Link Vs. Ganondorf

By Toxik Shark

Link enters Ganondorf's chamber and gasps. As soon as he enters the room, the soft organ music of Ganondorf's doom-like dirge now blasts at the volume of a rock concert. The camera shoots the ceiling and slowly moves down, giving us a view of the scene. The camera stops at a distant, faraway shot of Ganondorf's organ. The room is permeated by a strange light that is a hue of orange with a touch of yellow. The light appears to be coming from the church-like stained glass windows that create the walls of this giant room, with the exception of the corners. In the center of the room way up front, is the giant organ, with huge golden pipes that almost reach the ceiling. On the left and right walls are three gray demon statues on pillars of the same color, their huge wings spread their full length. The crystal hovers, centered just below the tips of the gold organ pipes, shining like a pink star in this strangely evil orange light.

Closer shot of Zelda in her crystal cell. The next shot comes two seconds later, which is even closer. Now, we only see Zelda's upper half, surrounded and the glimmering pinkness of the crystal. We can see she is scared, despite the fact that her protector has finally arrived. She stares down at Link with frightened anticipation.

Close shot of Ganon, his back turned as he plays his theme song. We can now see that his hair has grown long and thick over the past seven years and has reached a waist length. He has also added a long, flowing red cape to his personal wardrobe. His right hand can be seen pressing the keys of the organ.

Front shot of Link as he holds out the back of his hand close to his face, staring at it. We then see the his left hand and part of his head from a rear view. The image of the Triforce appears and zooms into the flesh of his hand and glows. The left bottom Triangle, however, glows brighter than the others, indicating that this one is the Triforce of Courage. We then see Zelda at a close distance to her right. She also holds out her hand and stares as another Triforce image begins to glow on her skin. She gasps at it's sudden appearance.

We then see Gannondorf from his left, whose features are completely obscured in darkness. Only the shillouette of the lower half of his face and hands on the keyboard can be seen moving. He is still playing his theme song in intense concentration, completely oblivious to the fact that his sworn enemy has finally arrived.

Front shot of Link. He looks at himself as Navi flies around him. The heart containers refill themselves automatically and Link looks back up towards his enemy.

Back shot of The Evil King. It's the same shot as the one before, but his right hand can no longer be seen. Then, suddenly, Gannondorf stops playing. The song abruptly ends and is replaced by a thunderous silence.

GANON (after a long pause)

Ah yes. The Triforce parts are resonating. They are combining into one again. (pause) Yesss. . .I can feel their power. (Another pause) I see you have finally arrived, Link. Zelda and I have been waiting for you.

We see Zelda looking down at Link from a lower angle.


Link. . .

Previous shot!


Hm hm hm hm hm! The Knight in Shining Armor here to rescue his fair lady from captivity!! Or in this case, the so-called "Hero of Time".

Distant shot from the left side. We can see Gannondorf in his organ cubicle, Zelda flying in the air above the stone roof, and the Link in the center of the room. The three demon statues on the wall up ahead glare down at the scene.


The two pieces of the Triforce that I could not capture on that day seven years ago, I never expected to be hidden within you two! How ironic that my two worst enemies are the ones who hold the Triforce pieces that I need to complete my victory!

Previous back shot of Gannon. He laughs and stands up but doesn't turn around.


And now, after all this time. . .after all these years of waiting and wondering, the Triforce pieces have finally gathered here in palace to be reunited and to merge once again !! So begins my reign over this world!!

Back shot again. Ganondorf grabs the left side of his cape and turns around. He flings back the cape, revealing himself, with a flourish. Close up of his face. Most of the background is shown from the left of his grinning green mug.


The Hero of Time, "chosen by destiny." (pause) [next line appears suddenly instead of typed by the computer onto the text box.] Geh heh heh heh heh!!!

After the player presses the button to continue the text, the music for the Deku Tree begins, only with a much scarier tone to it than before. In other words, the tune has turned from serious to scary. This version will begin with the original strings but will be emphasized by a creepy sounding Gregorian choir (like the one in the Temple of Time) to accompany the Cathedral atmosphere. The strings will use a lot more minor notes and keys.


You Hylians! You and your beliefs! Your delusions of destiny never cease to disgust me! Well, I prefer to create my own destiny.

