L'histoire de Gerudo

By E.P.

Deep in the desert, where it's nothing but sand. Until a spark flew, and they became. Itís believed they are humans, just created so uncertain. They are the Gerudos and their talents are wide. They have little variation, besides the clothes on their backs. Their knowledge and achievements allow them to be that way. They are so little known and those who knew are not anymore.

The women of the race are widely known as thieves, because that is their own connection to the rest of the world. They are cradled in a deserted place. Where the heat would burst a vein. But still they are. They live as if their parched land were a prolific forest with water and rain. They donít complain. They donít die. They live just the same.

The race of women has only women. When a male is born, they treat it as their King, but attempt to keep it off patriarchal ground. But they fail like they always do. Their Kings have always been spoiled assholes. And that may never change. Not until they rid of the disease that makes them the power-thirsty men as they are.

When the race was assembled they were not what they are. They were a sacred race, not to be touched. But when a war stirred, it tore the scattered culture in pieces. The priests of the spirit were banished and tortured and killed. And the one left standing was they one they would keep. The one strong enough to last, the great Nabooru. That was long ago, but she still stands today, her immortality has allowed her to breathe and fight as though she was as young as her followers. Still fighting, running, still the same as she was. Though she is here she is no longer the same. She has forgotten all she had learned as a priestess. She knows she is great but not as great as the sage she is, until one day, he came.

Nabooru has lived to see all of them. All of the Kings rule and die. All their mistakes, all their misfortunes, all their mortal wounds that killed them as she knew they would. And this was no mistake. She was meant to see the one she came to admire, fall. So she could see what he did to the rest of the world: batter and mistreat. She watched as her most beloved leader, die, at what seemed great ease. And she discovered she helped it, she helped her beau die.

His name was of course, Ganondorf. She knew him before he became obsessed. Obsessed with ruling the world. This was not the idea of Ganondorf, but the plan of his unfamiliar conscience, Ganon. The creature inside the man who came to destroy the world. He was once the brilliant, magical, little, guy, Ganondorf. Not the demon that he has become. He was a mommy's-boy and probably the best warrior. But that only backfired at the Gerudos. When the King was only twenty-one, he became obsessed. This was only a few years after the marriage to the Gerudo Queen, Nabooru, his once and future trainer, but his least expected traitor.

She didnít like what Ganondorf had become. She waved as he left on his prestigious steed. Not saying anything but knowing what would become of the Gerudos. Off to Hyrule castle where he would influence the King into thinking Ganondorf was there to make peace between the two "former" foes. But only there to make more war and more blood, to satisfy his aspiration for power.

The day he came was a grim one. He was not known yet, but he was truly the Hero of Time. His talents were not yet as dignified as the Gerudos, but indeed, he had the boldness to face one.

He came to the Temple, as he would like his home. Like déjà vu, he knew what was around every corner of the desert. The sprits of the sacred realm told him what was there, as if it were his own mind speaking to him so confident it was the truth. He came to the Temple. He came knowing he would meet the exalted Nabooru. When he met her it was not a chat and a handshake. It was the most feirce swords spar he would ever compete in. And when their swords met in a prolonged collision, he told her why he was there. She stepped back. She had never heard those words outloud. She had never imagined that these words would have been spoken to her the way they did. It was like she knew him like a friend before, but she would never know for sure if that was the condition.

"Did you hear what I said?" he asked.

She nodded vaguely.

"Do you know who I am, my friend?"

She nodded eagerly. "Are you an angel?"

"No, but I can be." He said calmly. "Is that what they have told you?"

"Yes, though it is not the most they have told me." She said looking confused. "They told me so long ago, I did even know I forgot. I amÖ what I think I am." There was a long pause between the two.


"Sage" she said about ready to cry.

"Do you know why?"

"Because I was once the greatest spirit the world will ever know." She said sadly. "but I am not anymore. I have created such a monster and I have deceived the world by doing so."

"You did not create, your husband."

"THAN WHO DID? WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT MAN! WE MADE HIM! HE CAME INTO THE WORLD WITHOUT A CLUE, AND SOMEWHERE WE MESSED UP! AND WE DID IT ALL!" the tone was getting nasty. She had been disturbed about something she thought about when she tried to sleep in her royal bed, in her royal room, as her royal self.

"Ganon did. You donít know how complex this man really is. He is trying to get-"

"-the triforce. I know, he told me it all. As such unhonest thieves we are very open as to where we want to lead our race. He also wants to kill you. I know even though he has not yet told me. I saw you at the moat, in the back of my mind I saw you with your rocks, waiting for her. I saw you boy, as you were injured, I watched and I waited. Why didnít you sever my husband? I know if I were so eager to save the world I would have done that. Tell me, honestly, why didnít you try to kill him there and then, you knew if you didnít it would become utter chaos. Why, boy, why didnít you?"

