at them. The sparkles descended upon the arrow, and the arrow faded. The wound sealed up, and was no more.

The bird raised its wings. Venus opened her eyes. To her amazement, he was all cured! She clapped her tiny hands together with happiness. The bird flew up beside her, and chirped,

"Thank you, my dear... I think you should meet my new master... his name is Link. He calls me by a flute. Ever since I was shot by that arrow, I was kind of scared to go near another human being... and, well.. when I was hurt, I couldn't go far... I couldn't even fly..."

Venus suddenly heard the sound of a musical instrument... a flute. It sounded very weak, and the melody seemed very downhearted, as if someone were sad or hurt in some way. The bird flapped his wings more anxiously. He chirped, "That is my master, now. He is probably worried sick. I'll bring him to you." With that, the bird flew to the sound of the beautiful melody.

Just a few moments later, a handsome tall elf man was about fifty feet away from Venus. He wore a green tunic, and had shoulder length brown hair, with a matching green hat upon his head. He carried many things, including a huge green shield, a blue oval-like flute, and a long sword. He had a small smile on his face, but a tired one just the same. Being somewhat shy to handsome men, Venus hid behind a distant tree.

She heard the man say in a tender voice to his bird, "Birdie, I've been looking all over for you... I'm glad you have come back to me... I've been traveling all over Hyrule to find you!"

Venus giggled, and flew back out where he could see her. Now twenty feet away from her, she brushed off her small white dress, and brushed her fingers through her shoulder-length, wavy-brown hair.

She heard Birdie say to Link, "I couldn't reach you, even if I heard the flute, Link... I was wounded... but this beautiful fairy named Venus helped me a lot!"

Now five feet from Venus, Birdie and Link saw her, fluttering there in the distance. She smiled, and nodded. Link grinned, and slowly walked towards Venus. Being very tired, he sat in front of a tree, beside her. Still grinning, he looked at her and said tiredly, "What a vision of loveliness... kind of like Zelda...". Birdie flew and sat on his shoulder.

Venus chuckled a bit, then she flew right in front of his face and said kindly, "Hello, Link! My name is Venus... it is a pleasure to meet someone of your caliber..."

Surprised, Link gave somewhat of a stern face and asked, "How... how did you know my name?"

Venus gave a little smirk to Birdie and said, "Why, a little bird told me."

Link looked at Birdie and just smiled. Venus noticed that Link looked very tired. She looked back at Link and said, "You sir, look exhausted. I will fix that. If you'd like."

Link looked up her again and said, "More than anything. Thank you so much! You fairies are the kindest creatures in all of Hyrule!"

With that, she flew up in front of Link, she chanted, and white sparkles and hearts started to fly around him... he looked at the hearts and sparkles, and closed his eyes, smiling. He quickly opened his eyes again, to find that he was no longer tired and worn... now rested... and ready to go. Link stood up, and Venus gave him a small kiss on the nose. Link chuckled, and thanked her. All of a sudden, a white flash appeared in front of where Link was standing. Link covered his face with one hand, blinded by the light. Venus just stared into it, finding that it was outlining some sort of shape. The light faded, but the outline shown that a beautiful human-sized fairy with a midnight-green dress, stood there smiling at Venus. She had beautiful ocean-like gray hair, with a small silver crown on her head. She was aged, but did not look it at all. Venus smiled, because she knew of whom it was...

"Mother!", Venus shouted with excitement.

The other fairy smiled and said, "Daughter... I have saw the acts of kindness that you have done, today... with a responsibility of being the queen of fairies, you know, and I know, that we must help the ones who need it... being either creature, or Elf. And now that I've seen that you had no fear of helping them, I've decided to let you be the Queen of Fairies now. The time has come. I am getting very old, and now I see that you can fill this responsibility."

Venus flew right in front of her mother, smiling greatly. She looked at her mother, and said, "That means, I can become any size that I would like to be? I don't like being so small."

Her mother sighed with a smile and said gently, "Yes... but you must not abuse the privilege..." Her mother paused for a bit. Then she said, "We will have the ceremony here at mid-night, tonight." She then looked at Link and said, "You may come to the ceremony... bring anyone you like, young man..." She looked at Birdie and said, "You too, friend."

Link smiled and bowed, saying, "It will be an honor, as well as a pleasure my liege...". With that, Link said goodbye to Venus and her mother, waving as he walked off in the distance.

At midnight, all the animals of the forest where there... all the other fairies... as well as Link and Zelda. Link and Zelda stood there watching, holding hands. They all surrounded a tree stump, which was the very center of the forest. All of them saw Venus and her mother, slowly fluttering towards the tree stump. They all parted to make way for both of them. Venus' mother stood in front of the stump, while Venus landed softly on the stump.

Her mother proudly announced with a loud voice, "Fellow fairies, my child is your new Queen! She has fulfilled the responsibilities of a fairy with no fear to help others. Please accept her as your new Queen." She waved her hand. All of a sudden, rainbow sparkles appeared and swirled around Venus. Around and round they went... and as they did, Venus began to grow bigger in size, until she reached regular human heighth. Her mother placed the crown on her head. All the forest creatures cheered, as well as Link, Zelda, and all the other fairies fluttered around shouting happily.

After that, they all ate a big feast, and then celebrated until dawn.

And as for Link and Zelda, well... that's a whole other story...

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