The Missing Piec

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior

Summary: Taking place after Link’s adventures through time. Hyrule once again has found peace, but its hero has not. Although Ganon’s evil is gone from this world. Link’s dreams are still a haunting thought forever on his mind. Nightmares bring him restless sleep. Are these dreams a window to what is to come? Or can he right the wrongs he sees? (Just a little note - this was something just for fun, not given a lot of thought and in my opinion it sucks. But hey that is me. WARNING: It is sad).



The gentle breeze blow across an open field of pure rich green grass.  Sweet was the air and cool was the falling night bringing a feeling of home to the young warrior as he watched the scene unfold before him.  Like he did every night within his head, as if this was more then a dream, maybe empty memories from the past.  Either way it was always the same a green field almost like the open field of Hyrule, and two young children.  Starting at a young age of three and conversing together until the age of fourteen.  Years went by as if there where seconds, Link’s blue eyes watched the two children grow with each other.  A boy whom looked almost like him in his youth, and a girl of royal birth this he knew at least.  As the years flew by they become lovers the deep emotions between them shared with the beholder.  Then as all seemed right and joyous dark clouds threatened the land.  A familiar evil feeling filled the tranquil field a stormed raged about the two young lovers and before they knew what happen the little boy was gone.  Where to? Link didn’t know all he could do was watch, then with a loud cry the scene vanished and he next saw a woman covered in darkness.  The rich crimson liquid of life flowing from her chest where the Master Sword had impaled itself.  Link couldn’t help but cry out in pain for the woman as if he actually felt for her.  It was with that cry Link would awake in his bed, sweat covered and breathing heavily. 

            The dream had come again, but it was different this time.  The dream came fast to him early in the night instead of late.  Link sat up panting heavily to catch his breath; blond hair soaked in sweat surround a matured face.  Never had he had such dreams since Ganon was destroyed.  Why?  He thought to himself, ‘Why now?’  ‘I have to be strong now, for Zelda.  I don’t need this’

The young hero fought with himself over this mysterious dream that kept him up late every night.  As if his mind was not troubled enough about Zelda’s coming webbing.  Although his heart ached to be with her, all he could do was smile at her happiness.  She had found the prefect man in her eyes, and he seemed not to harvest an evil bone within him.  A young Prince from one of the surrounding kingdoms had asked Zelda for her hand in mirage and she expected. ‘Why wouldn’t she?  Zelda spoke of nothing else but him.  It is for the best Link let her go.’ 

            Those words spoken to himself so often.  Zelda would never see him as more then a friend, that is what he was to her, ‘A friend’. Link sighed as he came to a stand, making way towards his window.  Watching as the Hylian sun slowly raised to fill the castle courtyard with its golden rays.  He sighed again thinking about his dream, ‘What did it mean?  It could be nothing maybe bad food?’  but he knew that wasn’t the case.  The castle housed some of the best cooks; it would never be the food.  ‘No not the food. Maybe it is the webbing?  But no this feels so real, as if I am there.  Why?  Who is the woman?’  So many unanswerable questions. 



            Lost within his own thoughts Link sat in the castle library still wondering over his dreams and the mysterious woman.  Zelda having come from her father’s throne walked in with a happy smile upon her face.

“Link, there you are.”  But he didn’t answer; only remained with a blank expression as if worried.

“Link!” she called again this time he looked to her.

“Oh, sorry Princess.  I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Link, are you alright?” She asked concerned this was her friend after all.  He looked up into her sparkling blue eyes, which seemed to put him at peace yet tortured him at the same time.  She would never understand his feelings for her, and he would never tell her.  Forcing a smile he put her worries to ease although it wasn’t true.

“Yes, I am fine just thinking.”  She smiled to him as well.

“Come Link there is someone father wants you to meet.”  She grabbed his hand then pulled him to his feet.  Link couldn’t refuse her; he never could being pulled along by the excited Princess.  Zelda had lead him into the throne room where the King was seated in his golden throne.  Link bow his head slightly to him in respect just now noticing a young woman standing next to him.  Before his bow was finished he stopped eyeing the beauty as if it was the first time he had seen a woman.  Yes, Zelda was very beautiful but the woman that stood before him was more.  She was unlike anyone Link had ever seen.  Hair of silver reaching to a long length, placed back from the face with grace.  Exposing deep plum eyes, and lushes firm lips that tempted every man.  Clothed in royal fashion within a gown of midnight blue, the color almost as deep as her beauty.  The air of mystery surrounding this young figure of tempting form.  All Link could do was stare in aw at the beauty standing next to the King, his mind wondering lostly within her.

“Link” the King started waking him from this dream, “This is Payu my new advisor.  I trust you will do well in protecting her as you have my daughter these last few years.  Along with the rest of the Kingdom as well.”

“It would be my pleasure to do so Your Highness.”  Then addressing the lady he bowed again this time more gracefully. “Milady it is an honor.”  Payu simply gave him a gentle bow of her head as a greeting.

            The days trailed on and turned into weeks, then the weeks into months.  Soon a year had past, Zelda’s wedding was approaching fast.  Yet Link was not worried by that, all he could think about was the woman that had come to help the King.  ‘Payu’ he sighed to himself before falling into a restful sleep each night.  The dreams had gone from him and all he though about now was the lovely woman.  She was so mysterious, never talking too much but what she did say was always played out with overwhelming passion.  As if she spoke from her soul, which made her being in Hyrule even more pleasant.  Already since her arrival Hyrule had fallen into a peaceful standing, yes it was hard at first.  It seemed there was nothing but battle after battle for Link, but then things settled down and all was good.  Link had almost completely forgotten his feelings for Zelda it was like he never loved her other then as a friend.  It was weird that most of his life he spent in pain over her feeling the same way for him, and now he knew why she felt that way.  He had mistaken his feelings for love, it was all friendship as it was between Saria and him.  He sighed again thinking how beautiful Payu would look at the Feast of Time that would take place tomorrow night.  With these thoughts in his head the young warrior found sleep fast, but restful was something it wouldn’t be tonight.  The dream had come back to him, this time it felt more real.  Tears poured down his cheeks as he woke this time feeling for the dark woman more then ever.  His heart broke to see her in pain, body lifeless on the ground.

‘Why come back now?  Was this a warning of things to come?  What is going on?’  He screamed to himself wanting answers that couldn’t be given. 

            Still dressed only in his pants he walked outside to the peaceful gardens the castle had to offer.  Sitting on the cool bench he sighed thinking over his dream once again, ‘Why does this torture me so?  Why did I feel for that woman?’  So many thoughts racing through his head, he didn’t notice a shadowed figure looking over him.  A sweet calming voice spoke forth as Payu sat next to him.

“Couldn’t sleep?”  A little startled he looked to her.  Silver rays of the full moon making her seem more beautiful then Link could ever image.  His heart raced, she had never spoken to him unless it was to give an order, nor did he ever have a minute alone with her.  But now the castle and town was all asleep and it was just the two, with nothing to keep them apart.

