The Dark Castle

by Matthew McMullen

Part 1: Moblin Attack


  Our story begins with our Hero, Link battling a group of Moblins to gain more rupees to buy the legendary Blue Ring (this doubles his armor). He had found the cave in which a solitary merchant was selling the ring for 250 rupees. He had just killed another Moblin when an Octorock jumped out and hit him with a rock. Link, stunned, rubbed his sore head and tried to fore the dizziness away. Link then looked over, still slightly dizzy, saw a Moblin take careful aim at the stumbling Link. Then the Moblin fired towards Link. Fortunately, most Moblins have HORRIBLE aim and the arrow simply grazed Link’s arm. Link now in a rage took out a medallion with a strange marking on it. Link uttered a few words and with that the Moblin that fired at Link, completely terrified, started running away. It was too late, though. The Moblin disappeared from this universe and went to the hellish universe of 'Dondagolocho'. There the Moblin would suffer physical labor for the Dark One. Needless to say, Link really did not like Moblins. Now that Link had earned enough rupees, he began to look for the lone merchant he saw earlier. upon finding him, Link asked if he had the Blue Ring. The merchant only snorted and said, "Those blasted Moblins stole the last of my barter, including the Blue Ring." Having heard this, Link became extremely discouraged. He needed that ring to help him defeat Ganon, the Prince of Darkness. When he looked over his shoulder to offer the merchant help, he was gone.


Part 2: The Latonos


  Link ran out of the cave to see if he could find the Moblins, the merchant, and (most important to Link) the Blue Ring. If he didn’t get that ring then Ganon would... Link didn’t want to think about it. He ran into the Lost Woods and heard a rustle in the leaves he reached in and found he was holding a little... monster, (he didn’t quite know what it was) that was quite frightened, in his hand.

"Who... what are you?" Link asked.

"I...I'm a.... a.... Latonos. My name is Edosco" The monster stammered. He was a small monster, walking on all fours was about four feet long from head to tail, and three feet tall at the shoulder. It’s yellow and seemed to speak Hyrulian very well (when not stuttering). He sounded like a small boy.

"A Latonos is a species of ‘monster’ as you would call us, but we really are not monsters at all. We are highly developed creatures with our own government and currency, rupees, the same as you. We are also very developed in the use of magic."

"How come, if you are so advanced, has no one noticed you." Link asked.

"We are small, quiet, and conduct all our main business underground," Edosco answered. "We also usually have an invisibility spell on when we go above ground."

"Why didn’t you have your invisibility spell on?" Link asked.

"I... haven’t learned it yet," Edosco said, turning a shade of blue, obviously blushing.

"How old are you anyway?" Link asked beginning to doubt this creature.

"120. We have incredible longevity, though. I would be about... 12," Edosco smiled sheepishly. "I told you I’m good in magic though."

"Yeah right," Link said sarcastically beginning to leave, "I have to go get those Moblins."

"No, I’ll prove I’m good at Magic," Edosco said. "Get ready to battle!"



Part 3: To Battle!


  To Link’s surprise Edosco, The Latonos, jumped back and began firing huge fireballs of energy toward him. Link jumped back and repositioned his sword and shield preparing for battle.

"I don’t really want to kill him," Link thought, "But I have to defend myself." With that thought, Link ran up to Edosco and tried to hit him with the side of his sword. Edosco almost prepared for the attack teleported just in time for the sword to go through air. While Link was stumbling, Edosco ran ub and jumped on his back, causing Link to fall forward. Edosco, still on Link’s back, started chanting a a strange spell.

"Heroto, Longetolo, Herobostimo, Latonosocity, help me to hurt this young warrior into agony." Link suddenly had a headache. It was nothing to worry about at first. He started to get up and say ‘is that the best you can do,’ when, suddenly, his headache steadily grew more painful. Even before he could get up, his head felt like it was about to explode.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Link screamed, "OH! MY HEAD!!" Link started writhing in agony. "STOP IT!! PLEASE STOP IT!!"

"Had enough?" Edosco replied innocently, "I thought you said I wasn’t good in magic." Edosco then laughed long and loud.

Link then remembered Ganon, and how if he lost this battle then he wouldn’t be able to beat Ganon, and save Princess Zelda, and all of Hyrule from his evil reign. With that thought in mind he started getting up. He walked towards Edosco.

"NO! What are you doing!? I... I cast ‘hurt’ on you..." Edosco started to panic and cast the spell again. Link stopped and grasped his head for a moment admisdt the pain, but started going again once he thought about Zelda. He walked up to Edosco... slowly. He drew his sword.... slowly. He aimed at Edosco.... slowly. He then hit Edosce wth the blunt end of the sword at the speed of lightning. Edosco fell to the ground... quickly. The pain soon went away from Link’s head. He picked up Edosco and put him into his backpack hoping to sell this little monster to the highest bidder.