A medium distance shot of The Evil King that shows his entire body but enough detail to show the details of his clothes. He is wearing the same outfit as seven years before; the only difference now is his cape.


As you can see, I prefer power. It is my force in the sacred triangles of the Goddesses. It is the strength that rules over the weak. And there is strength in you, Link. I have been watching you in my crystal ball and have seen your potential. Even the Gerudos have spoken highly of you, and it takes great skill to impress my fellow Warrior Thieves of the Desert. You would have made a great warrior under my command. Your skill has improved since I last saw you; it is a pity that you have chosen this futile attempt to end my reign over Hyrule. You have squandered your entire youth in vain with your decision, Link.

Link glares at Ganon angrily at this snide little remark. His eyes narrow and he bares his teeth a bit.

GANON (back to the close up of his face)

Of course, it wouldn't be too late for you to join my side. You've proven yourself worthy. Perhaps I may even let you become the General of my Army or join the Dark Council if you wish. (His eyes widen a bit at this little sales pitch, but his evil smile stays on his face, making him look like the Devil offering a Faustian deal).

Previous shot of Link appears and zooms out quickly, just far enough to show his entire bod. He pulls the Master Sword from its sheath and gets into a fencing position. His reaction is similar to that of seven years ago when he first met this evil man, but now, he looks a true warrior of the light. We see him even closer now, and he beckons Ganondorf forward with his free hand. He lowers his head and fiercely stares at The Evil King.

The shot goes back to an amused Ganondorf. The shot potrays him the same way when he reacted to Link drawing his sword at him as a child. Of course, the background is different and strands of Ganon's thick red hair now drape over his broad shoulders, but his countenance is exactly the same as before. All camera angles are the same, and even the text of Ganon's amused laughter rolls just as slowly as the last time. The laugh we hear is also identical.

GANON (still smiling)

Heh. . .heh. . .heh. . .So eager to fight. And so eager to die. You have the courage and the bravery of a real man, but you're still only a kid, Link. A mortal Hylian child. A mortal child who's come to fight me with a mere sword and worthless parlor tricks that even an infant can perform! Pathetic little fool. I have been practicing Dark Sorcery ever since I was a boy, Link. All it that was required for me to defeat you in our last "battle" was but a mere blast from one of the simplest tricks of the Arts and you were on the writhing in the mud, weren't you?! It was power that defeated you, Link. Power. . .it is the ultimate weapon. I believed I had taught you that before, but I guess you haven't learned that lesson yet, have you?

He raises the same hand that blasted him on that day on the bridge. Several bolts of green electricity crackle between his spread fingers and he smiles even wider, baring his teeth.

Next shot shows Link up front. He narrows his eyes at the glow of the lightning, unafraid of his foe. Zelda looks down at the energy, but says nothing.

Previous shot.


And I did not even posses the Triforce of Power back then! What makes you believe that you can finish me now that I have it with me? I, too have become much stronger [turns his hand and clenches it into a fist at that word] since our last meeting. And still, you come to fight me with a powerless sword! You may have defeated my minions, but I need no army to destroy the likes of you because I fight with power, Link. I fight with the power of the Godesses, a power which now belongs to me!! And what good is your courage. . .

Camera shoots Link.


. . .or wisdom. . .

Camera shoots Zelda at the word "wisdom" and then goes back to The Evil King. Back to the familiar close-up of his face found in the game.


. . .without power? You stupid child! You had the bravery to stand up to me even as a kid; yet, you expect to fulfill your pitiful goal of "protecting" the future of Hyrule with mere toys! Well, I think that these childish toys are too much for you!

Raises his fist and the Triforce of Power appears.


And I command you to return them to me! If you refuse, then I will just have to take them from you (close-up of the Triforce glowing on his hand) by the strength of the Triforce of Power!

The Triforce begins to flicker.


Now, I will allow Princess Zelda the pleasure of watching her Hero fall before me as I rip the Triforce of Courage from your dead, mutilated body!! Then, I shall take her Triforce as well and force her to watch my ascension.

. .as my bride!!!

Camera focuses on Link, up close. His fierce expression changes with a gasp of puzzled astonishment. Even though his words are never seen, his expression clearly says in response: "WHAT?!"

