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E veryone likes a good laugh, I'm sure you'll all agree :-) And sometimes, there are just some things that are just *waiting* to have fun made of them! My particular favourite was taking songs and making them into humorous Zelda-themed songs, some people like to write funny spoofs and theories and some people have even come up with Zelda-related jokes! It's all good-hearted fun and North Castle readily welcomes you to join in!

The sections also houses fan oddities - submissions that are really cool or unusual and just don't have a home anywhere else! Not quite art/crafts or writing, but nevertheless, still a fan creation. If you've found or created something a little different related to Zelda, it'll find its way to be showcased here!

I welcome all forms of humour, including jokes, cartoons, articles and 'Top 10 lists'. I'll make sure that all submissions are credited, and feel free to post your own site's link and email address along with the submission. The rules are few;

So, without much more ado, here's the humour that's been submitted so far! Just click on the links below to view stuff from each particular genre of jokes! Enjoy them!

Zelda Related Lists

Funny Zelda Articles

Miscellaneous Zelda Humour

Link and Zelda courtesy of CrazyFreak

Zelda Fan Oddities



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