“No, I couldn’t.”  He sighed trying not to get to excited about spending this short time with her.

“Something is troubling you.”

“No, I am fine.”

“I can sense it Link.  You have a worry about you, the same worry you had when I first came here.”  She paused to brush her hair over the soft skin of her shoulder.  The gloved hand guided the silk like hair behind her.  Her hands were always cover, one mystery Link always wanted to get to the bottom of but never could. “What is on your mind Link?  What is it that keeps you up?”  With a light sigh he answered.

“A dream.”

“What kind of dream?”

“I don’t know.  It is not like a dream even though I am asleep.  It feels so real.” 

“Interesting.” Was her only words.  Silence remained between the two as the cool night air blew against the lone figures.

“What about you?  Why couldn’t you sleep?”

“I don’t sleep very much. I have no need to.”

“Everyone has a need to sleep.  Even I do.” Said with more of a laugh.

“Why sleep if there is no rest in it.”  Her gentle tone and sweet personality turning almost bitter and cold as she said those words.  Link could sense a deep pain within her, one she didn’t talked of and probably never would.  He went to speak again as if to comfort her, when a light silver glow came from her right hand.  Thinking it was the moon or maybe the reflective shine from another object he looked to a source.  Payu on the other hand clasped her left hand over her right a small hint of pain behind her words as she stood and made way back into the castle.

“I must be going Link.  It is getting late.”  Her figure was gone before she even finished speaking, and Link just sighs again in disappointment.

            There he remained in thought, Payu watching him from her window high above.  The young hero only clothed in the rays of the moon, body well defined and strong as she looked upon him.

“The Master is getting tired of waiting.”  A voice called forth from her bed.  Turning Payu addressed a creature.  A wolf with deep green eyes telling the story of many ages, fur a mix of dark and light grays.

“I know Blaze, but it will all be over soon.  It ends tonight.”

“What of the boy?”

“What about him?”

“I thought—“  But in anger Payu had cut short the creatures words

“You thought what?! Nothing has changed, everything will be carried out as planned.”

“As planned?! But the King is still alive?”

“I will not take a life that is not needed.  This realm may fall but I shall leave the King.”  She turned again to the window as if troubled by unimaginable pains.  A heavy burden placed upon her that no one could help with.  The loneliness of ages returning to the heart broken woman, a pain within her as no mortal has ever felt.

Payuranna, you suffer so much.  Why do you let yourself suffer so?”

“Because pain is what keeps me alive.  I know nothing else.”

Payuranna?” the creature pleaded forth in a caring voice.

“Enough words, there is work to be done.  You must keep the boy busy until I can reach the Princess.”

“I will do my best Milady.”

            Link had found himself wandering back into the castle and then to his room with a lowered head.  The door slowly closed behind him as he entered, looking around with a troubled mind this warrior seemed worn.  Tired and troubled from long restless nights filled with despire and loneliness.  The inners of the castle were all silent not a person moved about the quiet halls or sleeping rooms.  The night was always so lonely, but this night would bring with it a new chapter in the Hero’s life.  Link threw his head up in alert as a scream came from Zelda’s room.  Without even having to think Link graded his sword and flung open his door.  The next few minutes were a blur to him; something had knocked him back into the room.  Picking himself up from the ground he looked to the door to see an over sized wolf with a mixed gray coat.  He stood ready waiting for the creature to attack, but it didn’t.  After a moment the wolf had taken a seat in font of Link’s open door, ‘How odd’ he thought to himself.  Again he tried for the door but the creature pounced on him, no harm done to the warrior but still he couldn’t pass. 

            Another loud scream came from Zelda’s room and Link was growing with rage to fight.  Helplessness was not something the warrior liked to feel, and resorting to other means of getting to Zelda.  He looked to his window, yes his window.  Link could see Zelda’s bouncy from his window maybe there was a chance of using his hook shot to get up there.  Turning to the window he took aim with the small object that had been so useful through out his life, and launch it forth.  The hook embedding itself into the wood door fame that lead off of Zelda’s bouncy.  Within a blink of an eye Link was at Zelda’s window ready to help.  But as Link was busy with the creature that rudely prevented him from leaving his room.  Zelda was being introduced to a new enemy. 

            There before Link was the woman from his dream.  In his dream she appeared in darkness and now he knew why he saw her as such.  The woman was clothed in skin tight under garments of black.  Long sleeved such as Link’s white clothing he worn under his green tunic.  Leggings covering strong yet slender legs continuing into thick black boots with a heavy look to them.  The clothing over this was much loser, the shirt sleeveless and gathered at the waist with a belt that held up a skirt containing a long slit in either side.  The woman’s face was covered by a long black scarf inlayed with Hylian markings that was wrapped gently around her neck, face and hair.  Concealing who she was, the only sight of her was frosted silver eyes and strains of plum streaked hair escaping from the left side of the scarf.

            Link brought the Master Sword to the woman’s throat before she had time to realize he was there.  Much to Link’s wondering the sword did not glow like it should have in the presence of evil. The sword remained in active as it touched the small area of skin left exposed by the scarf.

“What did you do to the Princess?”  He asked seeing Zelda lifeless upon the floor behind the woman.  The stranger didn’t speak instead her silver eyes took on a fait blue glow and the Master Sword was ripped from Link’s hands by an unseen force, and lugged into Zelda’s wood posted bed.  The blade buried deep so Link couldn’t pull it free.  Without a word the woman turned and picked up the Princess throwing Zelda over her right shoulder as she walked to the door.

            Before her hand could touch the door it was nothing but sold ice.  The woman turned again to Link as he put a normal arrow into his bow aimed at her.

“You haven’t the guts to kill a woman.”

“Try me!”  Link replied with a smirk.

“You test me Hero.  I am warning you.”

“No!  I am warning you.  Release the Princess and I shall let you live this night.”  Her eyes narrowed, Link felt like she was looking into his soul.  He could feel her eyes within him instead of upon him.  Chuckling slightly she went to turn from him again, as she moved so did Link’s hand releasing the arrow towards her.  The flash of pain causing the woman to drop Zelda.  The arrow lugging itself deep into her left side,  without a thought Link drew another arrow to aim at her.  Her chuckles only grew louder taking the arrow into her hands, and then without a flinch pulling it from her side.

“You surprise me boy.”  Her words said with such cold bitterness she didn’t even seem real to him.

            The King’s voice called forth from behind the frozen door with a group of castle guards.

“Your world’s end is near boy.  Leave this realm before you are taken too.”  Her final words before a gray smoke filled the room, and the woman disappearing like Impa had done in the years past, as did Sheik.  Link came to Zelda’s side as she began to cough lightly from the smoke. He helped her to a stand as the palace guards broke their way in.

“What is going on in here?!”  The King demanded as he stepped in, Link jumped to his feet and ran for the exist.