Camera immediately shoots Zelda. Her eyes grew wide and she gasps with outraged horror. She covers her mouth with her hand as she gasps. She understands that Ganondorf will have the power to force her into this evil marraige if he defeats Link and to her, helplessly watching the world fall into darkness as this man's bride is far worse than death itself.


NO!! Y. . .you wouldn't. . .! You. . .y-you CAN'T!! You can't do this!!

I will never marry you, Ganondorf! Never!! I'd rather DIE!!

Ganon laughs wickedly, his low, yet evil and thunderous voice booming throughout this Cathedral-like chamber. The music is overpowered as the laughter continues. Link glares at Ganon again, while Zelda looks down at him more urgently than before. Ganon's head is tilted back his eyes are narrow slits, his grin wide. He then faces the camera again, but his eyes turn up to his upper left. His head then turns a bit to the upper right, directly at Zelda.


Zelda. You are a woman of great beauty. Even when you were a child, I found you attractive, but I had no idea you would become so lovely. And what greater irony would there be than for me, The Great King of Evil, to marry the very woman who tried to end my reign after I defeat her hero?

The camera focuses on Zelda. Front shot. Her expression has changed from frightened bewilderment to rising anger.

ZELDA (glowering at Ganondorf with an furious scowl that could scare a statue)

If you were a real man, perhaps I would flattered by your words. But you, Ganondorf. . . [blue box appears]

Uppershot of Ganondorf. He is looking up to his left at Zelda. He is not very pleased with what he's hearing so far and is becoming just as angry as Zelda. His eyes become narrow and his face mirrors her scowl.

ZELDA (music fades as she speaks after the player presses blue button) . . .you are nothing more than a worthless, traitorous, arrogant, self-indulgent beast in a cape who doesn't even deserve to lick the dirt off the floor in the dungeons of this very castle!!

She clenches her fists and raises them to waist level. She can't turn her body, so it's still straight, but she can turn her head. She looks down to her right at His Evilness. This is shot is from her lower right and we can only see her upper half and her angry face.

Extrm close-up of her eyes at the word "castle".

Next shot shows Link, looking at Zelda, somewhat surprised by her words. Never before had he seen such a beautiful woman so mad and he can't help but be a little intimidated by her, despite the life-long courage that his Triforce has given him.

Back to the last shot with Ganondorf.

GANONDORF (utters a short, but loud, furious growl)

How DARE you talk to me in this manner?!! That is a woman of Royalty to speak, especially to a king!

Back to an angry Zelda


You are not the King, Ganondorf Dragmire. It is my father who is the True Ruler of Hyrule, not you, you miserable little twit!

GANONDORF [long pause]

It appears to me that Link's disrespect for authority has had a rather. . .negative influence over your behavior! Well, don't worry. I shall teach you to fear and respect your King, dear Princess!!

He turns his head to the demon statues on up the wall and his eyes turn from yellow to pink.

Front shot three of the statues, which are at least five feet apart each, glaring and snarling silently at this entire scene.

Close up of one of the demon statues' face. The grey stone eyes suddenly become bulging, flashing orbs of pink energy. The demon statue hisses, raises it's head, and turns to face Zelda. It maintains a somewhat crouched, but fierce stance.

We see the other demon statues do the same as they also turn their attention to the Princess.

The next shot shows all six demon statues turning to face her, hissing.

They bare sharp fangs at her and growl maliciously. The room echoes and

resonates with the evil sounds of the demon statues

Front shot of Zelda watching with growing unease.

Ganondorf to his upper right, his pink eyes glowing. Then, the room slowly begins to darken. The orange-yellow hue disappears and a shroud of darkness invades the room, only illuminated by the pink eyes, the crystal, and a faint sickly shade of green light. It's the same atmosphere that is seen when Ganondorf is first defeated in his human form.

Zelda's POV of the scene is shown. The scene is now almost pitch black, except for the faint green light and the pink eyes glowing at her. The hisses are soon accompanied by deep vicious growls. Then, the eyes of the statues begin to pulsate with evil power at an even greater intensity.

Front shot of Zelda. Her eyebrows remain furrowed, but she can't disguise the fear in her eyes.

The next shot shows the flashing eyes of the statues once more.

