The Thief

By Speedy

Author's Note: Please guys donít hate me if the story sucks .And if you really like it (I highly doubt it though) email me at

If you want suggestions or character drawings you can email me okay. Should I describe our main character first? Her name is Xenia and sheís a thief. She has long black hair that stops at her waist and olive tanned skin, deep green eyes and is about 5'4. Sheís a curvy person and is quite muscley. She wears a mask(of course,) a black tank top like thing that stops at the middle of her rib cage and black, baggy pants. Sheís cheeky and stubborn but she cares for children and other things she has the power to heal people and take energy from her surroundings and use it to multiply her strength, speed and height of jumping or she can convert the energy into a electricity ball but, when she uses her powers it weakens her. Shall we start the story now?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*Xenia's POV*
"Stop stop that thief!" a man cried. "Call the soldiers!" yelled another. I laughed to myself. Do they really think theyíll catch me? HA even with my eyes closed I could escape those fools. I pushed a strand of my black hair away from my green eyes and looked to my right. There they were, the soldiers, led by a man in a green tunic with blonde hair. I observed him a bit. He had a nice build and had blue eyes. Too bad heís a soldier, heís kinda cute. He glared at me. I chuckled and jumped on the roof to make my escape.

*Linkís POV*
I glared at the thief. How could she steal from these innocent people? She flicked her hair out of her eyes and jumped onto the roof. Ugh this one isnít going to be easy. I jumped on the roof and ran after her.

*Xenia's POV*
I jumped to a different roof and looked behind me. The blonde man was following me. Oh this was going to be fun. I jumped off the red thatched roof and turned a corner.....dead end. Hmm how am I going to get out of this one? Aha thatís it!!

*Linkís POV* I followed the thief to the dead end and she looked panicked.
I charged at her at extreme speed when she smiled at me. Why the hell was she smiling? Then all of a sudden she flipped over me. I gazed in awe. Smart move but she wont get away that easily. Think Link think! Aha her luck has just run out! I jumped on the roof and followed her.

*Xenia's POV*
As I was running I looked behind me. The man was gone. I canít believe I got away that easily. I slowed down into a walk so I could catch my breath." Almost ther-aghhhh" I screamed. The man tackled me to the ground. Then he pinned my arms to my side. Great just great now Iím going to be stuck in a prison for the rest of my life. A voice interrupted my thoughts. "Xenia???" said a squeaky voice. I looked to my right to see Eli, a little orphan girl from the market. I pushed the man off me.I ran to her and gave her a hug. "Hey Eli I'm.. I'm gonna be gone for awhile so take this." I gave her the melon and loaf of bread I'd stolen. "Donít eat it all kay?" I looked into her sad eyes. "Iím gonna miss you " she said hugging me tighter. I picked her up and sang to her one last time.

My little angel ....
Donít cry....
Everything is going to be alright
I may be far away
But Iíll see you someday.
Just look to the first star
See it winking
Thatís me waving
Yes my little angel donít cry.

I hummed the rest of the tune then gave her a big hug and a kiss. She gave one look at the man then ran off.I walked back up to the man. He seemed mesmerized by something. He blinked once then grabbed my wrist and tied them behind my back.Pushing me gently the whole way to the prison. What was his issue? He was all ...nice??? Not mean like the others...

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