“A woman, she is lose in the palace.”  And with that he was gone lost in the dark halls of the castle.



“That stupid boy, he is going to be the death of everyone in this world.”  Payu angrily stated looking over the wound from the arrow that had been lugged into her side.  The wound deep and still bleeding yet the pain didn’t seem to bother her.  With a light bounce upon the bed Blaze came to sit by her.

“He is strong, maybe he could help us?”

“No!”  Said in such a harsh manner is caused him to recoil in fear something he never did from her.  She felt guilty for making him do such and return to her wound.  Fear was not something she liked her subjects to feel, but all she felt was anger unleashing it on who ever was near.  Gripping the bedpost with her left hand she moved her other over the wound.  With slight pain and a warm silver glow the wound was gone, completely healed.  Softly she spoke to Blaze this time, trying to comfort him.

“No one can help us Blaze.  Our world is lost.”

“If that is so, why let another fall to this evil?”

“Why save it? It is not my duty.” Pausing she turned from him again head slightly bowed.  Hallow pain filling her from within, tortured memories flooding her mind.  “I failed at my duties, and now we suffer.”

“You are the only one that suffers Payuranna. Why can’t you let it go?”

“Because I am to blame.  It was not you that saw the betrayal in his eyes it was me.” 

Hearing the hurt in her voice made him shutter.  All that was felt was sorrow for her and all that he had seen happen.  He watched as this once proud woman was reduced to nothing but an emotionless life of pain.  He could do nothing watching with those lively green eyes was all he could do.  That thought saddening him even more.

            The night went on without another noise or misshape.  The next morning was spent preparing the castle town for the Festival of Time.  Hylian people gathered from all over, all the races were present and the party soon to begin.  As night fell to cool the warmed land Hyrule came to life with music and dancing.  Entertainment was everywhere the King with a pleased smile watched his people in a joyous celebration.  His daughter on his right and Payu upon his left.  Zelda was beautiful like always in her gown of pink and creamy white, as her father took her hand to lead her for a dance.  As they walked to the dance floor Link bowed respectfully to both of them.

“Good evening Your Highness, and you as well Princess.”  The King smiled and patted Link on the back.

“Come now boy shouldn’t you be out having fun?”

“There will be no celebrating for me tonight Milord.”

“Why is that?  Still looking for that woman?”

“No, not looking just waiting.”  The King laughing in response.

“Boy you worry to much.”

“Yes Link.  Why not ask Payu to dance?  She is just like you always working, why not take her mind off things.”  Zelda said as her father pulled her into the festive dance.  Link looked up at the throne by which Payu stood.  There she was like always standing straight silent and professional.  He had planned to talk to her tonight, he wanted to tell her how he felt.  ‘But what if she doesn’t feel the same?  Like Zelda.’  The voices inside his head acting up again as he walked slowly to her.

‘Why would she be interested in you?  Of all the men she could have do you think she is single just because she is waiting for you?’ He shook his head taking another few steps closer to her.  Telling himself to shut up and that she wouldn’t refuses him. ‘Be confident Link, you can do this.’  That was it no more talking to himself , he now standing before her.   Looking up the words stuck in his throat her beauty had frozen him once again as it often did.  He had fallen victim to meaningful plum eyes, the tiny pieces of silver hair that fell from her neatly placed hair accented every feature. 

“Was there something you wanted Link?”  Her words snapping him out of his daydream.

“Milady correct me if I am wrong but this is a party is it not?”


“Then why are you not dancing?”

“If you promise not to tell, I am not much of a dancer.” Said with a slight grin as if she was joking with him.

“Oh, come Milady.  I am sure you are a graceful dancer.”

“Your questions interest me but that is not what you were coming to ask me now was it?”  He laughed bring his hand to rub the back of his neck in a shy manner.

“You always manage to see right through me.”

“Well, what is your question?”

“I was wondering if you would care to dance?  With me that is.” ‘By the Gods do you realize how stupid you sound. Just turn away.’  His inner self-saying as Link turned embarrassed but her voice causing him to freeze.

“I would love to Link.”  With a smile he extended his hand to her.  A soft gloved hand sliding into his as they walked to the floor.  The music had slowed a while ago to a sweet tune played in honor of the King, as him and his daughter danced.  As if like a dream they slowly reached the floor,  she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, and her other within his.  A shutter of delight pass over him, he had been dreaming of this moment for a long time.  Never thinking he would ever be this close to her as his hand slide to hold her waist.  Gently moving with the music Link leading her around the floor lost within those passionate eyes.  In that moment Payu had felt something she hadn’t in a long time, so long it almost frighten her to feel it.  The feeling of romanic surround them, the air heavy with the delightful sound of music.  To them the world seemed to stop and all that was left was her and him.  This one dance so prefect Payu almost seemed at peace for once.  Before the songs end Link , more confidence now, lead her away from the party and into the castle gardens.  Without a word she followed her hand in his like this was a dream she wished not to wake from.  Finally coming to a stop at one of the fountains Link sat her down next to him.

“What are we doing over here?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“I don’t know really how to say this, but”  She only looked at him in wonder as the boy stumbled for words.  “You see I have known Zelda for a long time, and I always thought I was in love with her.  You should have seen me the day she told me that she was to be married.  My suffering was so great, but then you came and now that suffering is gone.”

“Link, what are you trying to say?”  She held her breath knowing what he was trying to get across, happy that he felt that way but also afraid of it.  Taking her right hand he slide a straw bracelet around her wrist.

“I made this for you.  It doesn’t look like much but I wanted you to remember that there is a man that loves you more then his owe life.”  A silence swept through the air as she stared at the gift. He continued thinking he had offend her in some way. “I know I am only a—“ But the gentle feel of her hand upon his mouth caused him to stop.  Without even knowing why or how, as if it were instinct for them.  They both leaned in closer, soft lips touching each other in a passionate embrace.  Link almost died right there feeling her so close to him.  She moved closer to him forcing their lips firmly together.  Taking her into his warm arms he lost himself within a moment of pure love.  This to him was her returning his feelings, but was it for real?

            She pulled away looking at him she spoke in a fearful yet loving tone.

“You must leave this world Link.  You must leave now and no matter what you can not look back.”  A confused look pasted over his face.  The woman in black had told him something like that as well.  It only made him wonder more about his dream. 

Screams in the distance sounded and flames rise forth where the festival was.

“Zelda!  Payu go to the Temple I will be there soon.”


“Go please go.”  He jumped up and began towards the town as she called to him.

“Link, don’t go!”  but he ignored her request and headed into the blaze that once housed joyous noise. 

            The town lay in flames covering every inch of the stone ground.  Link looked franticly for Zelda in the blaze, it was there in an unharmed corner he found her.  Cuddling with herself as Impa rushed to her side Link was soon to follow.

Impa get her to the Temple I will get the King.”  Impa nodded in replied and dragged Zelda to the Temple of Time where Payu was waiting.  Link continued his search for the King, hours went by and there was no sign of him.  Tired and wounded from the flames Link headed to the Temple in hopes the King had made it there without any harm done to him. 