Back to Zelda. She gasps in horror, realizing what is about to happen and braces herself for the intense pain she is going to suffer. Even as a little girl, she has been taught that there is no pain as severe as the type inflicted by Dark Sorcery.

Next shot shows Link looking around at the statues.

Then, the demons let out a bunch loud, horrible shrieks into the air and each shoot out two huge pink electric balls out of their eyes. Some of the balls come at different angles and elevations, due to different positions of the demons, but they all head toward Zelda. They each leave long dark pink trails of energy as they squirm and wriggle towards their target, like snakes in midair.

Close-up of Zelda's horrified fact a split-second before the first ball hits. The camera zooms up to an EXT close up of her face in less than a second.

Worm's eye-view shows Link looking up at the crystal as the first missle strikes. This shot is from his left. Once the first ball hits, a loud crackle of energy is heard and an explosion of bright white light bursts from the crystal. Zelda screams in pain. In less than two seconds, all the other eleven balls unmercifully pound the crystal cell. Each ball creates a loud crackle of energy and an explosion of bright, white light within the pink crystal, obscuring The Princess completely. It kind of looks like a fireworks display inside as each ball strikes her. After all the energy beams hit, the blazing white light turns a bright pink and intensifies it's brilliance. About ten pinkish-white rays of light burst from the crystal, making the crystal look like a pink version of the sun. The sight would be almost beautiful if not for the continues crackling and Zelda's agonized screaming. At the lower left, we can see Ganondorf, staring coldly at the blazing light, his eyes glowing their own shade of pink. The camera zooms out, showing the entire sight at a great distance, but the sounds of magic and suffering remain as loud as ever.

Next shot shows Link looking at the crystal in horror, his eyes wide and mouth agape. Ganondorf simply stares emotionlessly, perfectly ruthless.

Twelve more flashes of white light burst from the crystal and the lighting of the room begins to return to it's previous orange-yellow light.

Close-up of Zelda's upper half as the light within crystal fades and returns to it's transparent pink color. Her head is tilted all the way back, obscuring her face. As the crackling dies down, strings began Ganondorf's theme anew. She lowers her head all the way down, gasping and sobbing.

Close shot of Zelda's feet. The shot slowly moves up her body. Portions of her royal dress are torn and tattered. We can see her right leg and portions of the waist part of the dress have been shredded. The Triforce drawing on the dress is some what ruptured with a few rips, but still otherwise intact. The left shoulder strap is also gone. Either way, I need to see a drawing of this dress to go into better detail on this. The camera eventually reaches her head. Long streaks of tears roll her down her cheeks and she grimaces. She gasps rapidly and sobs in anguish and rage.

ZELDA (still gasping)

Oooooh. . .oh. . .you. . .! You. . .evil man! Ganondorf. . .!

Next shot shows Ganondorf, staring at her the way he did when he summoned the demon statues.


Insolent woman! You won't be so defiant once I possess all three pieces of the Triforce!!! I'll see to it that you learn firsthand!!

Link glares at Ganondorf, enraged at his treatment of Zelda.

GANONDORF (turns his attention to Link with a mocking smile)

Did you enjoy that entertaining little light show, Link? I hope you did, because that's nothing compared what I'm going to do to you!

We see Zelda again, still crying with her head down. Her hands still stuck at waist level, but shaking furiously.


L. . .Link. . .!

Familiar shot of Ganondorf with his fist raised, the Triforce of Power glowing.


This isn't a game, child! And now, I'm going to teach you just how real and painful death can really be!! Now, say goodbye to your Princess, Link!! It iss the last you are ever going to see of her!!

Front shot of Zelda again. She looks up. Her eyes widen and she holds out her hand to Link. She breathes rapidly as she speaks. The text of her speech rolls at a quicker pace than usual.


NO!! L-Link. . . You've got to help me!! Don't be afraid of him. . .he. . .is not. . .as powerful. . .as he says!! But you MUST stop him!! You can't let him defeat you!!!

She fades away.


LINK!!! (music fades)

We see the shot of Ganon with his fist raised close to his face. Then, the camera zooms out rapidly until we see part of Link's back.



A swirling tunnel of dark purple energy engulfs Link and Navi.

Link holds a fist out in front of him, trying to stand up against the powerful force pushin him. Navi struggles even more frantically as the darkness pushes her back from Link. She zigzags back and forth, barely managing to maintain a close distance to her friend.


