One Second

By Amariel

Authors Note: This is my first Zelda fan fiction. Actually this is the first story I’ve ever written so go easy on me! Constructive criticism please!



            The sound of clanging could be heard throughout the field that night in Hyrule. Twelve year old Link was staying up late that night helping his grandfather, Master Smith, make a sword as a prize for a tournament in the Picori Festival. Link yawned and put his head on the table. It was already twelve o’ clock and they had started making the sword at seven.

            “Link, you’d better get to bed.  It’s late,” said Smith in his gruff voice.  He looked up and saw that Link had already fallen asleep. Chuckling, Smith scooped Link up and placed him in his bed. “G’ night Link,” he whispered as he blew out the candle.

            Early that morning clanging could still be heard as Master Smith put the finishing touches on the sword. In Hyrule Field, Princess Zelda came gliding down the dirt path with her silky blond hair trailing behind her.  She climbed up the hill on which Links house stood. Zelda carefully pulled the green door open and stepped inside. She walked past the pile of dishes on the table and into the sword making room.

            “Good morning Master Smith!” said Zelda in a voice like tinkling bells.

            Smith looked up from examining his sword and exclaimed “Oh my! Princess Zelda! What are you doing here? Did you sneak out of the castle and come all this way alone? The prime minister must be worried about you. You know how he gets!”

            “Oh don’t worry about him! I do this all the time. Where’s Link? The whole town is going crazy for the Picori Festival. People from all over Hyrule are coming to see it. I thought that he and I might go together. Would you mind?” she asked.

            “Oh! Is that what you’re here for? Well Link was up late last night helping me make a sword, and he’s still asleep. But I do have an errand for him. Yes, I guess it would be alright.” Master Smith cleared his throat and bellowed “Link wake up!”

             Link was sleeping soundly in his bed. “Link wake up!” he heard. He sat up, yawned, and ruffled his hair. He put on his shirt and tunic and walked into the kitchen. He walked past the pile of dishes on the counter and into the sword making room.

            “Good morning Grampa, G’ morning princess,” Link did a double take. “PRINCESS!?”  Smith and Zelda listened as Link ran through the house followed by a series of clattering and banging’s.

            “Why don’t you take a seat princess,” said Master Smith as he pulled up a stool.

            “Thank you Master Smith!” replied Zelda. Even though Link and Zelda had been friends as long as they could remember, Link still liked to look nice around her. Moments later Link came back in with his hair nicely combed and his tunic smoothed out.

             “Good morning your royal highness,” said Link with a fake bow.

            “Good morning good sir! I twasIt’s twas right? No? I was wondering if you would be my brave escort to the Picori Festival today,” giggled Zelda.

            “Why yes milady! If only this good sir would let us go?” said Link with an almost straight face looking over at his grandfather..

            “You know I’m not doing all of that ancient talk don’t ya?” asked Smith.

            “Alright Grandpa, you don’t have to,” replied Link.

            “Yes, you can,” replied Smith. “But,” he said to Link as he was in mid jump, “you will have to deliver this sword to the castle.”

            “Great!” he said grabbing Zelda’s hand and running towards the door.

            “Wait!” bellowed master smith.

            “What?” said Link.

            “You forgot the sword,” said Smith

            “Oh…” said Link.

            “Now run along!” said Smith.

            “K’, thanks, bye!” said Link and Zelda running out the door.

            “Kids,” chuckled Smith as he wiped his hands on a filthy rag.

            As Link and Zelda got outside Link said to her “Bet you a blue rupee that I can beat you to the market. “

            “Deal! But you’re gonna lose,” taunted Zelda.

            And the race began. In the first ten seconds Link was already behind her. In the next  thirty he was ten feet behind her. She runs like lightning, thought Link.  She’s always been faster than me. Link grinned as he remembered that time they were five. That was when all of this racing had begun. Link had told Zelda that he would give her his “lucky green rupee” If she won a race. He was positive that he would win because apparently it was impossible for a boy to lose to a girl. They had raced and in the end Zelda had won and Link was extremely angry. After five more tries Link had reluctantly given away his special and lucky rupee.  Over the next half hour he had pondered over how she had done it. Link had decided that the Great Fairy had helped her win since she was a princess.  He grinned at the memory.

            Link finally reached the gate to the Castle Town Market. Zelda was lying on the ground by a tree playing with bits of grass.

            “Well it took ya long enough!” she exclaimed as she stood up and brushed bits of grass off of her dress. “I always was faster. Come on, let’s go see the town. I took the route around the market out of the castle so I haven’t seen it yet.

            As Link and Zelda stepped through the gate to the town they stopped and gasped in amazement. There were balloons and streamers hanging from every roof, little golden stars were sitting on top of everything. There were exotic birds sitting on top of flower pots and people from everywhere imaginable. There were stalls selling fruits, cakes and candies. There were small figures and items, musical instruments from all over Hyrule.

