Malon's Magic Cow

By Jenna

Malon, waking up just when the sun was peeking over the hills of Death Mountain. She stretch her arms and got up from her bed. Then she went over to her closet and got her working dress to do her chores. She got out of her bed clothes and put her work clothes on. She folded her night dress and put it in her dresser. Taking the bucket full of bird seeds and quickly creeped down the stairs trying not to wake her father. Opening the door letting all the chickens go out, then she went out herself, closing the door not making a sound. The morning dew was very thin make things easy for her. All the chickens started to crowd her knowing that food was in that bucket. They pushed and shoved trying to get the seeds. Finally, Malon threw the seeds around in a big circle making sure all the chickens were getting some food. " Mooove it Malon," the cows said, "we're hungry." Malon, was very special she could talk to animals and they could listen and talk to her also. Most people thought she was crazy or just making it up, but the animals know that it's from her good heart, and how sweet she is to all the animals.

"All right, all right, I'm coming hold your horses," Malon said, walking slowly singing a song that was written by her mother.

"Hey! We resent that Malon," the horses neighed.

"Hahahaha, I'm sorry horses." She picked up some hay and threw it to the horses and the cows. The horse ran as fast they could bucking and neighing to wake and stretch themselfs. "I'm so glad that Link saved the farm, I don't know how long I could have put up with Ingo's evil way to the animals. Making me get up to give you horrible and cheap food, riding you till your ankles swelled and making me milking the cows till the were dried out of milk. It was a nightmare!" Just then she had a flash back of the one day she couldn't take no more of Ingo's managing of the ranch.

"MALONN!!!" Malon tired and weak but her spirit unbreakable came out of the barn with a bucket of milk.

"What Mr. Ingo, you called for me?"

"Yes, you lazy girl, did you get Epona for me to ride?"

"No Mr. Ingo, I so much to do, I just got the last of my chores done."

"No excuse Malon, if you weren't so pretty I would have thrown you out like I did your father. Hahahaha, I just laughed thinking about it. Just looking at these horses, they were wild and everything. But now look at them, they're just weak like everyone else are here."

"THAT IS IT! First off no one I mean to no one in Hyrule talks about my father like that. Another thing I'm sick of looking at these horses as they live in fear. If you want Epona you will have to go through me!"

"Ha, will just see." Ingo grabbing Malon threw her to the side, she hit the rocky dirt with a cry of pain. Ingo started for Epona but Malon stood up blocking him. " Your a brave little blonde but also stupid." He threw again hitting even harder but she got up once more blocking the view of Epona. Right when he was going to grab her arm again she clutched her fist and punched Ingo in the nose, cutting it deep. Furious, he picked her up and threw her to the ground as hard as he could. Standing the pain no more she ran to the barn. She just sat there quietly, hearing footsteps she stand up straight waiting for anything. But when she saw a tall, young man about her age, with a green tonic and cap with a fairy she felt better. But also he reminded her of someone she new.

"Hello? Oh, hello, who might you be Miss?"

"Um, um."

"Is there something wrong" You look hurt. Did someone hurt you? Who's in charge of this place?"

"It was.. my father. But, but .. Ingo is now in charge." Malon trying to hold her tears. The young man who new what was going on was mad. He left for a while, curious Malon peeked through a hole, what she saw made her so happy. She seen the young man beating Ingo and then Ingo locked the gates, Epona jumped the fence. She was so happy cause she remembered who the young man was, it was the fairy boy, Link. She came out Ingo back to being a nice man, and everything back to normal. Malon went to the middle of the ring and a few minutes later her father was back. She hugged him and he told her about the young man telling him to go back to the ranch.

"I'm turning over a new leaf." Talon said smiling to Malon and the other horses and cows. A couple days later Fairy Boy came back. He went up to her smiling as he looked around the ranch.

"I know who you are. Your that fairy boy that came here along time ago."

"Yes, it is Link."

"Yes, I know. I would like to thank you."

"It's all right, it was a pleasure."

"Oh, one more thing Link," Malon went to Link, and kissed him on the cheek. "Heeheehee, I think that should do it for now." Malon, shaking her head getting back to the present heard moaning of something in pain. She looked around trying to figure out what was hurt. It came from Hyrule Field, determined to find what was crying for help, she left Lon Lon Ranch, to see what she could find. Going around the whole back part of the fence of Lon Lon Ranch, Malon could here the moaning as she walk closer and closer. But suddenly it stop, dead stop and Hyrule became quiet. "Moooooooo please help me someone, anyone?" Malon turned around and a cow that was all white, with only one black spot that was right in the middle of her head, was stuck in a hole with boards trapping her left leg.

