A New Ending

by Samantha


Link was unable to comprehend where he was going. He had just heard the final yell of Ganon and was nowhere as far as he could tell. He darted his look eye level to see Zelda holding his arm looking wistful.

"I'm sorry Link. I'm sorry for everything," Zelda said softly on the verge of tears. "It was my job, my duty to keep the triforce protected, to keep evil out and guard the Ocarina of Time. It was my fault Ganondorf got his hands on the triforce and that you lost that seven precious years of your childhood. Now I need to rectify what I have done." She looked into his eyes so sincerely that he couldn't speak. "Please, give me the ocarina, Hero of Time," she requested softer than before. Link cast his eyes downwards, admiring the beautiful instrument clasped in his hands. He held it higher and inspected its shimmering deep blue and smoothness. He handed the ocarina to Zelda, not wanting to let go.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to turn back time seven years.

Just before any of this happened. I will complete my job of protection and you will be able to re-live your lost years." Zelda put the Ocarina to her lips and began playing a soft melody. A lullaby used in the royal family. Link looked down again, so sad that he had to go, not even noticing that he was floating in the clouds.

Before Zelda finished the tune, Link quickly placed his hand on her elbow startling her, causing the lullaby to stop.

Zelda looked at him quizzically and even Link looked fairly

confused. "Zelda, you can't send me back."

"But I must. This was all my fault," Zelda replied.

"No it wasn't. You don't understand. This was all bound to happen. It was my destiny to become the Hero of Time and it was yours to rule Hyrule with a new prosperous age due to the regaining of the triforce."


"But nothing. You believe in fate, right? You believe that things are supposed to happen, right?" Zelda continued staring into his eyes and nodded gently.

"Right. Then we just can't pretend none of it happened. We have the triforce now and Ganon is gone. It's time for a new prosperous age for Hyrule," Link concluded. Zelda smiled.

No day could compare to this one. Lake Hylia glistened with the streams of golden light from the sun, the sky was a clear cerulean, and the air was clean and crisp. It had only been a week since the evil, which was Ganondorf, or now Ganon, had been conquered. All the Hylians forced into Kakariko were glad to come back and fix their old marketplace while things settled down in Kakariko Village. The ice in Zora's Domain had unfrozen and things were beautiful once again. Everyone else was able to live in peace, unlike the previous seven years.

However today was a very special day. Servants and handmaids were running through hallways and doors throughout the castle. The entrance to the castle was the Grand Hall, in which a beautiful, red, velvet carpet had been laid down to the Throne Room. White chiffon drapes replaced the black paint over the windows. Flowers replaced the rubble and the white bricks replaced the black stones. The large wooden doors leading to the Throne Room had been opened up, invitingly. A large group of people gathered inside the royal room, everyone lining the red carpet. They looked about the room anxiously whispering excitedly. One person in the crowd happened to be Link.

The room came to a sudden hush as two guards walked in blowing horns. Followed by another set of guards was the most beautiful woman in Link's eyes; Zelda. She held her breath while walking down the column of people. Her light blue eyes scanned the room and her cheeks became tinged with pink when her eyes set upon Link. He blushed back and returned her nervous smile. A silver tiara was delicately laid upon her head of shimmering gold curls. She adjusted her long-sleeved, velvet, navy blue dress and continued walking. When Zelda had finally reached the other end of the room, she reluctantly sat down on the throne. She wanted to take a moment to admire the throne. She sat down upon the large mahogany chair and smiled up at the guard looking down on her. He smiled too, obviously excited by the event.

Whispers bounced off the wall again until the guard called for attention.

"May I have your attention please," the guard's voice boomed. "Today is a special day, one of which we shall all celebrate." The guard removed Zelda's silver, jeweled tiara and carefully sat it down on a side table. Another guard handed him a velvet box which he opened. Inside was a beautifully designed gold crown, embedded with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The guard held the masterpiece of jewelry high and announced, "May I present to you the new ruler of Hyrule. I present… Queen Zelda!!!" The entire room burst into screams and yells of joy as the crown was delicately placed on top of Zelda head.

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