Fan Focus: Jack O'Reily

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Name: Jack O'Reily
Location: Boston, MA
Category: Webmaster, Writer
Website: The Desert Colossus


I met Jack many, many years ago and I remember giving him some help and advice for his wonderful website, The Desert Colossus. He even briefly helped out at NC for while! His site is brilliant. particularly on on the historical content of Zelda. There's some really in-depth articles so be sure to check out the Compedium where Jack has put a lot of hard work into investigating the mysterious of Hyrule. Sadly he has now retired from the community but his site lives on. He is also a great writer and you can check out his numerous works below.

Current Works

Stand-Alone Works

  • Bellum Hyrulianae
  • Ganondorf

  • Quick Q&A

    1. So most importantly, how did you get into the Legend of Zelda?

    I first got into the Legend of Zelda while playing Link's Awakening. I wanted to document all the amazing stories and mysteries I saw in the game, and i did so in a Word document I wrote, which eventually evolved into a website, and then later another one, which is the Desert Colossus today.

    2. And what's your favourite game in the series?

    That a tough, one... I'd have to say it's a draw between Link's Awakening (for the story) and The Wind Waker (for the expansiveness of the game experience).

    3. Why did you choose The Legend of Zelda to devote so much of your creative energy to?

    The whole mythos behind it was just so compelling tow rite about. It's truly one of the greatest stories ever pout to the video game medium, and I am so inspired whenever I play it.

    4. What are the main influences for your work?

    I read a lot of history books when I get the time, and I always want to apply that type of scholarship to the Legend of Zelda, which is perhaps the primary motivator behind my work at the Compendium in the Colossus.

    5. What is your favourite piece of work you've done, and why?

    The collective history of the Zelda series that I am collecting at the Compendium of Hyrule--TDC's expansive history section--along with all the mysteries, investigations, and articles that accompany that history.

    6. Who is your favourite character to write/draw, and why?

    Ganondorf perhaps, because jsut olike it's fun for an actor to play evil, it's equally fun for an author to write evil. And, Ganondorf isn't just evil, he's the Energizer Bunny of evil. The guy just doesn't give up.

    7. Are there any fan writers/artists that you admire?

    Would I be out of place if I said the Singleton Sisters? Haha, but I also admire just about every fan artist in the Zelda Community because they can do what I've always wanted to be able to do well, which is make great art.

    8. How did you find North Castle?

    Way back in the olden days when I was first starting TDC. I contacted Juliet about something or another (I really can't remember, perhaps it was linking) and we began talking online until our two sites eventually affiliated. I still anticipate the monthly update and come back frequently just to peruse the depths of the site to get that wonderful feeling the site always gives.

    9. Why did you decide to post your work at North Castle?

    I wanted to see my terrible fan fiction up amongst the greats of the time, hence my submission.

    10. Finally, any plans for the future regarding your work?

    Well, writing seems to be an unoccupied person's game, and I am certainly not that these days. I doubt I'll ever write a piece of fan fiction again, as my artistic energies seem dedicated to TDC and the Compendium.

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