            The warm glow of the dying flames could be seen reflecting off of the Temple walls.  Climbing the aged stairs as he did when just a boy, Link entered the Temple of Time.  Something wasn’t right the doors where left open and no candle within.  Pushing the already cracked door open he gasped to see Impa lying on the ground. ‘Was she dead?’ he asked himself rushing to her side.  The lifeless figure stir a bit as Link placed a hand on her.

Impa are you alright?!”  She only moaned in reply as another voice boomed forth.

“You made it easy for me Link.  To easy.”  There standing within the center of the Triforce that was paint on the floor was the woman.  He stood slowly to comfort her, the Temple dimly light by the glow of the fire within the castle town.  He looked her over again wondering why he felt for her in his dreams.  A silver reflection caught his eye, there what was that?  The Triforce was there upon her right hand only silver instead of gold.  He shook his head giving her a threatening look.

“Where is Zelda?!” He demanded.

“I told you to leave, but you didn’t listen.”

“Where is SHE?!”

“She is safe and unharmed.”

“And Payu?!”

“Ah, yes.  What is she to you boy?”

“Just answer my question!”

“Answer mine first and I will tell you.”

“I love her.”

“No, you love her beauty.”  The woman jumped in.

“It is not her beauty.  It is her being that I love not that I should tell you anymore.  Why should I explain it to a woman that knows nothing of emotions.”

“You shouldn’t speak of things you do not know.  I know more about emotions then you will ever in your life.”

“WHERE IS PAYU?!” Link growing more impaction by the minute.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.  What if I told you that I had killed her.”  He shook his head not even thinking of it has a possibility.  “Yes, that’s it I killed her.  I watched as her blood stained the rich grass in the gardens.”  Her cruel harsh words enraging Link with every sentence. “Her blood was warm and rich as it covered my hands.  She begged for her life like a child be thankful I released her from such weakness.”  Link gripped tightly to the Master Sword and without warning he lugged after the woman.  Relaxed and calm the woman jumped up into the air and flipped behind him.  With an effortless push she sent him stumbling forward.

“You are weak boy.  You are no match for me.”  Her words were followed by a chuckle as Link looked to her again with angry eyes.  Before she could speak again the stranger was upon the floor, Impa stood behind her holding her sword.  Impa had knocked her in the head with the hilt of her sword, nodding to her he went to deliver a death bring blow.  Yet something stopped him as he looked over her, there on her right hand was the bracelet he had given to Payu.  She looked to him as her eyes opened.

“Now you know.”  Impa remained still trying not to pass out again as she pulled the scarf from her face, it was indeed Payu.  Only she looked a little different her hair was striped with purple and a long scar stretched over her right cheek.  The mark of battle looking painful and inhumane.


“There are a lot of reasons.”  In anger he placed the tip of his blade to her throat, this was the woman he loved and she had betrayed him.  More pain then anger is what filled his body.  His actions that of pure hurt and rage.

“Why not start by telling me the right one.”

“You want the hole story?”

“That would be a nice gesture on your part.”

“Very well, where should I start?”

“How about who you really are, and why you have taken Zelda.”

“Alright, my real name is Payuranna and I am over 200 years old.”

“Impossible.”  Link laughed at her.

“If you wish to know what you have asked do well to keep your mouth shut.”

“Do not make me kill you.”  Link yelled back but Impa stopped his blade from going closer to her throat.

“Link , I think it best we listen to her.”

“Shall I continue?” Link nodded for her to continue.

“ A 100 0f those years were spent fighting the Evil King Ganon, the other fifty were spent in his service.”

“Wait you must be mistaken.  Ganon is locked in the Realm of Darkness.”

“No, your sages,” she said turning to look at Impa, “ missed that realm and he entered mine.”

“And what is your realm?”

“My realm is the mirror realm to the heavens.  Like Hyrule the Goddess created all within my home and left a piece of the Triforce behind.”

“You are speaking nonsense there is only three pieces of the Triforce and they are here in Hyrule.”

“You are wrong, there is a fourth piece, the middle piece given to the one whom if declared as the Guardian of the Gods and Heavens.”

“So you are saying that your realm is just like ours.”

“In ways yes, in others no.  We age differently from you tens years here is like 100 to us, but we too had a hero like you Link.”

“The boy.”  Link whispered to himself recalling from his dream.  Sure no one heard him he placed his attention on her once more.  “So how does Zelda tie into this?”

Ganon wishes her, and you.”

“You work for Ganon?  Even more reason to kill you.”

“I work for him only to save my people from his torture.”

“Why do I not believe you.  Why help the man that condemned your home? Why not fight against him?”

“What is the point when no one wishes to stand with you?  My people lost their faith when our hero was slain.”

“Still you should try.  For as strong as you are you waste your talent.  Instead of helping your home land you are here destroying ours.”

“Your land would fall even if I hadn’t come.  Ganon is forever growing stronger and he would come again to Hyrule.”

“And I shall always be here to stop him.  Now then enough debating you are going to take me to Zelda.”

“What makes you think I would?”

“Because if not we will see how much help you are to your home land dead.”

            Before another word could be spoken Link found himself upon the ground and Impa knocked out once again.  The Master Sword as pulled from his hands and placed at his throat this time.  Payuranna now holding it as Blaze came to stand beside her.

“A friend of yours?”

“My oldest and dearest friend.”

“Well then lets us end it.  Go a head kill me.”

“No, Link I am not going to kill you.”  Blaze looked to her in shock Payuranna was not one to let an enemy free like this.  Without a thought to who they were she would strike them dead.  Why was this boy different?  Even Payuranna herself didn’t know why she speared his life other then he could have been right about trying to fight Ganon.  “I am going to help you save your Princess.”

“How can I trust you?”  She takes the sword and holds it by the blade handing it to him Shyly he takes his sword back from her as he comes to a stand.

“Now do you trust me?”

“Barely but I will go with you, and I promise if you help me save Zelda, I will help you save your home.”

“Don’t bother.” She said in a harsh cold tone walking past him, her shoulder nugging his hard as she did so.  The Temple seemed more quiet and still then ever as Payuranna stood before the closed doors of Time.  She was scanning over them as if looking for something when Link came to stand beside her.

“What are you doing?”

“Shut your mouth and watch.”  She was so rude so bitter, this couldn’t be the woman he fell in love with. 

            Her right hand traced along the Hyrulian carvings and then finally came to rest on the middle of the Triforce.  The silver force upon her hand shinned brightly for a moment then faded as the stone doors slowly opened.  A warm, blinding light filled the aged Temple and consumed the three travelers.  Once the light faded they were no longer within the Temple of Time, or Hyrule for that matter.  They stood within a once noble Temple reduced to nothing but stones and ash,  Payuranna’s eyes scanned the surrounding with a shocked look.  As did Blaze before Link spoke in disappointment.