Hey!! Link! I. . .I c-can't help you because of the waves of darkness!

I. . .can't. . .get close!

The purple energy begins to flash with bolts of green lightning. The energy pushes Link even harder. He looks down from the fist close to his own face and up puts up another up to shoulder level. The energy has become like a wind from a hurricane to struggle against. Poor Navi is pushed back even further back and she flaps her wings, just barely from being pushed from sight.


You. . .you're going to have to fight him. . .without me!! I'm sorry, Link!!

Far back view of Link. Navi flies towards the camera and disappears from sight.

Distant shot of Ganon. His fist is still raised, but the dark waves fade in seconds. He flips his cape back from his shoulders and it waves around him as he levitates from the ground. He laughs at Link as the organ fades away. Only the stained glass wall and the six demon statues remain of the background. Ganon hovers to a height of about twelve feet from the ground, still laughing as the battle music begins.

Below him, the Boss Caption appears:

Great King of Evil


And the battle begins. . .

After the player manages to slice The Evil King about twelve times with the Master Sword, another cut scene will start when the player presses the button to hit him for the thirteen time (assuming he is still within hitting distance). Ganondorf will get a second wind and get up. Link is so surprised that he doesn't react for a moment. Then, Ganondorf will smack him across the room into one of the corners. Ganon chuckles and the camera moves from Link's POV to his.


Heh heh heh! Very good, Link! You just refuse to die by my hand!! You are doing much better than I thought you would! I guess I'll just to have to call some friends of mine to help you burn off some of that fighting energy of yours!

He then raises his hand and looks to the ceiling. The walls are covered with the waves of darkness of before. The demons statues his and come to life once more and glare at Link. Ganondorf looks back at his foe with a gloating smile.

GANONDORF (pointing at Link)

I'm certain that you remember Zelda's disciplinarians. As you know, I was planning to end your life myself, but since you are so hell bent about doing this the hard way, I guess I'll just have to make you suffer even further!! Minions! (The demons growl at Link, enraged at his insolence before this great sorcerer) Yes!!! We're going have some real fun now!!! Say hello to your new chew toy!!! Link, let me introduce you to some new playmates! They're going help me tear you apart. And don't worry, I'll make sure they'll keep you alive just long enough to feel the pain of every limb of your body being severed before I destroy you!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

He points to Link.


Loyal gargoyles, DESTROY this impudent mortal warrior!!

The demons spread their wings even further and fly off their pillars. The energy on the walls fades away and the room fills with hideous roars and growls. The camera shoots the ceiling as the demons fly around in a circle, like vultures over a fresh kill. The battle begins anew. Now, Link must deal with the demons and Ganondorf's lightning balls and energy clusters at the same time. Fortunately, the demon statues only attack one at a time, but the attacks are very frequent. The statues require about seven hits each and are only vulnerable to the Master Sword and the Arrows of Light. And for the record, I made up the entire demon statue part of the battle!

This is not in the game, in case you didn't know.

When Ganondorf is defeated, all camera work and atmospheric effects, etc, are the same as the game version. The only difference is the dialogue.

GANONDORF (panting and gasping in pain; puts a hand on his chest)

Arrrgghhh! The. . .Great Evil. . .King Ganondorf. . .beaten. . .by this kid?! This mortal. . .ch-child. . .?! C-c-can't. . .b-be. . . (looks down and coughs) defeated! I. . .am Ganondorf! (looks up, blood begins to dribble down his lips) You. . .

(vomits a huge amount of blood in one violent retch and looks up) . .


Slowly tries to get up but falters and lands back down, supporting himself with his hands on the floor. Then, he growls loudly and destroys the walls as light emenate from every joint in his body. He screams loudly as the camera zooms up the disintegrating walls.

Zoom out from Ganondorf's back as he looks up, his arms outstretched into the greyish brown sky. He falls on his knees and collapses down onto his stomache, completely silent and still in defeat.

Link looks down at his once-gloriously powerful opponent in silence before hearing Zelda's crystal cell descend. He looks up.

Zelda floats down and the crystal fades away. She opens her eyes and looks at her triumphant hero before turning her gaze at captor with a slightly pitying look.


