The Battle With Morpha

by The Wanderer

      Link's eyes scanned the barren room. He smirked to himself. In a place called the Water Temple there was not a single drop of liquid here. There were four tall pillars in the center chamber. They looked of marble and were broad and tall. The walls were enclosed in a square. The pillars were inside another smaller square. Light flashed eerily of the glistening walls.

      He jumped to one of the pillars. Landing on his heals, he searched the floor from his vantage. He then spotted a small grate. Jumping down to take a closer look, he slipped on the floor. Getting off his bruised arse, he walked to the grate. It was old and rusted. It's bars looked as if you could flick them and they would crumble. The water that was co...THE WATER!!! The inner chamber started to fill with water.

      As he floated up, a giant tentacle wrapped around him. "AAHHHH!" he shouted as he was tossed around by the thing. It swung Link around and slammed him into the wall.

      As he got up he asked, "Navi, what is that thing?"

      "It is known as Morpha," she exclaimed in her high pitched, squeaky voice.

      "What," he shouted as he slashed one of the tentacles off, "What should I use to destroy it?" He dashed off as the water rammed into the wall behind him.

      Slashing at a tentacle, doing no damage, Link shouted, "NAVI?!?"

      "I don't know," came the reply.

      "Great," he muttered under his breath. He rolled out of the water's way just to be picked up again by a tentacle. As it swung him around, his grip on the Master Sword loosened just a bit and the sword fell into the water. It threw him into the wall.

      Battered and bleeding he cursed as he held back the onslaught of water with his shield. Tossing away his shield, he dived into the water, but that only go him to get tossed around by Morpha some more.

      "LINK! THE SPHERE!" Navi shouted.

      "What?" Link shouted back, confused.

      "Use your longshot to grab the red sphere in the water! It's Morpha's core!" Navi squeaked.

      Not giving a reply, he took out his longshot from his tunic. Still in the tentacle's grasp, he fired the longshot at the core. As the chain pulled back the tentacle let him go. He dropped into the water and swung the core and slammed it against the wall. While Morpha's core was out of water, he dove down and grabbed his sword. When he got to the top of the water, he took the longshot and fired at the core again. When it got near him he slashed at it. He picked it up and threw it against the wall.

      Suddenly, the water started to drain. He jumped next to the core. Wiping the blood and sweat off his fore head, he slashed the thing in half.

      Araimas watched the battle with fascination.

      "He's good, isn't he?" a voice from the shadows said.

      "Very good," he answered.

      "But he won't be the one, will he?" the voice asked.


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