“This is it?  This is your home?”  It was as if he was laughing at them even though that was not his intention.

“It wasn’t like this when we left.  Not like this.”  Blaze said in a soft sorrowful tone.

“Lets not dwell in the past of what was.  We must find the others.”  Payuranna may not have shown what hurt she felt but Link could senses it was there deep down where she hide everything. 

            The sky was black with evil clouds covering a nigh sky.  Filling the night with more terrors then it already would bring, fires burned within the destroyed towns and once family filled homes.  There was nothing left but ash and skeletons the silence within the small villages they past seemed to haunt Payuranna.  The loneliness giving Link chills as they traveled from rubble village to rubble village until finally they reached a graveyard filled with royal head stones.  This was where the royal family of this world was buried, where their past kings rested for all times.  Payuranna came to a stop at a large head stone with a book written in a langue Link was unfamiliar with upon it.  Whispering softly she said a few words in another langue and the stone book opened to revile a set of stone stairs leading downward.  Troches burning brightly down the long stair well made Link think that they were not the first people to enter this secret place.  The sound of voices could be heard in the distance.  Male voices and arguing ‘What is going on’ Link thought to himself.  They came to the bottom of the steps but Payuranna remained within the shadows of the hall listening to the two men argue.

“He was just waiting till he got what he wanted.”  One yelled.

“She had no choice, the Princess did it to save us.  How could she know he wouldn’t up hold his end of the deal.”

“Yes helping him was a lot better then standing against him.  Look at us this is all that is left, and it is all her fault.”

“That is not true she saved us.”

“No, she destroyed us the day her blade priced the heart of the only one that could save us.” ”Guardian of the Goddess, that is the biggest joke I have ever heard.”

“ I will not stand for you bad mouthing our Princess within my presents.”

“I will say what I wish and who is going to stop me?  You Gulin?”

“I will not ask you again to stop.”

“Your Princess is nothing but a two timing slut!”  Without warning the one called Gulin tackled the other man and a fight broke out.  Payuranna waited until blood was split before she jumped in.  Trying to rip Gulin from the other man as more people started to help. Finally the two men stood on opposite sides of the room as everyone looked to Payuranna as she spoke.

“Enough fighting, this isn’t the time for petty corals.”   Gulin bowed his head to her as did most of the others as if respecting her words.  The other man however only replied with harsh hurtful words.

“So our destroyer returns.  I was wondering if you even cared for any of us anymore.”  Ignoring him she turned to Gulin.

“What happened?  Why are the villages laying in ash?”

“It was Ganon Your Highness.  Once you brought that girl through the portal his men attacked.  There is nothing left only us few.  I have failed you Princess.”

“No, Gulin it is I that have failed you all.”

“Yes indeed it is.”  The other man saying again trying to get her attention.

“This is all your fault maybe if would have stuck your blade within your own heart instead of Dire’s.  We wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Hold your tongue Alxe!”

“You don’t command me you traitor.  How can you guard the heavens if you can’t even save your own people.”  Payuranna remained silent listening to his hateful words, growing more enraged by them.

“You can’t, you just leave them to die while you serve the man that has slain innocent people.  Woman, children their blood stains the ground while you walk free.  You don’t deserve the blessing you have.”  Link watched still within the shadows none of this made senses to him.  Didn’t he know she served Ganon for them, she threaten her life and another world to save this very man that was cursing her very name.

“That is enough Alxe, as your commander I order you to be silent.”

“NO WOMAN ORDERS ME!!!”  He yelled to her filling the room with his enraged voice as his hand flew across her face.  The back of his hand hitting her so hard that is knocked her to the ground, blood flowing from her lips.  Link ran forward as he saw Alxe’s foot come into kick her side as she was down.  As his foot made brutal contact with her side Link tackled the man to the ground the others help in subduing him.  Payuranna picking herself up from the ground looked to Alxe as the other men in the room held him.  Balling up her right fist punched him in the face with such pent in emotions and anger the blow broke his nose and shattered his jaw.  The sound of crushing bones within both their bodies filled the room giving everyone chills.  Alxe fell to the ground, his face bloody and eyes closed, pasted out from the pain.  Payuranna stumbled back holding her right hand as the people in the room looked at her in shock, Link being one of them as she walked with a lowered head back the way they had come.


“So, the Princess was hired by Ganon to steel your Princess.”

“As far as I know yes.”

“I wonder why Ganon wants her.  I know for the longest time he was in search of our Princess.  She would come to help us in the villages even when things were dangerous for her to be about.”

Payuranna helping people is not something I can see.”  Link said looking around the small underground room talking with Gulin.  The others having settled for the night in makeshift beds of straw and rages.

“You would be surprised The Princess, she was so kind always putting her people first.  Even now she does so, as proof when she sided with Ganon.”

“Why did she side with him?  I know it was to save all of you, but how did he threaten her on such a great scale?”

Ganon threaten the Kingdom after killing the King and Queen, but the people stayed strong they still had their Princess and their hero.  Even Payuranna believe Ganon’s evil could be destroyed and the people did anything and suffered everything to keep her safe.  Although she was the reckless type and did more for us then we did for her.  That all changed the day Dire was killed.”

“Who was this Dire?”

“He was the sworn protector of the Princess, but to her he was more.  He also protects the Kingdom.  Dire was our hero, our hope for a peaceful home.”

“What happened to him?  How did he die?”

Gulin going to share the story with this young warrior was stopped by Blaze.

“It is a sad tail, one we do not speak of.”   Gulin bowed his head respectfully to Blaze, Link thought this odd.  What was Blaze that he could silence him like that.  More so Link wanted to know what happen to the Hero Dire and why his death was to be kept secret.  Gulin stood and went to his bed as Blaze sat next to Link.

“You shouldn’t be asking questions boy.  It will only get you into trouble.”

“Why?  Who was this Dire that you keep his death secret?”

“None of your business.”

“I think I have a right to know.”

“Do you now?”

“Yes, for everything you and Payuranna have put me through.  I desire to know all that I can.”

“Sorry that is not good enough.”

“If you wish me to help you save what remains here.  I will need to know all that I can.”

“You actually think you can help us.”  He laughed at Link

“Yes I do.  If I can’t they I will die trying.”  The boy was serious, he was actually welling to go the distance for these people he never knew.  Blaze just smiled warmly to him lowering his defensive manner.

“You are so much like Dire, no wonder she likes you.”

“Who? Payuranna, yeah right she cares for nothing.”

“She wasn’t always like this Link.  Have some compassion.”

“Maybe if knew why she is this way I would.”

“Alright Link.  If you want to know.  Dire and Payuranna grew up together and over the years they grow closer.  Before Ganon entered our world Dire asked for Payuranna’s hand in marriage she accepted with great joy.  I had never seen her so happy, then Ganon came and killed the King and Queen along with Payuranna’s younger sister.  Still she remained strong although her entire world was gone.”

