She Was Gone

By Sir Calibur

            She was gone.


            She’d left him without reason. He didn’t know why, but his whole world fell apart as she flew away.


            When he’d returned to Zelda, she greeted him with a cheerful smile, recalling everything they’d been through. When he gazed at her with that empty, hollow look in his eyes, the smile slipped from her face as quickly as it had come.


            They’d sealed away the King of Evil, bound him in the Sacred Realm, a prison for the foul deeds he’d committed, for causing the deaths of many innocent people. The Kingdom of Hyrule would begin to rebuild, allowing for everyone in Hyrule to regain lost happiness.


            Well, not everyone.


            The Hero of Time could feel a gap in his heart that could not be filled with festivals or celebrations, a gap that could not be filled by false shouts of victory. To some, it may have seemed to be a victory, but to one man, it was a loss.


            The Goddesses had deemed it necessary for him to stay in the future while another copy of him was sent back to the past to take his place, preventing his attempts to replace the Master Sword in its pedestal. He couldn’t even see his friends again.


Zelda thought he’d fallen in love with her that, they were meant to be, that it was his duty to the kingdom. She didn’t understand what he’d lost because of her and his duty “to the kingdom”. No, it was what she thought was best for him. She was trying to decide his destiny again, something that had become a habit for her.


            She’d made him promise to come back after he found who he lost. He had no intention of coming back if he found who he was looking for. If he found her, he didn’t need anyone else.


            As he worked his way through the Woods of the Lost, he looked desperately for any sign of her, any hint that she’d been there. For many days, he found none.


            Finally, exhausted, he stumbled into the fountain of the Great Fairy, thoughts of suicide crossing his mind, threatening to rob him of his drive. It was in Fountain, that he found her.


            She didn’t notice him at first, hovering in a meditation position near the fountain itself, somehow the size of a human. As he approached her, his foot came down in a small puddle, filling the chamber with a light splashing sound.


            They Fairy immediately turned around and stared at him, shocked to see him so far from his home, standing in her presence. No greeting was necessary for them; they could see how the other felt.


            Neither of them said anything for a moment. The look of sadness on Link’s face turned to that of quiet enthusiasm as he took a cautious step towards her, a movement that she copied. Seconds later, they were in each other’s arms, sharing a tender hug.


            Her human form was only temporary, something she was granted in the fountain as a reward for her dedication to Link. She would use it selfishly for that one night with her lover.


            To truly be together with him for one night was all she wanted, for what she truly wished for would come soon enough…if she had the patience to wait.


            In the shadows, the Great Fairy looked down upon them wisely. She knew of the events to come. She knew the fate that awaited the two. How it would test their love for each other and their determination against all odds.


            What she was unable to see, was how the Hero would be pushed to his limit by one who he thought was an ally, one who he had decided to leave behind when he went to search for the one he loved.




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