            “Wow,” Link said

            “Wow is right!” exclaimed Zelda.  “Ooh! Look at that! Come on!”

            “Wait up!” Link shouted as she ran off.

            Pushing through the crowds Link managed to find Zelda by the stall of a story teller. She beckoned to Link to sit down beside her in a crowd of sitting children.  There was a very old man sitting at the front of an old and worn out mat.  “Now, quiet down children, quiet down!” shouted the old man. “That’s right, that’s right.” Slowly said the man as the children quickly stopped the talking and whispering.

“Why are we here anyway Zel? I mean, this is something for little children!” he whispered to Zelda

“Quiet. And we ARE children. Anyway, this is the famous storyteller Horoshi. 

Horoshi?  Who in Hyrule is he?” exclaimed Link

“Shut up! He’s starting,” snapped Zelda.
            “Now children, listen up. Ah-ah!” he scolded “No talking. Now,” he cleared his throat, “A long long time ago, before the age of legends, Hyrule was filled with awful, evil and cruel beasts. Beasts even worse than darknuts, or octrocks! Our dear Hyrule was about to be swallowed by the darkness forever.” The old man paused for effect as the children’s eyes grew wide.


The old man chuckled and continued with the story. “But then the tiny Picori came from the sky, bringing the hero of men a great sword known today as the Picori Blade and a golden light with it. With that blade the hero drove out all evil from the land and restored peace to the land. Now the Picori do exist children. Many believe that don’t. Only can they be seen by children like you. But the Picori can only be seen on the last year of a century and this happens to be the one hundredth year!” exclaimed the old man.

The children clapped and some cheered then slowly cleared away until only Link and Zelda were left.

“Why did we listen to that anyway Zel?” asked Link

“Because I wanted you to know about the Picori,” answered Zelda.

“You don’t seriously believe in that, do you Zelda?” asked Link.

“Yes, I do,” coldly replied Zelda.

“Come on lets go to the next stall I wanna buy some of that candy,” shouted Link so he could be heard over the crowd.

“I wanna enter the lottery over there,” said Zelda

Zel, you know that no one EVER wins those,” exclaimed Link.

“Well we’ll see about that! How ‘bout we split up. I’ll meet you at the archway leading to the castle,” said Zelda.

“Deal,” replied Link.

“She is sooo not gonna win that!” muttered Link as he purchases a mini model of a castle made entirely out of chocolate and pretzels.

“Suddenly a bell started ringing and someone shouted “We have a winner!!!!! Oh my princess Zelda what prize do you want?”

“That is NOT possible,” said Link to himself as he ran over.

“Ooh! Princess Zelda, you could have this beautiful red jem or this pretty heart shaped rock, or this little shield,” offered the Pina the lottery person.

“Hmm, I think I will have the shield,” answered Zelda.

“But Princess! What, what about the pretty jewel, or, or, the heart shaped stone. They are much nicer than that nasty little shield,” exclaimed Pina .

“No I think I’ll take the shield,” replied Zelda.

“Alright then, Hyrule certainly has an odd princess!” exclaimed Pina.

“Link this is for you,” said Zelda as she walked up to him.

“Aw Zel, ya shouldn’t have. You should have gotten one of the stones for yourself. Want this half eaten chocolate tower? No?” asked Link.

“No, you keep that little mound of goo, and yes I should have. Anyway I need a “protector” to guard me while we walk to the castle, SINCE WERE ALREADY LATE TO THE TOURNAMENT!!!” shouted Zelda as she began to run off.

“ZEL! WAIT UP!!!!! “yelled Link as he ran after her.

When Link had finally made his way through the bustling crowd and ended up dropping his half eaten chocolate castle in the street, he walked through the archway with the bell and found Zelda waiting for him. She was tapping her foot and looking impatient. When she saw him she yelled, “Hurry up Link!”

“Slow down!” he yelled back at her.

“Not a chance!” she answered.

Link and Zelda made their way out of town and arrived on a path leading to the castle lined by trees. Link was, as usual, about seven or ten feet behind Zelda.

“Ouch! Link get over here!” yelled Zelda.

Link started running over and around a corner saw that a deku scrub was spitting nuts the size of cuckoo eggs out at Zelda.


“COMING” shouted Link as he ran over.

Link ran up with his shield as the deku scrub began spitting out more nuts and blocked them with his shield. The nuts shot back at the deku scrub and hit him right in between the eyes.

“Ouch! Oh sorry sir, please forgive me! I heard there was a festival, and I came hoping to town hoping to hawk my wares. Unfortunately, we scrubs have the tendency to spit when we speak! Everyone is scared and won’t buy anything. This is a terrible place to do business I’m going back to my cave!” apologized the scrub.

“That was weird!” said Zelda.

Zel, look at your arm!” exclaimed Link.