"Because it is not that easy."

"Good response. I would award you if I had the time. Instead I will tell you my story and my part in this venture. I will tell you my husband's weakness as well as mine. My husband; the Madalion. My weakness; the gauntlets, for I do not have them, I will not find the Madalion if I do not have the gauntlets and I will not have those unless you help me, young man, will you help me?"

"Yes, my Nabooru, I will help you."

"Very well my dear, the gauntlets are far beyond this hole." the queen pulled back a crimson drape that revealed a hole too small for the queen to fit in, but just the right size for the boy. "When you retrieve the gauntlets, bring them to me. By doing this your are allowing me to nudge this wall," the queen pulled back another drape on the opposite wall, uncovering a solid stone wall with the Gerudo symbol painted on with blood, most likely Hylian. She looked at the wall with discouragement. Believing the voices of her spirit, telling her she would not get this far. She trembled with fear. The boy seeing this, knowing this, ran into the hole. Progressing as fast as his short legs would take him. "If anything happens to me," She shouted, but beginning to calming down "Push at your best, push all you can. Do this for me, my hero. Do this for her." She cried. She knew he saw her. She knew her husband was close, and only getting closer. She knew she could not escape him. She knew what she was in for. And she knew the boy knew it too.

The queen was now tired. The day had turned into quite a scare. She did not have the energy to go back to her bedroom. Not across the wasteland would she go. Not across the Colossus would she go. She would have to stay here and let the future catch up with her. Let her destiny become her destiny. If she tried to change that, wrinkles would fold even more. Her problems had just begun and she would have to let them be. For the woman she was that day at that very moment, was the last she would see of her for seven years. And there was nothing she could do to fight that.

As they both knew, there would not be much near future for the real Nabooru. When the Hero reached the gauntlets, he had a balcony seat for the fall of Nabooru. In his heart he said with most assurance:

"Rest my lovely sage, you are to rest. You have been for too long. I will deliver in the end. I promise my Nabooru, I give you my word now and here. The stone of your temple has heard me. It has absorbed the promise I give you. In seven years, my beautiful sage, after you rest, you will be your own goddess. And no more men will ever change you. My sage of spirit I give you my word."

The boy was most right. But he had not seen the half of Ganondorf confrontation:

"My beautiful bride" Ganondorf said as if he knew nothing, "I see you are in our temple, what brings you here?"

"No need to pretend, You know what brought me here, and I know what brought you here. I am not the moron you probably assume I am. I am, and this is just if you donít know, a sage. And there is nothing you could do that would make a lick of difference." She sounded calm but she was ready to pounce a man four times larger than her. She was not thinking straight. She had lost her marbles and was definitely ready to sleep.

"My dear queen what are you-"

"Dammit, I am practically giving you an invitation to suck me into your minions! I gave you your chance, I gave you your life, I gave you your knowledge and you still do not see it! I am the woman you married, still me, but you! You! You! You!"

"What am I? What was I?"

"You were almost my everything, why? Why? Why did you desert me like this? We are the leaders of the great race of Gerudo thieves. We are the most talented trash that will ever walk the earth? Why is that not enough?" She looked crazy and confused but she was getting by on some motor skills. "Why can't you live with what you were born to andÖ just be. You would be helping so many people to just have their stupid minds and their stupid houses with their stupid kids, living stupid. That is the purpose of Gerudo. I was there I saw. We can take what the Hylians make be able to get out without them caring what we are. They are stupid and we are not. Lets just live on as that."

"The Hylians made their kingdom" he said it with rage in heart, not knowing these were the words of Ganon and not of his. "They made their kingdom, and we will take it. This is the same basic idea you witnessed."

"It is not" she protested with such confidence. "We do this so we can survive. So we can survive in our beautiful desert and not be bothered. We donít need their stupid minds to be corrupted. The way I see it they already are."

"Listen to me!" Ganondorf had been completely over minded by his foreign evil self "I will continue with my plan and you will continue with me. I will not let someone so important to me sabotage what I have built. You are my queen, do you understand me? You will rule with me as I do, we will have Hyrule I promise you that. We will forever live as rulers because you love me and I love you. This is the way it will always be, forever, forever, foreverÖ" His voice began to fade. He began to unduly influence the queen into his realm of evil. He cloned Ganon's opinion and thoughts and replaced them in her mind. This was the only way he would be able to live on peacefully with his most beloved queen.

When she awoke next to her King, she had never seen his face in such a beautiful light. She paraded on with her king across the desert on the Horse he had brought. They left to proceed with his plan. Only now he had twice the power and his queen alongside. This was the happiest moment the man felt, this was his heaven and his dream. He had only one thing to accomplish and he would not have been able to do this alone. He had his queen. But still Ganondorf felt discontentment. He needed the world, and he knew that was all. The world he thought again, the world.