Part 4: To The Dark Castle

  Link, now remembering his mission, started going forth towards the Dark Castle, the dwelling place of all Moblins. He entered the Lost woods maze in western Hyrule, and proceeded to go north, west, south, west. He found himself surrounded by dozens monsters . There were really only Octorocks, and Moblins but there were so many of them. Link unsheathed his sword drank some Power Potion, and began swinging his sword. Bolts of energy flew from the sword, each hitting its mark, whether it be a Moblin or Octorock. Soon the place was free of Ganon’s minions. Link looked off into the distance and saw the Dark Castle, Looming off into the distance. It used to be a place of joy and beauty, both things Moblins despised. They had not made the castle only taken it over. Moblins couldn’t even make a sandwich if their life depended on it. He started walking in its direction. On the way he encountered Moblins, Octorocks, and Tekites (jumping spiders) mostly. He finlly came up to the castle, not unscathed. He had been bitten, and jumped on by a Tekite, been hit in the arm, leg, and stomach by Octorocks’ boulders, and had been piersed in the arm by a Moblin’s arrow which stood like a flagpole. He didn’t tae the arrow out because he knew it would start bleeding more. He was overall preety much beaten and tired. He finally took out some Power Potion, took out the arrow with extreme pain, and drank the entire flask. He saw all his cuts come back together and felt well rested. He then looked up at the enormous door of the Dark Castle. He then shoved the door open and saw hordes and hordes of Moblins coming at him. Needless to say, he was taken prisoner.


Part 5: In the Lions Den


  Link was thrown into the prison of the Dark castle. It was completely dark, and very disorienting. He then stumbled upon something soft. It grunted and then got up. It was the merchant!

"Huh?" The merchant said sleepily, "No... No don’t execute me! You don’t have to do anything for me. Just don’t kill me!"

"SSSHHHH!" Link said, "It’s me, Link."

"L...Link, Oh, you wanted to buy the blue ring," The merchant said.

" Yes. Do you have it? I’ll need it," Link asked urgently.

"No," The merchant hung his head in shame, "The blasted Moblins took it from me. But, I have found a hole!"


“Over there.” Link walked over to the wall and saw that the hole was very small.

“Why I bet that hole is only,” Link smiled to himself “Three feet tall... Oh, Edosco... I need to ask, well no, I need to TELL you something you’re going to do for me. Since I saved you life by not killing you. You’re going to go through that hole and silently kill the gaurd and give me the keys. Understand?"

“It doesn’t really matter does if I do or don’t you’ll still send me, right?” Edosco said.

“Well.... Yup.”

“Fine then.” Edosco quitly slipped out the hole and cast sleep on the gaurd, got the keys, and opened the door.

“I told you to kill him!” Link whispered, angrily.

“I didn’t want to KILL him.”

“It doesn’t matter let’s just get away from here before all our ‘whispering’ wakes the gaurd,” The merchant said.


Part 6:The Dark Castle


  The castle was a labyrinth with Moblins at every turn. Finally, they made it to the throne room. The king was sleeping, and wearing the Blue Ring. Link simply walked up and shoved his sword through The Moblin King’s chest. The king uttered a slight groan but then was dead. A slight groan was enough, though. It awoke the sleping gaurds outside, and soon the entire castle was at their door. Link smiled grimly and said, “Get back I don’t want you to go to.”

“What?” The merchant and Edosco said at the same time.

“JUST GET BACK, NOW!!!!!” Link screamed. He then took out the medallion he had used before, and murmured some words. There was a flash of light and then darkness.

The trio looked around. Nothing. The Moblins, Their armor and anything they had, gone. The three of them walked back outside, in silence, not quite knowing what to say.

“I think the Dark One is going to be pleased with all the new slaves he has,” Link laughed. The others were soon laughing too.

“Well,” The merchant said, “I’d better get back to my shop.”

“I'll take you,” Link said, “As for you, Edosco...” Edosco’s eyes filled with fear. “How ‘bout you join me, You’re pretty good in a fight, I could use you.” Edosco jumped a whole three feet off the ground. This is pretty high when you’re four feet tall.

“YES!!! I mean... um well, okay ifyou insist.” Edosco said, embarrassed.

“Good,” Link smiled, “Oh yeah the Blue Ring,” Link said as he slipped the ring on his finger. “Now, we’re ready to fight Ganon.”


The End


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