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Name: Kate, (Hylian alias: Robyn Greenbow)
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Category: Artist, cosplayer, dabbler in the written word.
Website: deviantArt Gallery
Contact: Best way to contact me is through me is through my DeviantArt page.


I absolutely love Kate's traditional style pencil and water colour drawings! She even managed to convince me kindof that OoT Link was quite hot after all :) As well as the wonderful art she's done some fabulous cosplays and is in the middle of writing a story about the Gerudos in A Storm is Brewing. My favourite piece of her work is a little picture of her fan character Robyn and Link called "Discussing Maps". Oh and her retro Zelda cosplay is pretty fab too!

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    Quick Q&A

    1. So most importantly, how did you get into the Legend of Zelda?

    Ready for the life story?
    I first started playing Legend of Zelda when I was about ten years old. I was still that age where you could legitimately go outside into your back garden and play make believe games of princesses and heroes. I'd always been a huge fan of that classic fairytale genre fantasy, and LoZ just fed into that perfectly.
    Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda, and the first video I completed all the way through. I saw my brothers, and friend's brother playing it first, and the little boy clad in green caught my attention. As I watched the story enfold, it was safe to say that I was hooked. It was everything I wanted and needed in a fantasy fix.

    2. And what's your favourite game in the series?

    Ocarina of Time. Hands down. In video game terms (let alone Zelda terms) it is my first, my last, my everything!

    3. Why did you choose The Legend of Zelda to devote so much of your creative energy to?

    It was a fantasy experience like nothing I'd ever had before. All the escapism and classic adventure a well written novel could offer, but it was something you could actually live and explore as and when you chose. It really is a whole new world, there's so much history, mythology, and culture embedded in it, and the fact that its a long running series, it's the fandom that just keeps on giving! Everytime I play a zelda game, I discover something new. I grew up with it, and holding Link as a Hero of mine, its inspired me to take on all sorts of challenges in the real world too.

    4. What are the main influences for your work?

    I suppose with any of my work, I try to keep a rustic, believable feel to it. Whether thats a costume, a drawing or a painting or a story.Its a real challenge to try and capture that true 'Zelda' feel, something that believeable, doable, but also something that leads to a grand adventure. Ideally, when people engage with some piece of mine, I want them to feel transported. I enjoy fanart and cosplay because I feel it takes me away to Hyrule, and I want to take everyone with me :-)

    5. What is your favourite piece of work you've done, and why?

    I love all my drawings and paintings equally. They're like little postcards from my imagination, and each one tells or alludes to its own story. I often use drawings to lure myself to write. I scribble away and look at whats infront of me and say 'oh hey, thats interesting! I wonder whats going on there....' and they suck me deeper into thinking about the Zelda fandom.
    I'm also very proud of my Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess version) cosplay. It was the first time I'd ever made an entire cosplay from scratch. And even though I know there are bit that always need improving/replacing with it, I love it to bits. It made me seriously think about sewing and costuming, which I never did before. I also have acquired lot of happy memories and new friends through being Zelda.

    6. Who is your favourite character to write/draw, and why?

    Link is my favourite character. I think Nintendo have been very clever in their creation of him. Playing the games, we have very little cannon evidence as to what his real personality might be, but having that first person control over him allows your own imagination to fill in the gaps. If nothing else, we can all agree that he's brave, heroic, strong, clever, and a nice bit of eye candy to boot!
    I've also really grown quite fond of Princess Zelda recently too. Having made the decision to cosplay her, I started to pay a bit more attention to her in the games, and I think she's brilliant :-)

    7. Are there any fan writers/artists that you admire?

    Oh god, loads! I could stay here forever and a day trying to name them all, and I'm sure I'd still end up missing some out...
    But thats the great thing about the fandom, its never short of very talented artists all ready to share their love of all things Zelda

    8. How did you find North Castle?

    I think I found it years ago when I was still relatively new to the fandom. I had some half memories of the old LoZ cartoon, and searched the internet to try and jog my memory. North Castle appeared and all sorts of wonderful retro memories came flooding back to me. I love it!

    9. Why did you decide to post your work at North Castle?

    I think I posted some of my first fanart on North Castle, I didn't think I was really good enough, but I thought 'ah, why not?' and sent Lady Juliet a bunch of stuff, she was nice enough to post them for me :-) I'm now proud to be a contributor to such an excellent and long running site!

    10. Finally, any plans for the future regarding your work?

    Not really, I have a few more Zelda themed cosplays planned, some of which are well in progress already. As for my traditional fanart, well, thats like a drug addiction. For as long as I can draw, I'll draw Zelda stuff :-D

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