On the back of the horse the tired queen looked afraid. She tried to regress to herself. Then she saw the boy, she had remembered him, she had an ache in her chest, deep in the bellows because he was her friend. She was losing her friend. He was a friend that would do a favor to the world, and a favor for her. But at the same time distroy the man she loved. She stopped thinking about him, and looked forward. It would be a long time before that. She looked on into the wasteland. She looked on into her future. And all she saw was the waves of sand crash into her body like a thousand nails poking at her orange skin in anger. The sand had never felt so painful. So she ignored it and kept looking forward. The fortress was the same, the valley was the same, the world except for Nabooru was the same. Words would never explain the terror she felt in between her lengthily transformation.

The Room had pillars spread throughout. Not small pillars to hold up a ceiling, but big pillars. And one in particular with six huge medallion imprints on the top. One was glowing. It was her's, where she would one-day stand, and give the boy, all grown up, the medallion she had told him of. There were waves of liquid mettle dripping from the pillars, flowing like a stream, dripping from the ceiling. But creating such a perfect harmony. Avoiding the spirits that slept in there. Their voices, the spirits singing and loving. It all was real. She would see this one-day and be glad of it. But her visions of her destiny were torched as she silently sat in the corner, quite like a stone, as the room filled with black water. As the water reached her face. As she stopped breathing, as she froze. As her immortal spirit felt death slowly and painfully like all she knew when she was young. Not appearing young as she always has. When she was really young. Her fellow priests gave this to her. As the irony struck her, she saw her husband's face, and she was the smiling wolf her followers believed her to be.

As the years past, she forgot about anything of her past. She was what she had feared, dead. She was not really dead, because she knew when the rebels of Gerudo spared her she was given the gift of immortality. And what had seemed like the most valuable gift turned into her nightmare. She squandered without memories of the thousand years she had lost. When she noticed she had a home to go back to. She left the castle that had once stood clean and shining, but now a black pit that served for purpose of the Gerudos. She came home. After too many years too long, she came home. She saw the red dirt and the wooden gates as she left them on a day she only partially remembers. And then it struck her. It was none other than the epiphany that had floated meaninglessly in the lost mind she had in her head.

Was her husband too harsh? Had he made the puzzles he left behind too confusing? She went to her temple, that lost home in the middle of her desert.

"What skills was I given? I am immortal and forever young, I am as red and scorched from my loving fire sun, I was given my strong arms that can reach below oceans, I was given my senses that depict the truth of the past, present, future, and I was given my home." She set out to do what had to be done.

When she came back to her home, she found the stone block painted with blood, pushed back. He was inside. She ran to see him only to be greeted by the two whom were the last obstacles in her path. She went black again, the black water was rising. Only this time for a short while. The power of these twins was not the same as the power of her husband. She awoke, to see the boy as a man, looking successful and brave.

"You came like you promised, my temple told me in my sleep. You are the one who last saw me before I left. You saved many lives, and I ruined many. You have fully broken my curse, so I will help you with these two, then I will reward you like I should have, so long agoÖ" They fought, they won. As simple as they knew it would be.

To the castle they went.  She knew what she was in for.  But in a way, she knew nothing at all.

She didn't know what she would feel inside, when that demon and Ganondorf both would die.  It was something she would hope for as if it were candy, but candy that poisoned her, for such a long time.  She watched when it happend.  As if she didnt care before.  But she did, she cared when his body fell, his terror went back, and her husband hit the floor.  What did she do to deserve this, she thought.  I did it all.

"Oh, you, hero of time." she said most angry. "Do you know what I've done.  I gave you your power.  I gave you this chance.  What is it I ask of you in return?"

"What did you give me?!  I gave you your-"

"Don't you start with that.  You didn't give me anything.  I made the medallions possible.  Without my strong mind that slowly found the path to those medallions...  Just think about it, boy, think.  My unending youth found your Saria, my amazing adaption to heat found your Daruina, my strong arms reached to your Ruto, and my ability to forsee the truth found your Impa.  I made the path and you followed.  You found your enemy and killed it's dwelling.  You killed my husband..."

"I gave you your-"

"Life?" she sneered. "No you took him away and expect all to be better."

"Thats right." he said protesting to her judgement. "Look around you, the singing and dancing all the love.  It was not here before.  You can be sad all you want, but when your future catches up, you will see what he did.  You will see what you saved, you will see it all in a perfect light.  Don't think because you lost your king, you cannot be a woman.  You are the same as the goddess you were all those years before.  You are just free now, that is all."

What happened to Nabooru?  She might still be wandering around her temple searching for another boy to change her life.  She might be creating more evil in her late husbands footsteps.  She might be overcoming the world she shares with us.  Or she might be resting, resting to seek the place where she will meet him, her husband, her enemy, her beau, him.

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