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Name: Christina
Location: USA
Category: Artist


Christina was one of the original NC contributers and loads of her beautiful artwork is showcased in her gallery. She's an extremely talented pencil artist which is what I like most about her art. She also did a front cover for a story called 'Doppelgangers, Sorceresses and Oracles' written by Jason Boaz that actually featured some of mine and Kirsty's own characters (Leigh, Mara and Kylara!). Not only that but Christi has also written some great fanfics based on LttP and LA, such as Castaway.

Current Works

Stand-Alone Work

  • Cast Away
  • Saria's Song
  • Traitors
  • Poetry

  • Zelda's Goodbye
  • Art Gallery


    Quick Q&A

    1. So most importantly, how did you get into the Legend of Zelda?

    My sister bought Ocarina of Time and I watched her play for a few minutes. It looked cool, so I asked if I could play; she saud yes, and I was hooked from then on.

    2. And what's your favourite game in the series?

    Probably Ocarina, since it was my first, though I'm very fond of Link's Awakening

    3. Why did you choose The Legend of Zelda to devote so much of your creative energy to?

    It was my first fandom. I spent my mid-teens being depressed and uncreative, and just as I was emerging from the gloom I found the games, and it was like this renaissance for me. I was DRAWING again for the first time in years. I've moved into other fandoms since then, but I wil always hold Zelda close to my heart for helping revive my interest in drawing.

    4. What are the main influences for your work?

    Mostly, other online fanartists that I tlak with and look at. I'm very fond of Mucha and Rockwell, but I'm afraid they haven't infleunced me as much as I might wish.

    5. What is your favourite piece of work you've done, and why?

    Wow, that's hard. For Zelda, I assume? Probably this one; Mostly just because it's one of my more recent ones and thus more advanced in terms of skill, but also because I like the composition, and I feel like it has this sort of medieval, almost gothic art feel to it, in the arch and the way the fabric drapes.

    6. Who is your favourite character to write/draw, and why?

    Hm. Probably Zelda. I liked Link more when I was younger, but in my old age I find I like her more and more, because there aren't many decent female characters out there. Zelda is kind of rare in my mind; in mythological terminolugy she is at various times the damsel-in-distress, serves deux-ex-machina functions, as well and being the god-teacher. I suppose my own imagining of her is less and less cannon all the time, but I see her as one of the rare female characters that I can really admire.

    7. Are there any fan writers/artists that you admire?

    Too many to name them all. Adele and Min Rho had a huge influence on me when I was younger, and I worshipped them.

    8. How did you find North Castle?

    I don't really remember anymore. I think i was just googling "zelda" for any fansites I could find, and stumbled onto it.

    9. Why did you decide to post your work at North Castle?

    Again, it's been so long. I suppose I just wanted to be a part of the fandom.

    10. Finally, any plans for the future regarding your work?

    I've been in other fandoms lately, but I always have a vague urge to come back to Zelda. Every so often I churn out something in spite of myself. If I do get back into it heavily, I'd probably be much more focused on Zelda herself than I have been in the past, and do a series of pictures of her in poses and settings that showcase her talents and strengths. I had this idea a while ago, while in an art history class, that it'd be cool to draw her in that old medieval style and make it look like an old painting, sitting on a throne holding the triforce of wisdom in one hand and a book in the other. I hope I get around to that someday.

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