Link's Day Off

By Doug

It has been a very long month for Link. He has been going from one adventure to another. From rescuing a boy captured by moblins to recovering an artifact from Parapa Palace to saving Rauru from an attack. He has hardly been at North Castle for more then a day before getting called away. Zelda has joined him some times on these adventures, but mostly he gone it alone. Now it is near the end of the month and the Princess it supposed to take a tour of Southern Hyrule and Link usually tags along with her. Link has just arrived back from the last quest he had went on which took him about four days. In those four days Link has gotten a sick with a bad cough and hasn’t slept for all four days. This is where the story begins.


It is dinnertime everyone is at the table enjoying their food except Link who looks like he can hardly stay awake. Aside from coughing heavily nobody would know he is there. He eats a couple of bits then backs away from the table. As he gets up to leave he says “Goodnight everybody I am going to bed.”  The King notices “That boy is not looking well. In fact he looks half dead,” to the Princess “are you sure it is wise to take him along with you on your tour of Southern Hyrule?” Zelda responds “Well, daddy I do think you might be right. I think it’s time to give him a day off and I will leave him here tomorrow. I know what he looks like when he is faking and this doesn’t at all look like that,” Zelda to Impa “What do you think Impa?” Impa says “I believe that you are quite right about giving him a day off. Taking him with you in his condition might make him worse and that would affect his ability to protect the Triforce of Wisdom.”


Around seven the next morning Zelda knocks on the door of Link’s room and then enters quietly. Link is still pretty much out of it. He rolls over, opens his eyes slightly, and sees Zelda looking into his eyes.  “Zelda,” he says in a very low voice “is it time for us to go?” She responds “I am going, but you’re staying here. No arguments over this.” Link says “I’m fine I’ll be ready in a minute.” Then he coughs as he attempts to sit up. “No, Link you have been on the go for the past month and sick since you got back and I figure it’s time to give you a day off. Impa gave me this to give to you,” pulling out a small bottle with purple liquid in it “you are drink this now and this will help go back to sleep and get over that cough.” Zelda sits down on the bed and checks his head. “You feel a little hot I think it’s best for you just to take this day off.” He uncorks the bottle and downs its contents then lays back down. “Link, when you get up let the guards outside your door know and they will sit with the Triforce. Oh, there’s something else and it’s in your closet, but don’t go over there yet until you have slept a little and gotten over that cough, okay.” “Okay,” Link says sleepily. “It seems that medicine already starting to take effect. I will see you later on this evening,” Zelda comments. Zelda leans forward and kisses him on his forehead. Then she gets up and begins to leave. Link says “Thanks, Princ….,” then falls asleep. “You’re welcome hero,” she says quietly as she leaves the room.


Ganon in his Death Mountain chamber has seen what is going and thinks to himself “so Link isn’t feeling well, he’ll soon be feeling worse. Carrock come forth.” The old wizrobe appears before his master. Carrock says “What is your bidding my master?”

Ganon orders “Change into a traveler then go to North Castle and capture the Triforce of Wisdom and return with it to me. I will give you some extra help in this.” Ganon points at Carrock and shots some magic over to him. “This will give you enough power to overcome who ever stands in your way. Go now.” Carrock transforms into a traveler and departs “As you wish my master.”
Link is soundly sleeping and until around one in the afternoon when he finally wakes up feeling more refreshed and definitely over his cough. He jumps up out of the bed and puts on his regular clothes. Just as he about to leave his room he remembers that Zelda told him she had put something in his closet. He goes over opens the closet door and there is something wrapped in brown paper with his name on it. He unwraps the package like a kid on Christmas Day. To his surprise it’s the fishing pole the princess took away from him when she caught him trying to sneak out to go fishing when she wanted him to help the castle handyman. He thinks to himself ‘now this is what I call day off.’ He exits his room letting the three guards outside know he’s taking the day off. They walk in and assume positions around the room to guard the Triforce of Wisdom. He heads downstairs through the courtyard then into the town and then to the moat and sits down to fish. Carrock disguised as a traveler moves through the main town undetected then into the courtyard carefully he moves around not to give himself away as to his true motives. While the guards on the wall don’t appear to be watching he walks quickly into Link’s tower and up the stairs. After a good many steps he arrives at the door to Link’s room. He transforms back into Carrock and makes himself invisible as he quietly enters the room. None of the guards notice anything. He shoots fireball out of his hand stunning the guards present. The explosion caused by this is spotted by a guard on the wall and yells out “Somebody’s in the Triforce tower.” Link hears this and jumps to his feet as quickly as possible drawing his sword and pulling his shield out of his magical pouch. He runs back through the town and across the courtyard then he bolts up the stairs to his room. The guards in the room are out cold and the Triforce is missing. He hears a guard on the wall “Hey you stop!” and sees the wizzrobe running through the courtyard. Link bolts back downstairs and into the courtyard chasing Carrock. He is close on Carrock’s heels and with in grabbing distance, the chase continues to the bridge. Carrock turns toward Link laughing at him “I did it, I did what Master Ganon never could now I will please my master.” Link thinks and says “Hey Carrock don’t you want a rematch of the earlier fight we had. Why do you need Ganon? Can’t you fight me yourself?” Carrock’s ego is hurt he says “You’re right Link, I will destroy you with the power of the Triforce of Wisdom who needs Ganon anyway.” This is just what Link was hoping for that the wizzrobe would not back away from a challenge and this was a rematch of the fight in a palace. Link quickly pulls out his reflecting magic dousing his shield with it. Link fires a zap at Carrock which he catches laughingly, “Is that the best you’ve got?  I will show you some real magic.” Carrock draws all the energy and sends a blast directly at Link of course Link is prepared and sends the magic blast right back on Carrock sending him to the evil jar. Link goes over and reclaims the triforce of Wisdom. Ganon is furious with Carrock about him allowing his ego to take over. “You had the Triforce why did you want to fight Link. We could have won. No matter I will take my revenge one day and destroy that heroic pest and the princess and Hyrule will be mine.”

In the late afternoon the Princess arrives back and Link greets her at the stables. “Well, Princess you’ll never believe the day I had.” Link tells her the whole story and she say “I guess it’s a good thing you did take a day off.” Link says after that “Hey I did save the Triforce of Wisdom again don’t I deserve a reward like a kiss.” Zelda says “You had your day off wasn’t that enough.”  Link says “Well, excuuuuuusssseee me Princess.”

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