Gaze upon him, Link. Ganondorf Dragmire. . .pitiful man. A pitiful man with but a mere dark soul inside, without a pure and righteous heart, he could not control the ultimate power of the gods in his possession and. . .

The ground shakes violently and Zelda gasps.


Link! Oh no!!

Zoom out into the distance as the shaking increases in intensity.


Link! We must leave this tower immediately! With his dying breath, Ganondorf has cast a spell to destroy this tower and to trap us in it's ruins! Since I am a Sage, I may be able to guide us out but we must not waste any time! Follow me!

Link looks reluctantly back at Ganondorf, meaning to stab him and make sure he is finished.

Zelda (yelling urgently)

"Link! You have defeated Ganondorf, but there is no time to deliver anymore blows upon him! We must evacuate this tower NOW!!"

Link takes one last gaze upon Ganondorf and runs after her.

The evacuation scene is the same as the game. Tower collapses and Link and Zelda stand at the edge of the floating island, gazing at the remains of Ganondorf's kingdom.

Zelda (relieved and happy)

"It's over. . .it's finally over."



"Look, Link. I'm sorry I couldn't help you in the battle before. His power was just to great!"


"Yes, but now that Ganondorf has finally been overthrown, we may begin to set things right once again." (looks behind her into the vast landscape in anticipation)

A loud, piercing THUD is heard behind her in the center of the ruins. Zelda gasps as everyone looks out into the area where the noise erupted.

Zelda (putting a hand on Link's arm in alarm)

"L. . .Link. . .what was that sound? You must go see what it is!"

Link looks at her and then out into the ruins and venture out. Suddenly flames surround the area with a great FWOOSH!! Zelda gasps in surprise, realizing that the battle has only just begun.


"What in the world?!"

The sky darkens and the ground begins to rumble once again and Link looks on as the surface of the center area of the ruins begins to turn red and bulge.

Zelda (eyes wide)

"NO! It. . .it can't be!!"

The ground bursts open as Ganondorf flies up into view, gasping for breath and staring at our heroes in fury.


"It's Ganondorf!!! Oh Link! What R we going to do?!"

Ganondorf (panting slowly and loudly)

"Did you really. . .believe that I could possibly be. . .disposed of so easily, Hero. . .of Time? Are you so insistent upon meeting your doom?!! You shall!!"

He gathers the energy of his Triforce and it appears on his hand once again. He yells angrily and spreads himself open as a bright flash of green light bursts forth from him and intensifies. Link looks at him in unhealthy fascination at the spectacle.

Close-up of Zelda as she looks down and closes her eyes, as if in prayer, as she telepathically calls to Rauru, the omnipotent Sage of Light. As she speaks w/Rauru, the flashes of green light and the sounds of the magic continue on as background noise.


"Oh Rauru! What is it that we must do? You must speak to me, O Sage of Light! I beg you! Show us the way to defeat the Evil King!"

Medium shot of a semi-transparent Rauru appearing before Zelda. Through him, we can see the huge, shining, flashing, crackling green star that is a rapidly transforming Ganondorf.


"Zelda! You and the Warrior of Destiny have done well so far, but you have only just begun to defeat Ganondorf. An ordinary evil sorceror would have been destroyed by the Master Sword after such a violent battle with Link, nevertheless, Ganondorf possesses the Triforce of Power. It is this piece of the ancient relic that gives him the strength and thus increase his own dark magic. You must weaken him in order to bind him! Link must use the Master Sword to deplete his strength and you are the one who shall bind him and allow the rest of the Sages to entrap him in the Evil Realm, but you must act quickly! Ganondorf's strength only increases with each passing moment as the Triforce of Power heals him! If you wait too long, he will become even more powerful than he was before his encounter with you both!"

Back to previous shot of Zelda concentrating.


"Yes, I understand completely now, Rauru. We shall do as you ask, and thank you!"


"Good luck to you both, Your Highness."

Zelda opens her eyes and looks back up. Camera remains at it's present position.

"LINK! You need to defeat Ganondorf with the Master Sword! I. . ."

Her eyes widen in horror and she gasps loudly.

Link gasps too and steps back, sword in hand, gazing at the changing Ganondorf.

Close-up of Ganondorf's head as his entire body changes into the form of Ganon, the green light shining brightly as ever. The final boss music kicks up.

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