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Art courtesy of CrazyFreak N orth Castle has always been proud to have its main focus on fanworks. I've worked hard over the years to build up an excellent collection of fanworks for other Zelda fans to enjoy. Also I feel it gives people a sense of achievement and pride to showcase their work to the rest of the community. Without fanworks, Zelda would be a very boring community indeed. It's time that the people who make the online world of Zelda so interesting were given a handshake.

This special section sets out to highlight some of those contributors. It contains a biography of the fan, links to their work and a small interview that highlights why they love Zelda and what their inspirations are, plus why they chose to showcase their work here at North Castle. I want to build this up to a definite guide as to some of the best contributors in their community, to promote their work and let people know a little bit behind the people who provide such wonderful, creative work to us, the fans.

At the moment I WILL be handpicking the people I want to promote, however if you'd like to be featured then send me an email saying why, or you can also nominate someone if you think they deserve a turn in the spotlight. A prerequisite however, is that you/nominee MUST have submitted work to North Castle.

Fan Name


Date Posted


Ben Fuller
Writer December 2008
Artist August, 2010
Christina Sanders
Artist/Writer October, 2006
Doug Camper
Writer October, 2006
Artist/Collector/Writer October, 2006
Green Hat
Writer/Artist/Musician November, 2008
Jack O'Reily
Writer/Webmaster November, 2006
Kai Bailey
Webmaster/Artist July, 2006
Artist/Writer May, 2009
Artist/Writer May, 2009
Link Worshiper
Artist/Writer May, 2009
Megan O'Shea
Writer/Artist September, 2006
Artist/Composer/Writer September, 2010
The Missing Link
Writer/Webmaster December, 2006
Artist/Cosplayer/Singer/Poet October, 2006
Writer/Artist November, 2008
Writer/Artist/Webmaster October, 2006
Artist August, 2010
Pata Hikari
Writer October, 2006
Robyn Greenbow
Artist/Cosplayer/Writer June, 2009
Writer/Artist/Crafter November, 2008
Stephen Stephano
Writer November, 2008
Writer July, 2006
Zelda F. Barrow
Webmistress/Movie Creator August, 2010
Writer/Artist December, 2008


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