The Sword

by The Wanderer

      The young boy walked into the huge temple. It is white all around. In the back, there is a giant door. Before the door is a black pedestal. The boy walks up to the black pedestal and takes out a blue instrument. He then plays a soft and haunting melody that echoes through out the building. Suddenly, three stones: one green, one red, and one blue; appear on top of the black pedestal. Then in a brilliant flash, the great door, the Door of Time, slides open.

      The boy walked into the temple. He looks up. On a giant, white platform, silhouetted in light, it lies. The Sword. Stabbed into a rock. The boy walks up to the Sword and puts his hand on the hilt. And then, he pulls.

      The young teen of fourteen walks into the meadow. It is foggy, and he sees several small animals race across the green. He looks up to see a large, white platform. With his sword strapped onto his back, he runs up and sees it. The Sword. He looks below it and sees an inscription:

On Cataclysm's Eve,
The hero wins three symbols of virtue.
The Master Sword he shall then receive.
Keeping the Knights line true...

      He walks behind the sword. The three pendants: one green, one red, and one blue; fly up to form a triangle around the beautiful sword. He takes one look, and then he rests his hand on the hilt. And then, he pulls.

      The man of mid twenties walks into the forest, sword brandished. He looks up, and sees a white pedestal. It is lighted by a single ray of light. Stabbed into it, he sees it. The Sword. He takes a look once more onto his hand, and he sees once again, the mark of the hero. He takes the three stones in his bag and throws them up into the air. They are caught in the air and begin to float. He walks up to the sword and puts his hand on the hilt. And then, he pulls.

      The boy sees a blue beam of light appear around him, but he hears a black and evil man cackle behind him. The teen sees the fog clears and hears the prophecy of a wise old man. The man just sees a flash.

      And yet the same event happened. Each hero took the Sword and used it to conquer evil. It all happened on the same point of time when they pull the Sword out of the pedestal. And as I, Araimas, sit here and witness these events, I put the all three images together. And I see a strange thing. As they line up, I see a word. And I think to myself: What does it mean?

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