“She does seem like a strong woman.”

“She is, her spirit has been broken though.  It shattered to the wind the day Dire died.  He was capture by Ganon and brain washed to serve him, none of us knew.  When he returned we were all so over joyed it didn’t cross our minds how he escaped from Ganon.  A few days went by and Payuranna was taking a night guard shift when he came to her.  Dire attacked trying to kill her, Payuranna refused to fight.  This was the man she loved, her very being was within this man.  She pleaded with him to stop but he couldn’t hear.  Taking up is sword she stabbed him through the heart in a defensive move, and his dagger cut her across the cheek.  It was that day he died along with Payuranna.  Ever since then she has become cold and bitter, pain is the only thing she feels.  Always blaming herself for his death and condemning her world.”  Blaze’s voice had become soft and gentle as he told the story of Dire.  The passion within his words and the pain of Payuranna’s lost caused a single tear to fall from his deep blue eyes.  Link wiped away the tear as Blaze continued to speak.

“She thinks the people won’t follow her all because of what Alxe’s says, but she is wrong.  They look to her for help and for her to lead them.  She is the hero only she can’t see it.”

“Don’t worry Blaze she will.  I promise you.”  Standing Link started up the stone stairs which lead to the outside world.


            Outside the rain was falling fast as the nightly storm covered the ruined land.  A lone figure sat by one of the gravestones, wet hair falling around a sadden face.  Bloody water flowing from the figure, another approaching the lone person.

“How is your hand?”  Link asked her.

“Its fine.”

“That was some punch.”  He said sitting beside her as the rain beat hard against his flesh.

“What is it you want Link?”

“I came to see if you were alright.”

“For a person that has cursed my very being, why would you care?”

“Maybe I am just lonely, and need someone to talk to.”

“If that is the case then speak.”  She was so short and rude, he couldn’t believe this was the same person that comforted him after having a nightmare.

“Why are you so mean to everyone?  I just came out here to comfort you.”

“Why?  I am not worth the time, you of all people should know that.  I do what needs to be done, no matter the cost.”

“Why do you make yourself suffer?  Why do you make your people suffer?”

“I am the reason my people suffer.”

“No your not.  They would stand with you if you fought against Ganon.”

“No they wouldn’t, I killed their spirit a long time ago.”

“No, you didn’t. All you have to do is stand and fight and they will follow you.  I will follow you.”

“Save your words for someone that cares Link.”

“You care you are just afraid of letting yourself feel anything but pain.”

“I feel nothing anymore, and I have only myself to blame.”

“If that is so I pity you.  Dire would not have wanted this.”

“Seems Blaze could not keep his mouth shut.”

“He cares for you like everyone else down there.”

“He doesn’t care for me, no one cares what happens to me.  My death will bring a release of their suffering, and yours.”

“You are the only one that suffers here Payuranna, and if that is what you think.  Then Dire’s death was in vain. I pity you.”  His words only enraging her by the fact he was right.  He said things that she knew deep down were true but she didn’t want to hear them.  Standing she turned to him, he noticed that she still wore the bracelet he had given her.  But why if he meant nothing, if everyone meant nothing to her.

“Save your pity for someone that needs it.  You are far to brave for your own good boy.  It will be your down fall.  Save your damn Princess and leave us be with our misery.”  And with that she was gone, lost within the stormy night of cold heartless rain.  Link couldn’t understand how someone could hurt so much for so long.  Why couldn’t she let it go?  Link returned to the others and found no rest that night.  The dream came to him again haunting him the final battle was near and he could feel it.  Payuranna as well knew as she wondered the night thinking over Links words.  ‘Maybe he was right, maybe I should let all this go.’ Shaking her head pushing that thought into the back of her head. ‘No, Dire is gone, you were the one that struck him.  Yet still it was not all your fault Ganon turned him on me.’ ‘What am I going to do?  My people need me, how can I help them?’  The voices within her head continued arguing back and forth as she fought the coldness of the night and pain of her wounds.  ‘I can do this, I have the power to take away Ganon’s power.  And I know it.’  Her thoughts continued to race throughout her troubled mind and without warning the day came.  The sun rising behind the blacken clouds that loomed over this rubbled land.  Link woke to find everyone standing around a big table talking of some trouble crossing over the land.  He stood and walked to Gulin wondering what was going on.

“What is wrong?”

Ganon is searching for the one that has entered this land.  He is searching for you.”


“Didn’t you hear him, he is searching for you and destroying what is left of our land.”  Alxe yelled forth to him.

“Then he must be stopped.”  Link yelled back.

“Indeed and we know just the way.  We will give him what he wants.”  As he finished speaking of few of the men started towards Link.  Forcing him into a corner, what was he to do.  He couldn’t kill them there where innocent people.  Their hands came closer to him and without warning he was dragged from the corner and thrown to the ground.  He fought violently against them as they tried to bind his hands.  Alxe went to help in the struggle as a voice echo through the room.

“Release him.” They all looked to the doorway where Payuranna was standing.  “That is an order.”  The men backed away from the young hero as she made way towards Link.  Helping him up as Alxe looked to her.

“Giving orders again, what good will they do?”

“A lot if you follow them.  Gulin how many men are left?”

“Sadly Your Highness, only about twenty of us.”

“Less then I thought, but it will have to do.”

“What is it you have planned?”  Alxe asked his attention on her now seemingly interested.

“I am planning on getting our Kingdom back.  That is if you are all with me?”  Everyone within the room agreed to help with great joy.  They would follow their Princess to hell and back.  Alxe smiled to her for once, now feeling like he could forgive her.

“That is the woman I knew.  That is the woman my brother fell in love with.  Welcome back Princess.”  He said bowing to her.  She only nodded and laid out her plan before them.

            The plan was to lure Ganon’s forces to the outside of the castle, as Link and Payuranna made their way through the underground tunnels.  Taking them all the way to the throne room where Zelda was sure to be.  It was a daring plan but still it was a plan, once there within Ganon’s presence Payuranna planed to strip him of his half of the Triforce.  A risky move on her part, it would make him able to be killed for all time, but the process would leave her weak.  Making her almost unable to fight, then there was the job of finding another to bestow the Triforce of Power upon.  If there was no one she would have to take it on herself, the power could be too overwhelming.  All these things that could go wrong Link started to worry, infact it kept him up that night as did his nightmare of what was to come.  He sat at the table wanting to push his fears back to a dark corner of his mind, but he couldn’t.  The thought of losing her was to much, he didn’t want his dream to come true.  But if she was the Guardian of the Goddesses could she really die, and with the Triforce of Power.  How could she die?  The thoughts and worries raced through his head not letting him rest for a moment.  Payuranna seeing him still awake came to sit beside him.

“You should rest Link.  You will need it.”

“I can’t.  My head is racing.”

“What is it you are thinking?”  Her voice soft and comforting like that night in the gardens.

“I am wondering what changed your mind?”

