Legend of Zelda - The Final Battle

By Ashton Vallat




            Link looked up at the dark tower of Ganon's Castle. His eyes flared with the determination of a hero, knowing that this was the end. All the hardships he had been through, the training, the creatures, the journey, had all come down to this. Holding the blade of evil's bane, the Master Sword, in his hand with the Triforce of Courage resonating on his hand, his green clothes ruffling in the wind, the hero chosen by the gods was ready to face the destiny layed before him.

            Tightening his grip on the Master Sword, he dashed inside the evil lair.




            Princess Zelda was held captive within a magical crystal. She had no idea where she was, for this was not the land of Hyrule. This was truly an alternate space created by her captor, Ganondorf. She closed her eyes and prayed to the goddesses that the boy she had known through time would truly show himself to free her and save Hyrule. The Triforce of Wisdom glowed brilliantly.

            The time had come.




            The Supreme King of Evil, Ganondorf, sat on his throne, grinning evilly. Whatever the hero had in store for him amused him. The hero had destroyed all of his minions, all for the sake of saving Hyrule and his precious princess. Ganondorf's sword rested at his side, as if thirsting for the blood of light. The Triforce of Power shun brighter than the sun, marking him as the all-powerful King of Evil.


            Link slashed his way through Ganondorf's guards, persisting his way to meet his archenemy. One by one, they all fell into eternal darkness at the blade of the Master Sword. Stalfos', Darknuts, Iron Knuckles, it mattered not what stood in his way. He would find the King of Evil... and kill him. And so the time came to banish the evil from Hyrule.

            Link stepped into the massive throne room, and there, on the throne, sat Ganondorf.

            "That was quite entertaining... hero." Ganondorf's voice boomed like thunder, "You've done well to come this far." he stood and stepped towards Link, holding the scabbard of his sword. "The only thing that remains is you, me, and the princess." He snapped his fingers, and magically, the crystal imprisoning Zelda appeared in a shower of sparks.

            At the sight of Link, Princess Zelda's face brightened at the sight of his face. Link returned the smile, and resumed his glare at the evil king.

            "Yes, power, courage, and wisdom, all together in this place." Ganondorf held up his own hand, the Triforce of Power glowing. "It won't be long now. The power I've sought for through so many generations, the Triforce will finally be mine!" the evil king drew his sword, and readied it.

            Link assumed his own battle position, the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield held at the ready.


Supreme King of Evil



            Ganondorf laughed, and lunged at Link. Ganondorf slashed downward, only to be blocked by Link's shield. He deflected it, and followed up with his own slash to Ganondorf's chest. It missed, and Ganondorf elbowed Link in the face. Link was sent flying backward. He recovered, skidding his foot across the marble floor. Ganondorf dashed at Link, only for Link to dodge to the side. They exchanged blows with their swords, the sound of steel clasching echoeing across the room.             Ganondorf was a powerful and very skilled fighter, probably due to his immortality, Link figured.

            They exchanged a few more blows, until Ganondorf crashed down on Link with a brutal downward smash. However, Link thrusted his shield forward, surprisingly knocking Ganondorf's arm backward. Link saw this as an oppurtunity and slashed at Ganondorf a few times, landing some strikes to his torso.

            Princess Zelda helplessly watched as they continued to battle.

            Ganondorf resumed a skillful assault, but again, was thwarted by Link's tactic. Seeing a change of plans, he began to move around more frequently rather than sticking to a frontal assault. He even tried throwing electric spells at Link. This proved to be wise because Link was caught of guard by his change of tactics, and was temporarily stunned. Ganondorf kicked Link aside and thrusted, knocking Link backward. Link began clumsily blocking Ganondorf's attacks, and was knocked backward. Ganondorf then began to charge up a magic attack. Link braced himself for a dodge. He dodged the spell, but saw Ganondorf charge up another.

            Then it hit him...

            If Link could somehow deflect Ganondorf's spells, it could stun Ganondorf instead. He held his sword at the ready, and slashed at the incoming attack. The ball of energy flew back at Ganondorf, but he too deflected it. Link tried again, but again, Ganondorf repeated. A few times afterward, Ganondorf was caught of guard by Link unleashing his frustration into his slash, and the spell struck Ganondorf. Link ran forward and delivered slashed to Ganondorf.

            Enraged by the hero's assault, Ganondorf flew up into the air. He then unleashed a powerful spell that completely destroyed the walls and roof of the throne room. Dark storm clouds blew across the sky, representing the Dark Lord's rage. He then began a new tactic in which he held up his sword, and lighting crashed down onto it.

            Link didn't see this coming. The evil king launched himself like a missile towards Link. Link caught the elctric blow with his sword, and held Ganondorf at bay in a display of strength. They pushed at eachother, one trying to overcome the other. Blue eyes met yellow, determination in both of them.

            The princess still stood in the crystal, watching the battle. She knew that she could not intervene.

            Then, Link found it in him to use all his strength to push back the evil king. He pushed forward as hard as he could, releasing the brute from the lock they were engaged in. Dazed, the evil king left himself wide open. Link slashed at Ganondorf, finishing up a combination with a mighty spin attack. Ganondorf flew backwards.

            The King of Evil breathed heavily, "Well, it seems that the hero is all what he is supposed to be." he chuckled, "How amusing..." Ganondorf grinned, "It would seem that I will have to show you... my other form."

            Ganondorf cracked his neck.

            An explosion of malevolent energy caught Link by surprise. Ganondorf's shape and figure began to change. He grew to nearly 25 feet tall, his hair grew wildly. His human evil eyes were replaced by glowing, beastly eyes. His mouth and nose turned into the snout of a boar, along with two absudly large and sharp tusks. His evil royal armor was replaced by a body of black fur. His laughed changed into a loud roar.


