A Kind of Princess

By Patrick Mason

A young Princess from Calatia named Abby comes to Hyrule Castle by the order of the Queen of Calatia Seline.It seems as if that Seline and his Husband Donald have been having Family problems and until there problems resolve they tell her young daughter to leave and live with Princess Zelda and King Harkinian for a while.

"Abby"yelled Zelda as ran downstairs when she saw her.

"Zelda"yelled Abby as they finally caught with each other and hugged.

"I heard what happend,and I am so sorry that your parents are having problems I hope they resolve them soon"said Zelda all of a sudden Link comes downstairs after a long sleep he then saw Princess Abby.

"Whoa what a babe"said Link he was actually reffering to Princess Abby he was wearing a beautiful dress and had a beautiful face and beautiful eyes.He then came downstairs and talk to her.

"He-llo who is this"said Link."This is Princess Abby she and I are friends"said Zelda.

"Well hello there doll aren't you beautiful"said Link he then kisses her hand,but he was kissing it so long he didn't want to let go.

"Hey hey didn't your parents teach you some manners"said Princess Abby she was in disgust.

"You'll have to mind Link he can sometimes be a jerk"said Navi as she then came into the room talking to Abby.

"What the-are you a a Fairy"said Abby who was looking at Navi really scared.

"Yes I am my name is Navi"she said."Don't be scared when I met her for the first time I was scared too,but I got over it"said Zelda.

Later that night King Donald was making a deal with a bunch of criminals called The Pyros.It seemed that Donald was not only the King of Calatia he was also a Crime syndicate.

"All right let's get this over with"said Luke the leader of the Pyros.They were selling weapons Swords,Bows and Arrows,etc.Link was riding out with Epona late at night(what is a 15 year old boy doing riding with his new horse Epona at night).He then sees some light in a shelter he then goes in and check it out.

"You guys better not set me up"said King Donald all of a sudden Link comes in.

"What's going on in here"said Link."Hey it's that kid get him"said Luke.Luke and his group of Pyros attacked Link and dodge all of their attacks and started punching and Kicking each member.

"Hey this isn't over yet pretty boy I'll get you for this"said Luke.King Donald then looked in the suitcase and saw the rupees inside,but that wasn't the only thing inside he heard a hissing sound under the suitcase it was a Bombchu it seemed they wanted him dead.Link saw the bombchu too and tells King Donald to"Drop it and Run"he yelled.He ran out with Link and the entire place exploded.

Link helped King Donald up from the ground."You OK Mr"said Link.

"Donald King Donald"he said.

"The King Donald,but it can't be you how can you make a deal with the biggest criminals of Hyrule"said Link.

"Hey that's none of your buisness this is grown folks buisness so why don't you stay out of it"said King Donald.

"No wonder why you and Queen Seline are having these problems the only thing you care about is yourself and your buisness,but not your family"said Link as he galloped back on Epona and headed back to the castle.

Later on Queen Seline sitting on her throne in Calatia heard the news and was in disgust."He did what oh I can't believe him"said Queen Seline.King Donald then came in."Darling"said King Donald."I do not want to talk to you what the hell is your problem Donald making a deal with criminals I thought you quit you said no more I'm done"said Queen Seline.

"You Listen here darnit What I do is none of your buisness you stay the hell out of it you here"said King Donald.

"I have no idea what has gotten into you Donald sometimes I think are you still my husband and will you ever still be my husband"said Queen Seline as she then left the room.

The Next morning Link told Abby what happend Last night."What you're kidding why would he do something like that he's the King,but no no"said Abby."I know you can't believe it Abby I can't either,but listen I will try everything I can if anything happens to your family again I'll be there for them and especially you"said Link.

"Thank you Link you now I thought you was jerk,but now I realize how serious you are in your work and you're great at it"said Abby she then taps Link on his shoulder and leaves.

Later that night it was Abby birthday's party she finally turned sweet sixteen.Abby was hoping that her parents would make an apperance at the party all of sudden a group of people came into the room and kidnaps Abby.Link heard a scream in Abby's room and rushed upstairs he then saw the window was open and saw the Pyros taking Abby away.Link then rushed downstairs and told the King and Zelda what happend.

"Zelda,Harkinian Abby was kidnapped a bunch of men kidnapped her and took her away"said Link as he was panting.

"Oh my goodness do you know where they're going"said Zelda.

"I have no idea,but I'm going out to find her Navi come with me please"said


"You don't have to tell me twice"said Navi.

Abby was taken to the Pyros base and was ties up to a chair."What do you want from me?"said Abby.

"You see I heard you and your parents have been having family problems and I just want to put your father up to the test"said Luke leader of the Pyros.

One Member of the Pyros sent in a threating note to King Donald saying that he has until midnight to rescue hie daughter or she dies.King Donald drops the note and thought that crime syndicate means more to him than his daughter he was ready to do something he was going to carry out a plan to kill a spy that has been bothering Castle Calatia for long he carries out his plans.Queen Seline saw the note that Donald dropped and tried to go look for her.

It was all ready midnight and there was no King in sight."Gee I wonder where the King of Calatia is well my my my according to my watch it's 12:00a.m. which means is killing time"said Luke as he took out his sword and was ready to kill her.All of a sudden Seline enters and commands him to stop."I demand you to stop this now as Queen of Calatia I will not tolerate this"yelled Seline.

"Oh wow it's the queen I asked for the queen you take care of her I'll get the queen"said Luke as he handed the sword to the next member of the Pyros.

Then Link stormed in."Not you again get him"said Luke. As he and his Pyros battled Link again and once again he proved himself how skilled he was.Link then untied Abby,but Luke still had Queen Seline hostage.

"Let her go now"said Link.

"Or Else What"said Luke as he was still choking on Queen Seline.

"Let's just fight you and me it's what you want is it"said Link.

"You darn right"said Luke.He then readies his sword and fights Link.Link was then losing the fight and he was cut on his right arm."What's the matter pretty boy I thought you had the juice"said Luke.All of a sudden Abby punches Luke out and he goes down on the ground.Link then picks him up and carries him out Abby and Seline follows along with him.

They returned to Hyrule Castle too there surprise King Donald was there."Donald?"said Queen Seline surprisingly.

"Hello dear"said King Donald."How dare you make an apperance at her party I was just about on my way here until I saw the note where was you huh you was just dong your buisness just save it Donald I don't want to here it I am tired of your lies and your bull crap"said Seline.

"Dear what are you trying to say"said Donald.

"I want a Divorce"said Seline.She throws the ring she kept for 25 years in his face and left the room.

The Next morning Abby and Seline were prepared to leave and head back to Calatia.

"Well Link I just want to say thank you for coming to my rescue last night you really are a special person"said Princess Abby.

"Aw Shucks well it was nothing Abby heh,but uh will I ever see you again"said Link.

"Maybe"said Abby she then kisses Link on the lips."Goodbye"said Abby as she got on the carrage and Seline and Abby went back to Calatia.Link was still staring at them leaving he was love strucked.


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