“Maybe it was what you said to me.  It made me think long and hard.  Something I needed to hear.”

“You know this is a very risky plan we have.”

“I know.”

“You seem not to be afraid.  Do you fear anything?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What do you fear?”  Her voice went softer almost like a whisper as she opened up to him.  Something she hadn’t done for a very long time.

“I fear not being remembered.  I know my time is near, death is not something I fear, but the thought of being forgotten scares me.  I don’t want to be lost, forgotten like I never was.  If that happens what is the point of even being here?  I also don’t want to die without having someone loving me.  I know I am not the most loveable of people, but I long to feel that again.  That deep emotion that brings everything to life.”  Link’s eyes filled with tears as she spoke.  Her words so full of passion and hurt he felt her pain, and it was overwhelming to him.  Holding back the tears as she looked to him she asked him the same thing he had asked her.

“What do you fear Link?”  Lovingly he placed a hand on hers, looking deep into those plum eyes that had stolen his heart so long ago.

“I fear losing you.”  Shaking her head she tried not to blush, it had been a long time since anyone had made her feel the way he made her. 

“Link, you shouldn’t waste your feelings on me.  I have ruined your life.”  Moving closer he placed a hand to her lips.  Causing her words to stop.

“You haven’t ruined my life.  You have only made my feelings for you deeper.”  His words almost a whisper as he moved his hand from her mouth.  He leaned closer to her, and before she could even think their lips where locked firmly into a passionate embrace.  She wanted this but this feeling of love scared her and she pulled away.

“I’m sorry Link.  I-I—need to go over somethings with Gulin before morning.  Excuse me.”  She left him before he could stop her.


            The morning came fast without warning then in a blink of an eye it was night again.  The time was now that they would put an end to Ganon’s evil.  The Hero of Time and the Guardian of the Goddesses side by side in one final battle.  This was to be an event to be remembered yet mourned at the same time.  Payuranna knew the fate of her Kingdom, and the future was dark.  Still she gave hope to her people those twenty men that would fight to the death this very night.  An eerily wind blow across the empty planes of the waste land, the chilling thrill of battle within the air.  The twenty men standing before the ruined castle gates ready to give their lives for the honor of their Princess.  Even if this realm was doomed they would not let another suffer what they had. 

            Ganon stood looking out the window in the abandoned throne room. 

“Kill them all, send out every solider there is and destroy them.”

“But My Lord.”  A shadow called out to him “There is only a few of them, why leave the palace without of all the warriors to stop such a small group?”  In a threatening tone Ganon grasped onto the figure.

“Do you question me?”

“No My Lord.”  The terrified figure replied.

“Good, now go.  I will not underestimate Link and especially that girl.”  Without another word spoken between the two the order was put forward.  The gates of the castle creaking open with chilling sounds of rusted metal.  The wind blowing over the small group of scared warriors, as the sight before them only increased the fear within their brave hearts.  An overwhelming number of Ganon’s shadow demons stood before them, nearly impossible to kill but still these men would not back down.  They would stand and fight until the last one of them had fallen.  There they stood a dark army and the rebels, a small aged field of grass between them.  The cold fearful silence of coming battle heavy in the night air.  Then without warning it all started with a loud battle cry.  The two parties running towards each other, then in just a second lost within the heat of glorious battle.  Sounds of clashing sword the cry of the wounded and silence of the dead.  All taking place while Payuranna lead Link under the castle using pitch-black tunnels.

“Payu, I can’t see where I am going.”

“Here take my hand.  Don’t worry I know these tunnels well.”  Hand in hand Payuranna lead the way through darken tunnels, and knee-deep water.  Up latters and down long drops into darkness until finally they arrived at a hidden door.  Payuranna stood directly under the door as the low tones of a bone-chilling organ could be heard.

“This is it Link.  Ganon’s chambers are right above us.  Are you ready?”  She whispered to him.  Link gave her a simple nod yes.

            Opening the small slab above them, Payuranna was first the climb out of the hole followed by Blaze.  Then finally Link, the sounds of Ganon’s organ filled the room, a bone chilling sound that haunted the soul.  They weren’t standing in a room, more like in a misty fog colored an eerie sandy hue.  Ganon nor the Princess could be seen, as the three of them scanned their surroundings.  He was toying with them, and Payuranna hated to be toyed with.

“Come out Ganon, and face us!” Payuranna called forth into the nothingness.  The organ stopped and the fog faded to revile the Evil King, sitting with his back to them.  His organ towering over them all, an overwhelming sight.  Princess Zelda was chained to the wall next to the organ, Link couldn’t tell what was wrong with her but something was wrong.  That much he knew by the way she hung against the chains.  Link, being the cautions person he was, stood analyses the situation at hand.  Payuranna on the other hand wasn’t one for waiting and jumped right in font of Link to address Ganon.  Bring the tip of her blade to rest on Ganon’s right shoulder,

“Why not turn so we can see you Ganon?” An evil laugh was his only reply as he turned in his seat to face the warriors.  Payuranna’s blade now at his throat as he spoke.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me Payu.  I must say I thought you were getting soft, but you have brought me the Hero just as I have asked.”

“The deal has changed Ganon, I have brought him here to kill you.”

“My dear Princess,” saying while coming to stand and working his way closer to her, Ganon’s words contained a bit of a laugh, “ Do you really think I can be killed?  You know better then that, I am one of the holders.  And as such I can not be killed, nor destroyed.”  Payuranna’s blade dropped to her side as she watched him circle around her. “It is a little late to start fighting for your people don’t you think.  There is no one left but you, but I can bring them back just give yourself to me.  Give me the key to open the Heavens, and all will be restored.” Ganon’s words of hopeful dreams didn’t seem to faze her, but it did buy Link time to free Zelda.” Come now Payuranna, wouldn’t you like to see all your followers again.  Maybe even someone close to you, someone like your Hero?” This made her think even more on what he was saying.

            Turning her view so that he couldn’t make out the conflict within her eyes, Payuranna thought long and hard.  He was speaking of Dire, could he really bring him back.  Her heart leaped at the chance to see her love once again, but at the sometime she thought of what would follow. 

“Come now, I promise you.  Give me the keys to the Heavens and I will let your realm in peace.” Not a bad deal, but still others would feel his power, could she let that happen?  There is nothing left in this world, the Kingdom gone.  She had nothing to lose, or did she?  Looking at Link whom held the Princess within his arms, she thought even more.  She had him to lose, Dire was gone nothing could change that, but Link was here.  Losing him would be like losing Dire all over again.

“What do you say Payuranna, will you join me?” Ganon’s hand out stretched to her. She looked at him, and then Link again.  With slight hesitation she took his hand in a friendly manner.  Ganon with a big grin shook her hand as if closing a deal.

“Good decision.”