Dark Beast of Evil



            The massive beast roared at Link and stood on two massive hind legs. From the neck down was like that of a supersized gorilla, with the exception of a horse's tail. A massive fist slammed down infront of Link, knocking him down. He looked up at the towering monster. The crystal from Ganondorf's head still remained, and the beast retained the same brutality it had showed in its last battle. The creature pounded on the ground, as if beckoning Link to try something.

            Link stood and ran towards the creature. He knew that a frontal assault would be useless, so he would try running forwards and somersault underneath Ganon's legs. He did so and saw his tail as his weakness. Link slashed twice, and Ganon fell with a loud crash on what was left of the throne room. Link climbed atop the brute and ran towards his head. Ganon began to stand up and Link held onto a lock of the creatures mane. The monster reared his head back and forth, trying to shake Link. Link saw the crystal on his head, and slashed downward at it with the Master Sword. He noticed that Ganon's crystal was beginning to crack. Ganon then savagely reared and snet Link flying into the sky.

            Link regained his instincts and fell gracefully back towards the massive version of Ganondorf. The creature looked up at him and roared. Link readied his word for the final blow... and slashed downward, shattering the crystal embedded into his forhead.

            Link landed skillfully and sheathed his sword. He turned to see Ganon roar one last time, and fall to the ground.

            The beast lay motionless.

            Link took a moment to contemplate Ganondorf's fight, and then looked up to see Zelda fall from her prison. Link ran to catch her, succeeding.

            Zelda looked into his eyes, blue on blue. "Link... you did it!" she wrapped her arms around Links neck, them both smiling.

            However, this moment was halted by the alarming sound... of a man in armour standing up.

            "Im-impossible!" the still alive Ganondorf stood, clutching his head where the crystal one was. "I-I am... Ganondorf... Ruler of Hyrule!" his voice was a mix of pride an rage, "How can the Triforce of Power... lose to... the underling piece... of courage!" he began to growl in frustration. "How can... the King of Evil... be beaten by the likes... of a boy from... the forest!" he grunted, and then looked at Link and Zelda...

            "L-Link... the spirit of the hero..." he looked more enraged than ever, "And... And Zelda...blood of the goddess..."

            His eyes went from yellow... to blood red... his skin changed from a ghastly green... to a scaly black... And his hair... turned into fire.

            Ganondorf... or whoever he was now... began to laugh...

            He unveiled where the crystal had once been. It was replaced by a glowing white scar.

            There was a flash of light that blinded Link and Zelda



Resurrected Demon King



            Link and Zelda opened there eyes, only to see that they were standing in the crater of Death Mountain. Infront of them was Ganondorf... no... Demise.

            "You have done well to anger me so far as bringing me back." said Demise, who seemed to sound more grisly and thunderous than what he once was. "My anger has survived thanks to Ganondorf. Now I may have my revenge and destroy Hyrule as we all know it."

            Link noticed that Demise now held a different sword. It was like his own, like the Master Sword, only bigger, and much more evil.

            Link set Zelda down and drew his own sword.

            Demise turned and looked up at the sky, "A countless time ago, I fought you in another life. Up there in the heavens, I gave you the warning that I would return, and vanquish your descendants." Demise returned his gaze to Link, "It pleases me to see that I may confront you again."

            Link looked at Demise with no emotion... except courage.

            "It's amazing how time functions. Like a river, it flows swiftly." Demise smiled, "And here we stand, as we did so long ago." he chuckled, "So now, you shall feel every bit of my wrath in the bite of my blade."

            Demise lunged at Link, knocking Link to the gound. He had to focus. The battles with Ganondorf and Ganon took alot out of him. Link didn't know who he was fighting. Was it Demise or Ganondorf? Or possibly the same person? It didn't matter. All that mattered was that Link had to defeat Demise to save Hyrule... and Zelda.

            Demise slashed again, again knocking Link aside.

            Link then felt that he was at the ledge of the platform they were fighting on. Lava bubbled next to his foot, making him cringe at the heat.

            Demise laughed. "Well, I thought you would have put up more of a fight." He walked towards Link, "However, it would seem that the light has failed, as well as your courage. He glanced at Zelda, "Soon all will fall. Hyrule, and all of its citizens, and then... The world." Demise returned his gaze and looked at Link.

            "Good-bye... Hero of Time."

            Demise raised his sword to deliver the ending blow. Link closed his eyes, knowing it was over.

            Then, the unexplicable happened. The Master Sword began to shine brilliantly. Link opened his eyes, filled with blue courage, and blocked Demise's blow.

            "What?!" Demise said in shock.

            Link held the Master Sword up to his face. It seemed to speak to him. Demise seemed frozen in time... So did everything else.

            Link held the Master Sword skyward, and thrusted the blade into Demise's chest.

            There was a bloodcurdling scream as Demise and Ganondorf... were now truly defeated.

            Demise writhed in pain, and then looked up at the sky. A massive lighting bolt struck his head, erupting the entire volcano.

            For Link and Zelda, everything went blank.

            They then awoke lying in a field of soft, green grass. Link sat up, and realized the Master Sword was gone.

            Zelda looked around where they were. "We're in Hyrule Field... but... how?"

            Then, Link heard something. Out of the sky, a jet of light hit the ground, and there, was the Master Sword.

            Link grabbed the hilt, and smiled.

            The Hero of Time turned to Zelda, who smiled.

            "Link... We've been through so much... So now... I was meaning to tell you something."

            Link looked at her serene beauty.


Demise was gone... Ganondorf as well... All the evil had vanished from Hyrule forever.

And with the peace that came, it was the forever more... the Sacred Realm.















Zelda looked at Link in a way she had never looked at him before...

"I love you."







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