The Assassin

By Doug

            It is a lovely day in Hyrule and Link the High Protector and Guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom is out riding. He is going through the woods on his loyal horse Catherine. They go on to a clearing where he dismounts. Unknown to Link someone is following him with a most hateful plan in mind. Link doesn’t realize anything or that anyone is carefully watching every move he makes hoping to make a fatal blow on him.

            This assassin is well trained in his art of death. He goes by the name of Greybull the Grand and has over twenty notches on his sword. Tracking Link is quite fascinating to Greybull, he sees just about everything that Link does in a day. Greybull is tall, slender fellow around 20 years of age with black hair and completely clothed in black. His favorite weapon is the long sword but he is trained to wield two weapons at once which makes him a fierce and deadly opponent. He does not hate Link for this is just a job, but he also figures if he can eliminate Link he will be better known then any assassin out there.

            Link gazes out over a hill overlooking one of the towns he has saved from Ganon. This is the chance for Greybull and now is as good a time as any. Greybull moves silently forward without making as much as a whisper and he is within twenty feet of Link. Suddenly Link turns around and Greybull charges the surprised Link. Link manages to barely dodge Greybull’s original thrust. Link draws his sword and pulls his shield out. Greybull pulls his second weapon out a short sword. Greybull goes after Link with all he has and Link counters as best he can. The swords clang and both are locked into a fierce combat. Neither combatant is able to get a upper hand and they both realize this. The fight goes on for twenty minutes Link manages to strike Greybull in the left leg.  The fight continues and Greybull in return hits Link in the right leg. Even with these wounds they continue to fight.

            “Link, where are you?” Zelda says as she comes onto the scene. Link says “Stay back Princess.” Zelda continues to walk towards the fight unknowingly. Link hits Greybull again this time in his right arm. Greybull drops one of his swords but continues to fight.  Now it is easier for Link to finally defeat this guy. Zelda sees the fight and runs toward Link pulling out her bow and drawing it back to target Greybull. Link says “No, Zelda this is my fight.” Greybull manages to get lucky shot at Link’s head grazing him just above his eyes. Link, furious now rushes forward swinging with all his strength and cuts Greybull right across the chest and stomach. Greybull backs up realizing he is mortally wounded drops slowly to the ground on his knees. Link takes his sword and levels it right at Greybull’s throat. Just as Link is about to finish him off Zelda stops him “No, Link you have to find out who sent him.” But just before Link can begin to question him, Greybull the Grand falls on his back dying at that very moment. An assassin that some knew has died doing what he got paid to do but failing to accomplish his mission.

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