There was a large purple bruise on her left arm from the deku nut.

“Oh noooo! I hope the Prime Minister doesn’t notice!” exclaimed Zelda. “Anyway, we have to get to the castle; it’s about time for the prizes to be giving in the tournament! Hurry up!” shouted Zelda as she ran off leaving Link in the dust.

Link and Zelda ran down the tree lined path and to the castle. As they reached the castle Zelda realized that if she was seen going into the castle from the market place that the prime minister might put guards on the exits so she wouldn’t run away again. They decided that they had better sneak in the back door.

Link and Zelda snuck past the guards and into the castle. It was easy for Zelda because she knew the routine of all the guards. They ran down the winding passages and stairways and finally outside to the field where the tournament was being held. They had missed the tournament and the winner was being announced.

A loud voice that Zelda recognized as her father’s boomed, “After a wild and long competition the winner of this year’s tournament is, Vaati! “ 

The crowd went wild as a tall man stepped out of a tent where the competitors were and stood in the middle of the stadium. This man looked very fierce and scared Link very much but he didn’t show it. Zelda clutched his arm and whispered in his ear, “Link, I don’t like that man. He scares me. His aura is the darkest I’ve very seen one. Your aura is a light and a pretty green but his,” Zelda shuttered, “His is blood red with black and purple swirling around it, like poison.”

“I forgot you could see auras Zel, he scares me too,” he whispered back.

The man was clad in a purple tunic with a dark purple cape with a strange symbol on the back of it. He had a strange long hat with a blood red gem in the middle. He had red sandal type shoes and his skin was a light purple. PURPLE. He had long hair just below his shoulder and it was also a light purple. His smile was wicked and he had pointed teeth, and worst of all is eyes were red. Only beings corrupted by great evils could have red eyes.

The King cleared his throat and announced, “Congratulations Vaati! As winner you get two prizes. The first prize is a sword expertly made by Hyrule’s Master Smith! The second prize is the greatest honor imaginable. You will get to touch the sacred Picori Blade. The crowd cheered and went wild again. Vaati just stood there with a wicked smile on his face.

Just then a guard came over and took the sword from Link and gave it to Vaati.

“What a crude and childish blade.”  Vaati muttered as he tossed it to the ground.

Link felt angry and wanted to hurt him. Zelda could tell by the look on his face what he was thinking and took hold of his arm and gave him a stern look. He and his grandfather had worked endless hours on that sword, only to have it called crude and childish and to be carelessly tossed to the ground.

Just then four guards came out of a door carrying a large red chest with a glowing sword embedded in the top of the chest. Vaati’s wicked grin grew larger and he let out and ice cold laugh that chilled Link to the bone and sent many whispers through the crowd. “To think everything would go so well! The Picori Blade and the Bound Chest spoken of in Hylian lore… The chest must hold what I seek! I will relieve you of its contents now!” Vaati cackled.

The guards were startled by what he said, put down the chest and started running towards him with their spears. “Fools!” he cackled as with a wave of his hand they were cast aside and severely injured. “As victor I have the right to approach the sword you know!” he cooed.

Suddenly a blue shining ball of light grew from his hands, and when speeding towards the chest. The light sped towards the chest and broke the part of the blade that was sticking out in half and blew it across the stadium.  A great deals of screams started and people began pushing and shoving their way out of the stadium. Suddenly the chest began rumbling and burst open. All sorts of darkness, evils, and monsters flew out of the chest and into the sky madly cackling with glee with their newly found freedom. Some of them rushed at Zelda and Link but she deflected them with a glowing force field. “Who are you and why are you doing this?” she bravely demanded. Her voice slightly trembled as she spoke.

“Hmm the princess with the mystic aura… The power granted to the royal family by the gods still runs in ladies of the royal family’s veins? How interesting. You will only cause trouble later. That will never do. TO STONE WITH YOU!” he shouted. A black orb of light came from his hands and rushes towards Zelda.

“ZELDA!” screamed Link as he ran in front of her with his shield held out but he was cast aside by the magic, then everything went black.

A few hours later Link woke up in a bed in the castle with Master Smith by his side. Link shot up in his bed and exclaimed “Where’s Zelda!?”

“Link you’d better lie back down, that’s right,” said Master Smith soothingly. “Link, I’m afraid that Zelda has been turned to stone. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. One second she was fine, then next she was stone!” exclaimed Smith.

Link couldn’t believe his ears. One second. That’s all it took for something to be gone from the world forever. Link felt like crying but no tears came. Right then and there Link made a vow to defeat Vaati and avenge what had happened to Zelda.

“There is way to revive her Link,” said Master Smith.

“How!?” exclaimed Link.

“Well, only a child could do this. The King thinks you could be the one to doit. Would you like me to take you to him?

Link nodded and jumped out of the castle bed and they started walking towards the throne room to learn what he had to do to save Zelda.




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