"Oh, you poor cow, here let me help you." Malon took as many boards as she could out and gently lifted up the cows leg not trying to hurt it.

"Thank you sooooo much dear. I was walking around and a wolf came out and tried to get me I hid by the wall over there and when he was gone I started to run the other way being close to the fence so the wolf didn't spot me and a clump of loose soil collapsed under my leg breaking the wood trapping me."

"That's terrible! Here, come with me back to Lon Lon Ranch I fix you all up."

"Thank you, you are such a sweet young lady." Malon and the cow went back to the ranch. Then Malon fixed the cow's leg and feed her.

"You can stay here tonight Miss...."

"Oh, sorry I'm Miss Swiss Valley Cow, and I'm no ordinary cow."

"That's right you got away from a wolf but you caught yourself in the process," Malon giggled.

"Hahaha yes, but I have magic powers. And since you, Miss Malon, saved me and took care of me, I will grant you a wish."

"Wow! Thank you! But I don't know what to wish for."

"Ummm lets see, hmmm. Ohh! I'm just so smart. You got to bed Malon. I will see you tomorrow."

"Oh well, maybe I think about something tonight in my dreams. Good night Miss Cow."

"Good night." As Malon left, Miss Swiss Valley Cow wiggled her ears, hopped up into the air and turned around. Then she went to sleep. Malon dreaming of her night and shining armor and how the animals would fly and do her jobs. She just laughed in her sleep. The next morning Malon, woke up hearing tons of clucking, neighing, mooing, and a mix of crazed men yelling outside. Malon jumped out of her bed pushing her windows open to see a circus in the air. Horses flying up and down, cows going in an endless circle like they were in a twister or something, and Talon, and Ingo running around, hitting into things and finally themselves. It was a mess. Then she looked down and a tall, dark, handsome man with armor on was standing there. Malon's eyes widen and she threw her nicest clothes on and brush her hair and ran to the window to see if he was still there. She couldn't stop running and tripped and fell down, but the man caught her. She felt so light, that she could be flying herself.

"Excuse young lady, but you are more beautiful than a spring flower opening after the rain."

"Ohhhhh, what..what's your name?"

"Bruce, and yours sweet flower?"

"Mine, ... it's Malon."

"What a lovely name. It sounds like a cool stream, gently running across the forest."

"Heeheehee, you are so ... so...dreamy, ahhhhhhhh." All day Bruce complemented Malon, which she just sat and daydreamed off with him. Not noticing at all that the whole ranch was out of control. Cows flying to the Zora's Domain and the castle, horses flying towards the desert and Lake Hylia. It was a disaster. Link and Zelda didn't take notice till they ran out of milk at lunch and a cow flew by when they were asking for more milk. They rode off to Lon Lon Ranch seeing everything. When they got there, chickens saw Link, then one said its "That person that use to tease us lets get him." Link turned around, seeing millions of birds swopping towards him.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!" Link took Epona and rode off, followed by millions of "out to get revenge" chickens. Zelda trying to contain herself from laughing saw Malon dazed off with Bruce. All of a sudden a cow came out walking to Zelda.

"Oh, I have to undo this now."

"What? Is this your doing? Wait how am I speaking to a cow?"

"It's Malon's wish, she wished for her dreamed to come but I didn't think of her dream like hoping for one thing kinda dream. It's just how the wish was used and she said that she wish that her dream would come true."

"What can we do?"

"Malon has to pinch herself and it will make herself get out of her dream thought."

"OK, lets tell her."

"But....." Zelda went to Malon, who's eyes were on Bruce.


"What? Oh! It's Princess Zelda, oh its an honor."

"Please Malon, you have to pinch yourself to undo the spell."

"But why I'm happy." Miss Swiss Valley Cow came out behind Zelda.

"Because Malon, Hyrule is in a riot, cause of the cows, horses, and chickens flying around."

"But what about Bruce?"

"He's not really real a human that was born. He was made as a dream, the only thing in his mind is impressing you."


"Please Malon, I know its hard but there is someone for you and he'll find you, and you'll find true love." Zelda said, touching Malon's hand.

"I understand, good bye my Bruce." Then Malon pinched herself and everything was back to normal. Cows eating hay with horses and chickens clucking around, but Miss Swiss Valley Cow was gone. Zelda was still there looking around also.

"You did a good thing Malon.I better go find Link. Good bye Malon, I hope you be OK."

"Bye Princess Zelda." At night, Malon was sad and tired she got into bed and went to sleep. In her dreams she found not Bruce but another man even more handsome. She smiled and just kept on sleeping.

The End.

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