The North Castle Guild

Welcome, friends, to North Castle's Guild. Here is the meeting place for fans of Zelda to show off their love of the series through creative talent. I'm very proud of the Fan Art Gallery, which contains some of the best Zelda artwork in the world, from artists such as Silvestris, Wolfhang Van Kraus, and Crazyfreak. There are currently over 1000 beautiful pictures archived here, spread through personal thumbnailed galleries.

The Fan Fiction Library is a treasure-trove of some of the finest Zelda-related tales ever written, including me and my sister's infamous novels. Fan-Fiction net aside (and who could possibly compete with the size of that place?) North Castle has one of the biggest and most varied collections of stories on the 'net, each categorised and age rated. So, if you have an hour or two to spare, why not browse through a novel, poem or two?

You can get to know some of NC's best contributors in the Fan Focus section. We have some brilliant Zelda themed outfits created by dedicated fans in the Cosplay gallery and cute plushies, jewellery and more in the Arts and Crafts section. There's also a nice collection of Zelda humour to put a smile on your faces; so find out if you're TOO obssessed with our favourite hero, sing along to some Zelda songs or laugh at the stupid jokes. Enjoy the fan-made movies; they're excellent! And not to forget the Editorials; a selection of interesting essays all about The Legend of Zelda. So, my friends, please do take a look around!

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