“Indeed.”  Payuranna’s eyes an unusual plum frosted over with silver, as her piece of the Triforce glows a light silver color.  Widen eyes of pain steaming forth from a pain housed within his body.  Ganon the Evil King falling to one knee before her.  The grip on his hand growing tighter as a force pulled at his very being.  Link and Zelda stood in wonder at the sight before them, as the silver hue of a bright angelic light.  Filled every inch of the room.  In one blinding flash the room was engulfed within pure light, as screams of pain rang within the ears of the Hero and Princess.

            The brightness of the light fading slowly as Ganon’s cries of pain grew louder.  There standing before him was no longer Payuranna, but an angel at least such beauty would be seen as such.  A figure of pure glory bathed in silver light, and wings of lovely feathered white.

Ganon, The evil that pelages the known worlds.  As my duty to all life, I remove from you the power that you have abused.  The Triforce of Power is no longer yours.”  An enraged scream of ‘no’ followed the creatures statement, then another blinding flash came.  This time the light faded completely from the room.

            Payuranna was upon one knee with her head down, a silver Triforce on one hand and the Triforce of Power upon her other.  Placing Zelda carefully on the ground Link raced to her side.

“Payu? Are you alright?” But there was no answer, she was fighting for control of herself.  The power so overwhelming, so tempting to over take her in darkness.  An insane laugh coming from the fallen Ganon, as he stood to tower above Link and Payuranna.

“I don’t need the Triforce to defeat this boy.  The end is now Link, it ends here.”  Without warning his sword fell upon Link, causing him to part from Payuranna’s side in order to save himself.

            Barely having time to draw the Master Sword before again an attack came.  They battled endlessly with each other, Ganon’s rage giving him an advantage over Link.  Who seemed to be failing in his attempt to destroy this evil before him.  His blows so strong, nothing like before, and his sword coming so close to Link’s flesh.  Blaze watching over Zelda flinched each time Ganon’s sword clashed against Link’s.  This was indeed the battle of the century, but how would it end?  It seemed it would end for the worse as Link was forced to the ground.  Crawling upon his back to escape Ganon, looming over him with his sword.  Link franticly search for his sword behind him.  But where was it?  Fear rose in the Hero’s eyes, Ganon’s blade inching its way towards Link’s heart.  Just second before reaching the material of the clothing, Ganon was pulled back.  Yet Link didn’t notice what had happen, he reached his blade and it meet Ganon directly in his cold blacken heart.  Just at the same moment he was pulled back from stabbing Link. 

            Loud painful screams filled the air, as a blast of energy wiped over the realm.  Then with a final good-bye Ganon’s body formed into blacken ash.  It was then Link saw the image in his dreams, the pure horror of what was to happen come to past.  Link’s sword had traveled through Ganon’s heart and out his back to strike the one holding him back.  There was Payuranna just now hitting her knees with widens eyes.  The Master Sword impaled within her chest, the crimson liquid of life flowing into a pool upon the floor.  His dream had become reality as she fell back to the ground.

            Coming to cradle her within his arms, she grasped for breath.  Instead of air coming into her mouth, blood escaped from it.  Her body was growing cold, and the mystery in her eyes fading into nothing.

“No, you can’t die! You Can’t!!!” Link could feel the tears fall from his eyes; the hot tears hitting Payuranna’s chilled cheeks, “No!! We have won, you can’t go now!!”

But no reply came, just a deep look with the same eyes that had stolen his heart.  She was barely living, and there was nothing to do to save her.  The air filled with death, and loneliness hung heavy in the air as Link drew the dieing Payuranna closer to him.  Zelda now coming to stand beside him as well as Blaze.  Link’s tears streamed from his face and onto Payuranna’s, Blaze as well crying for his dieing mistress.  With her last bit of strength Payuranna placed a hand on Link’s cheek to comfort him.  Whispered words of pain calling to him from her lips.

“You must go.”  Grabbing her hand in a fit of pure emotions he shook his head.

“No, I am not going to leave you.  I love you, now and forever.”  A gentle smile crossed her lips, and Link forced a smile of his own.  Time seemed to stop, but at the same time it seemed to speed out of control.  It was all such a sad sight to see Link lean down and place one last gentle kiss on a woman that would leave this world.  His heart dieing with her last breath as the kiss ended.  Payuranna’s eyes closed for the last time, his love was dead.  Slain by his own sword just as his visions for told, the moment so saddening its sorrow spread throughout the dead realm.

            But it was no time for weeping, the castle walls started to shake violently, and the ground cracked all over the land.

“What is happening!?!” Zelda yelled, Link just stood slowly after laying Payuranna down.  Placing her hands to rest upon her chest, in a peaceful looking fashion.

“The realm.  It is being destroyed, without Payuranna to preserve life everything is crumbling into nothing.”  Blaze explained to them, Link just remaining in his daze looking over the fallen princess’s body.

“How are we going to get out of here?!” Zelda’s answer came fast, as a portal opened right before them.  Through the portal they could see Hyrule field, without pausing Zelda rushed through the opening.  Blaze was close behind her, but Link still stood where he was for a long moment as the others called to him.  Everything falling to ruin about him, but still his eyes didn’t stray from the body.  A gentle smile spreading across his lips noticing the bracelet still upon her arm.  Then with a gentle whisper he spoke, “I will never forget you my love.” Turning he left Payuranna, and the dead realm behind him.  The portal closing just moments after Link had stepped through.  Another surprise coming to them as well, there on Blaze’s right paw was the Triforce of Power.  Link just gave him an odd smirk.

“Seems the Guardian has placed you with the honor.  Lets hope you can up hold your part better then Ganon.”  Zelda smiled as Blaze bowed respectfully to both of them.  Zelda turned towards the castle and lead the way home.  Everything was back to normal, Hyrule was safe and so was its Princess.  Supposing that is all that matters, but to Link nothing would ever be normal again. 

            That night he spent upon the roof of the castle.  Looking out into the chilling night sky, the full moon raising overhead.  Deep thoughts of everything filling his troubled mind, this lose so great he didn’t know what to do.  Would he be able to continue his duties just as before?  But to him there was nothing left to fight for.  Blaze coming to sit beside him looked out over the sleeping land.

“I didn’t think you would be sleeping.”

“There is no point to.  Loneliness fills the void where my heart once was.”

“We both lost someone dear to us Link, but you can’t let that get in the way of your duties to these people.”

“I am no Hero, there is nothing left to fight for.  Nothing at all.” He ended his words with a long sigh.

“Link, you have a lot to learn. You see there is no happiness for heroes.  Their loneliness is what feeds that fearless drive for justice.  Happiness is an unknown feeling to warriors, and true loneliness is all they feel  I know you probably don’t understand, but you will with time.”  With a humble bow he left Link to think over his words.

            A strong cool breeze blowing over the land and up into his face.  If  what Blaze said was true then he would be lonely forever.  He was happy once, maybe only for a moment but it was still a happiness he wanted.  Something he would be waiting for until the end of all worlds, someone he would wait for until death eased his suffering.  There up top the castle each lonely night he would be waiting until time itself stops.

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